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Badges for the Institution: OBANZ presentation


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Looking at the process of implementing badging at an institutional level.

Published in: Education
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Badges for the Institution: OBANZ presentation

  1. 1. We're going to need a bigger boat! Badges for the Institution
  2. 2. Charles Sturt University We do things to scale.
  3. 3. Dispersed Campuses & Students Focus on centralised, scalable Projects
  4. 4. Badging is no different
  5. 5. Badging on a small scale carpet bombing dilutes value repetition inconsistencies repetition
  6. 6. Big Picture
  7. 7. Where does it fit? No Duplication
  8. 8. How does it cater to our needs? Diversity of application
  9. 9. What do Badges offer? Visualise the depth & diversity of learning
  10. 10. Badges allow us to: Add meaning to Assessment Provides context to Practice Add depth to competency
  11. 11. Badges need a FRAMEWORK
  12. 12. Defined Hierarchy Value
  13. 13. Defined Audience Purpose
  14. 14. Defined Connections Meaning
  15. 15. Defined Design Consistency
  16. 16. A Framework needs to define: Value Purpose Meaning Consistency
  17. 17. CSU Badges Project Involves Course Directors From all four Faculties What does it take? How do we do it?
  18. 18. The Badge Trials
  19. 19. Capture demonstrated skills. Learning across subjects/courses. Specialisations and Partnerships.
  20. 20. Badges work to complement knowledge, display accumulated learning, add clarity and show contribution in co-operative environments.
  21. 21. Currently Designing the Badges Working with Marketing
  22. 22. PREVIEW
  23. 23. Technology LMS is limited to stuff in the LMS Going to trial Mozilla BadgeKit The unknown of software in beta Unfamiliar backend (node.js)
  24. 24. There's more to badges beneath the surface.
  25. 25. Get a bigger boat!
  26. 26. Image References