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CSU Ed 2011


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A presentation given at the internal CSU Ed Conference 2011. Discusses the learning opportunities afforded through mobile technology.

Published in: Education, Technology
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CSU Ed 2011

  1. 1. Mobile learning at CSU Increasing flexibility for our students Associate Professor Philip Uys Tim Klapdor mLearn Project Sponsor mLearn Project Manager
  2. 2. Key tenetS of Mobile learning mLearning deals with the mobility of the learner anywhere, anytime OR everywhere, all the time It also integrates the use of mobile devices to facilitate learning.
  3. 3. Mobile learning SUpportS:• Personalised learning par excellence• Authentic, situated, contingent and contextualised learning• Emergent learning• Social constructivist learning via direct communication and social media.
  4. 4. Mobile CreateS neW learningand teaChing opportUnitieS:• Accessing learning materials• Performing learning tasks• Participating in learning interactions• Performing assessment tasks• Evaluating teaching.
  5. 5. learning paCKageS Kevin (20) is a student stuck in public transport While waiting to get home he uses his mobile device to download and read through his subject study reSoUrCeS Michael (23) is a final year Vet student and he is going to do his 3rd clinical rotation in a dairy practice. He uses his iPad to download some readings and videos about common procedures he can watch on the drive to the farm.
  7. 7. eportfolio Liz (24) is a final year student currently studying Social Networking in an Info Studies subject. She is able to use social media applications and update her ePortfolio from her smart phone.Mobile CaptUre Mick (44) is a mature age student in his second year of study by DE. Out in the field Mick is able to use his phone to take photos of examples from his study that are geo-tagged and uploaded into the subjects Interact site .
  9. 9. forUMS George (22) is on practicum for his nursing subject. He uses his mobile device to access the online forums to see how his peers are going and to share their experiences.Web appliCationS Liz (24) is immersed and engaged with a variety of Web 2.0 tools integrated in Interact2. The class is able to aggregate and share content in one central location. She can also use tools she is already using and familiar with.
  11. 11. Self aSSeSSMent James (29) is about to undertake a multiple choice test on the train as part of his subject revision. Once complete, James will get instantaneous feedback and see where he may need to focus his studies for the examMobile Made Susan (35) is studying communication and needs to create a short film for assessment. She uses the tools at her disposal and is able to record, edit and submit her film from her mobile phone.
  12. 12. ACCESS ANYWHERE UbiqUitY
  13. 13. ClaSSrooM feedbaCK Leanne (31) is a first year academic teaching Accounting. She is nervous about her performance and she will be in charge of reviewing and updating the subject next session. Leanne wants to ensure that she isengaging with the students, that they are finding the subjectinformation useful and the assessments beneficial so she hasdeployed a range of feedback tools. Students take polls andprovide short answers at the end of each class and are ableto submit their comments simultaneously, using a their phoneor laptop. Leanne can quickly find areas that are difficult tounderstand and knows that they need further development.
  15. 15. Mlearn projeCt objeCtiveS: Improve access via mobile devices Leverage students mobilityTrial technologies to improve learning & teaching Increase student engagement
  16. 16. aCCeSSMobilising key services, applications, information
  17. 17. MobilityCreate new learning environments, create blended learning spaces, break away from the classroom, applications for DE and workplace learning
  18. 18. teChnologyTrial new ways to improve learning and teachingto be more timely, interactive & informative and create new learning opportunities
  19. 19. engageMentCreate learning opportunities and resources that engage students
  20. 20. Mlearn taSKS: Mobilise Interact Mobilise Learning ResourcesTrial devices in a range of learning contexts Mobilise the Online Evaluations tool
  21. 21. the plan201230 SeSSion - the Sprint• Mobilise current Interact tools - MSI• Four trials in a range of learning contexts
  22. 22. the plan201260 & 201330 - phaSe 2• Mobilise Interact2 - Sakai OAE• More trials of devices - Tablets, Smart Phones, and eReaders• Developing ‘mobile friendly’ digital resources• Mobilise the Online Evaluation system
  23. 23. More inforMationl&t documentation and 2010 Updates and collected Mobile Learning Information
  24. 24. ContaCt UStiM timklapdoraSSoCiate profeSSor philip ... or find us on Yammer!