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Brainchild Catalog 2012


Published on Catalog of products including the Kineo tablet, Achiever! iPad app, Study Buddy, and Web Achiever!

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Brainchild Catalog 2012

  1. 1. • Web Subscriptions• iPad® Apps• Kineo® Android® Apps
  2. 2. Mobile Learning Solutions and Support for 15 Years Award-Winning Quality Engaged students “Study Better and Score Higher.” For 15 years, Brainchild has provided schools with: • Deliberate use of mobile technologies for measurable goals • Content designed for computers and tablets • Professional development customized to each school Structured learning on mobile devices with reporting.2.
  3. 3. Brainchild Software is Special!3 Software Series• Web versions for tremendous value 1. We are passionate about self-paced insruction that teaches• Mobile versions to triple learning time students how to teach themselves. Our feedback is carefully• Professional Development & Support constructed. It guides students to the solutions. It does not simply tell students the correct answers. 2. Itʼs the pedagogy. Spend time on weak areas and donʼt waste time on strong areas. Pretests, multimedia instruction, practice with feedback, and post tests for each concept cause rapid, dramatic increases in student achievement. Built from your state standards. 3. Student engagement. When students succeed and have fun with mobile learning, they are eager to learn more. Brainchild software causes transformations in student attitudes. Web subscriptionsBuilt from Common Core State Standards iPad® Kineo® Basic Skills in English, Spanish, Haitian. Study Buddy 800/811-2724 3.
  4. 4. Achiever! Formative Assessment & Instruction for Grades 1 - 8 Math Language Arts Science Students work on one state math Includes reading comprehension Students receive a solid foundation standard at a time, with context and writing skills. Students read to support high performance state items as found in your state test. 10 passages of 75 words each. science tests. “We love Achiever! It has catapulted us into the top scores in the state of Hawaii. Hands down, it is cheaper and does the same job as everything else that is more expensive. It has been such a pleasure working with you and your company.”4. - Hal & Michelle Takenishi, Kahala Elementary School.
  5. 5. Achiever! Reports for Adjusting Individual and Group Instruction Personal Learning Plans Data-driven instruction helps students learn at their own pace. Green checkmarks show mastery of each state standard.Student reports show progress by state standard. Case studies show dramatic subgroup gains. Reports are preprogrammed and easy to use on the teacher desktop.“St. Maryʼs Charter School science scores went from 44% in 2005 to 87%. We became a Recognized School.”- - Stan Simonson, Principal 5.
  6. 6. Core Concepts: All-New Common Core State Standards Content Assessment and Instruction For Grades 1-5 Core Concepts is a web-based formative assessment program that gives students individualized, data-driven instruction. Reports help educators adjust group and Web Version Provides Reports individual instruction. The tablet version extends learning with self-paced instruction for every student. Both web and tablet versions provide: • Individualized Instruction • Pretest each standard to form a baseline • Multimedia instruction to teach each concept • STUDY mode with immediate feedback • Post Test to measure progress/confirm mastery Kineo® iPad® Tablet Versions Extend Learning6.
  7. 7. “These Standards are not intended to be new names for old ways of doing business.” © 2011 Common Core State Standards Initiative“Aligned To” is Not Good Enough Content Development ProcessHere are a few examples of how CCSS standards are different: What students can learn at any particular grade level de-• Grade 3 Line Plots are marked by fractional increments. pends upon what they have learned before. Editorial teams• Grade 4 Line Plots require fraction operations. were assigned to construct items for all grade levels for• Elapsed Time includes finding solutions with number lines. each concept. For example, all items for grades 1-5• Point of View in grade 3 addresses 1st, 2nd, 3rd voices. Operations and Algebra were created by the same team of• Point of View in grade 4 includes “firsthand” vs. “secondhand.” algebra experts. All Figurative Language lessons for grades 1-5 were created by the same team of languagePrecise and rigorous, CCSS have specific progressions from arts experts.grade to grade. They often combine multiple concepts. 3.MD.4. Generate measurement data by 3.MD.1. Tell and write time to the nearest minute measuring lengths using rulers marked with halves and measure time intervals in minutes. Solve word and fourths of an inch. Show data by making a line problems involving addition and subtraction of plot, where the horizontal scale is in appropriate time intervals in minutes, e.g., by representing the units— whole numbers, halves, or quarters. problem on a number line diagram. 800/811-2724 7.
  8. 8. Common Core Language Arts Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Language Arts Language Arts Language Arts Language Arts Language Arts Language Language Language Language Language L.1.1 Adjectives L.2.1 Adjectives & Adverbs L.3.1 Adjectives & Adverbs L.4.1 Adjectives L.5.1 Conjunctions L.1.2 End Punctuation L.2.1 Irregular Verbs L.3.1 Conjunctions L.4.1 Pronoun Usage L.5.1 Verb Tenses L.1.2 Capitalization L.2.1 Noun Usage L.3.1 Noun Usage L.4.1 Sentence Structure L.5.2 Punctuation L.1.2 Commas L.2.1 Pronoun Usage L.3.1 Pronoun Usage L.4.1 Verb Tenses L.5.2 Spelling L.1.1 Conjunctions L.2.1 Sentence Structure L.3.1 Sentence Structure L.4.2 Conjunctions L.5.3 Sentence Structure L.1.1 Noun Usage L.2.2 Capitalization L.3.1 Verb Tenses L.4.2 Capitalization L.5.4 Affixes L.1.1 Pronoun Usage L.2.2 Spelling L.3.2 Capitalization L.4.2 Punctuation L.1.1 Preposition Usage L.2.4 Affixes L.3.2 Punctuation L.4.2 Spelling Reading L.1.1 Subject-Verb Agreement L.2.4 Words in Context L.3.2 Spelling R.5.1 Inferences L.1.1 Verb Tenses Reading R.5.2 Main Idea L.1.2 Spelling Reading Reading R.4.1 Inferences R.5.2 Summarization R.2.1 Key Details R.3.1 Key Details R.4.1 Key Details R.5.3 Compare & Contrast Reading R.2.2 Main Idea R.3.2 Main Idea R.4.2 Main Idea R.5.4 Figurative Language R.1.1 Key Details R.2.3 Characterization R.3.3 Sequence R.4.2 Summarization R.5.6 Point of View R.1.2 Main Idea R.2.4 Poetic Structure R.3.4 Figurative Language R.4.3 Literary Elements R.5.8 Supporting Details R.1.3 Literary Elements R.2.5 Story Structure R.3.4 Words In Context R.4.6 Point of View R.1.4 Figurative Language R.2.7 Authors Purpose R.3.6 Point of View R.4.8 Supporting Details R.1.3 Compare and Contrast R.3.9 Compare and Contrast R.1.6 Point of View Web Subscription Pricing Many schools purchase the web subscription first. Reports help teachers adjust instruction for individual students or groups. If the school also has tablet versions of the software, students can sync their scores. Number of Students (Per School) 1-50 51-100 101-200 201-300 301-500 501-1,000 Core Concepts Math gr 1-5 $495 $995 $1495 $1995 $2495 $2995 Kineo®/iPad® Price Core Concepts Math gr 6-8 $495 $995 $1495 $1995 $2495 $2995 $29 per grade level of Language Arts Core Concepts ELA gr 1-5 $495 $995 $1495 $1995 $2495 $2995 Core Concepts ELA gr 6-8 $495 $995 $1495 $1995 $2495 $29958.
  9. 9. Common Core MathGrade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5Math Math Math Math MathNumber & Operations in Base Ten Number & Operations in Base Ten Number & Operations in Base Ten Number & Operations in Base Ten Number & Operations in Base Ten1.NBT.1 Counting 2.NBT.1 Place Value 3.NBT.1 Estimation & Rounding 4.NBT.1 Place Value 5.NBT.1 Place Value1.NBT.1 Read-Write Numbers 2.NBT.2 Skip Counting 3.NBT.2 Add and Subtract 4.NBT.2 Compare & Order 5.NBT.2 Exponents1.NBT.2 Place Value 2.NBT.3 Read-Write Numbers 3.NBT.3 Multiply by Tens 4.NBT.2 Read-Write Numbers 5.NBT.3 Compare Decimals1.NBT.3 Compare Numbers 2.NBT.4 Compare Numbers 4.NBT.3 Estimation & Rounding 5.NBT.3 Expanded Form1.NBT.4 Add with Regrouping 2.NBT.5 Add-Subtract to 100 Number and Operations-Fractions 4.NBT.4 Add-Subtract Multi-Digits 5.NBT.3 Read-Write Decimals1.NBT.5 Sums & Differences of Ten 2.NBT.7 Add-Subtract to 1,000 3.NF.1 Represent Fractions 4.NBT.5 Multiply Multi-Digits 5.NBT.5 Multiply Multi-Digits 2.NBT.8 Add-Subtract 10 & 100 3.NF.2 Number Lines 4.NBT.6 Divide Multi-Digits 5.NBT.6 Divide Multi-Digits 2.NBT.9 Properties of Addition 3.NF.3 Compare & Order Fractions 5.NBT.7 Model DecimalsOperations & Algebraic Thinking 3.NF.3 Equivalent Fractions Number and Operations-Fractions1.OA.1 Word Problems Operations & Algebraic Thinking 4.NF.1 Equivalent Fractions Number and Operations-Fractions1.OA.3 Properties of Operations 2.OA.1 Word Problems Operations & Algebraic Thinking 4.NF.2 Compare Fractions 5.NF.1 Add-Subtract Fractions1.OA.4 Subtraction Fact Families 2.OA.2 Add-Subtract to 20 3.OA.3 Model Multiplication-Division 4.NF.3 Add-Subtract Fractions 5.NF.2 Model Fractions 2.OA.3 Odds and Evens 3.OA.4 Number Sentences 4.NF.4 Multiply Fractions 5.NF.3 Divide FractionsMeasurement & Data 2.OA.4 Arrays 3.OA.8 Represent Word Problems 5.NF.4 Multiply Fractions1.MD.1 Compare & Order Objects 3.OA.8 Solve Word Problems Operations & Algebraic Thinking1.MD.2 Measure Length Measurement & Data 3.OA.9 Patterns 4.OA.1 Number Sentences Operations & Algebraic Thinking1.MD.3 Tell Time 2.MD.1 Measure Length 4.OA.2 Word Problems 5.OA.1 Substitution1.MD.4 Graphs & Charts 2.MD.3 Estimate Length Measurement & Data 4.OA.3 Estimation & Rounding 5.OA.2 Expressions 2.MD.4 Measure Difference 3.MD.1 Elapsed Time 4.OA.4 Factor Pairs 5.OA.3 PatternsGeometry 2.MD.7 Tell Time 3.MD.2 Weight & Capacity 4.OA.5 Patterns1.G.1 Shapes & Attributes 2.MD.8 Money 3.MD.3 Graphs and Charts Measurement & Data1.G.2 Combining Shapes 3.MD.4 Line Plots Measurement & Data 5.MD.1 Conversions1.G.3 Parts of a Whole Geometry 3.MD.5 Area and Perimeter 4.MD.1 Conversions 5.MD.2 Line Plots 2.G.1 Shapes 4.MD.2 Elapsed Time 5.MD.4 Volume 2.G.2 Introduction to Area Geometry 4.MD.2 Money 2.G.3 Parts of a Whole 3.G.1 Classify Shapes 4.MD.2 Volume & Mass Geometry 3.G.2 Parts of a Whole 4.MD.3 Area & Perimeter 5.G.1 Coordinate Geometry 4.MD.4 Line Plots 5.G.3 2D Figures 4.MD.5 Angles Geometry Kineo /iPad Price ® ® 4.G.1 2D Lines & Angles 4.G.2 Classify Shapes $29 per grade level of Math 4.G.3 Symmetry “I truly believe that our students here at Oak Grove Elementary School excelled on the 2.0 FCAT because of the tremendous assistance and cooperation from Brainchild Achiever! and your wonderful staff. Thanks to your team, WE DID IT!” - Joyce Lark, Teacher, Oak Grove Elementary, Florida 9.
  10. 10. Mechanics Basic Skills/ESL On the Web, Study Buddy, Kineo, and iPads Struggling learners find success! Mechanics Has Native Language Support Mechanics is a tranformational program that On any question, students can press the Español or Kreyòl engages struggling learners. Its goal is to button to switch the screen to that language. Over time, teach them that they can help themselves. students need the native language support less and less. It is skills-based, not grade-specific. It teaches the foundations learned in grades 1 - 8. Students can begin at very low levels, gain confidence, and work their way up. Mechanics has: • Multimedia Instruction in 3 Languages • Individual Student Learning Plans • STUDY mode with immediate feedback • TEST mode for pretests and post tests10.
  11. 11. For students who are far below grade levelPersonal Learning Plan How it works 1. Choose a Math or Language Arts level. 2. Choose a lesson from the personal learning plan. 3. Take a pretest of 10 questions. 4. Use “Play Lesson” for multimedia instruction if needed. The multimedia lesson can be played in English, Spanish, or Haitian. 5. Use the STUDY mode for self-paced study with immediate feedback. 6. When ready, take a post TEST to document progress. "Our documented evidence for RTI serving Tier 1 to Tier 3 show this was a very successful tool to pull us out of School Improvement and keep us out of School Improvement.” - Dr. Randy Pettus, Federal Programs Director, Florence City Schools, AL 11.
  12. 12. Mechanics Basic Skills/ESL On the Web, Study Buddy, Kineo, and iPads Math 1 begins with operations on Level 2 Math goes from basic to single digit whole numbers and advanced fraction operation and continues on to decimals and concludes with Algebra concepts. percents in real-world settings. Math Mechanics Level 1 Math Mechanics Level 2 Addition and Subtraction Basic Fractions Sums to 20 Add and Subtract Like Denominators Addition with Regrouping Add and Subtract Unlike Denominators Differences under 20 Equivalent Fractions Subtraction with Regrouping Comparisons and LCM Mechanics is a top seller on Study Buddies! Lowest Terms and GCF Multiplication and Division Multiply to 10 x 10 Advanced Fractions Multiply with Regrouping Multiply Fractions Divide by 1 Digit Multiply Mixed Numbers Long Division Divide Fractions Divide Mixed Numbers Decimals Place Value Introduction to Algebra Add and Subtract Simplifying Expressions Multiply and Divide Solving Equations Money Problems Absolute Value Compare Fractions & Decimals Integer Operations Exponents Percents Percent of a number iPad® $29 Kineo® $29 Study Buddy $49 Commissions and Interest Percent Increase-Decrease Ratios and Proportions Mechanics Study Buddy Equivalent Fractions-Decimals-Percents cartridges come in English, iPad® $29 Kineo® $29 Study Buddy $49 Spanish, and Haitian versions. $49 per Level “Our school improved 62% this year to make AYP!” - Ed Brownlee, Principal of the Year, Los Angeles12.
  13. 13. For Special Ed and ESL. Start Low, Build Confidece, Move Up! Language Arts levels 1 - 3 span grade levels 1 through 6. These lessons give instruction and Communicating effectively through A strong vocabulary is essential for self-guided practice on reading writing is vital for lifelong success. reading, writing, listening and comprehension concepts. speaking skills.Language Arts Level 1 Language Arts Level 2 Language Arts Level 3Reading Reading ReadingWords in Context Words in Context Words in ContextMain Idea Main Idea Main IdeaReading for Details Reading for Details Reading for DetailsInferences Inferences InferencesSequence Sequence SequenceWriting Writing WritingNouns: Recognition (People, places, things) Nouns: Plural forms Nouns: Noun forms and possessivesPronouns: Subject/object, singular, plural Pronouns: Singular, plural, possessive Pronouns: Indefinite & personal in context.Verbs: State of being, action, context Verbs: Subject/verb agreement Verbs: Transitive/intransitive, parallel tensesParts of Speech: Adjectives Parts of speech: Prepositions, conjunctions, interjections Parts of Speech: Adjectives, adverbsCapitalization: First word, proper names, days, etc. Capitalization: Pronouns, days, seasons Capitalization: Greetings, place names, nationalitiesPunctuation: End punctuation, commas, abbreviations Punctuation: Commas, apostrophes, contractions Punctuation: Commas, quotesSpelling: Endings, plurals, i before e Spelling: Homonyms and more Spelling: Common misspellingsSentences: Complete and incomplete Sentences: Complete, fragment, run-on Sentences: ClausesVocabulary Vocabulary VocabularyHomonyms Homonyms AnalogiesSynonyms & Antonyms Synonyms & Antonyms HomonymsMultiple Meanings Multiple Meanings Multiple MeaningsPrefixes & Suffixes Prefixes & Suffixes Prefixes & SuffixesCompound Words Compound Words Synonyms & AntonymsiPad® $29 Kineo® $29 Study Buddy $49 iPad® $29 Kineo® $29 Study Buddy $49 iPad® $29 Kineo® $29 Study Buddy $49 Web Subscription Pricing Number of Students (Per School) 1-50 51-100 101-200 201-300 301-500 501-1,000 Math Mechanics Level 1 & 2 $495 $995 $1495 $1995 $2495 $2995 Language Arts Mechanics Levels 1-3 $495 $995 $1495 $1995 $2495 $2995 13.
  14. 14. Total Support Brings You Peace of Mind One source handles all service and performance issues. In the mission-critical school environment you need responsive solutions, not debates between IT staff, hardware, and software vendors! Unnecessary expenses and technical complications must be avoided. Only Brainchild has 15 years of experience with all phases of support. Hardware Software Support Professional Development “Working with Brainchild is a pleasure. I have used Brainchild programs at each school site where I have served as Assistant Principal or Principal for 13 years. I continue to purchase the resources as a valuable tool to improve student achievement.” - Tamme Williams, Principal, Miami, Florida14.
  15. 15. Mobile Technology Considerations 1. Establish goals. 2. Find software. 3. Purchase tablets. Tablets are powerful when used for deliberate, specific purposes, and they can also be dangerous distractions. Districts come to Brainchild for the specialized consultations required to implement successful, sustainable mobile learning programs. Profit from the experience Brainchild can share with you from thousands of districts whose programs get results year after year.Hardware Considerations Software ConsiderationsChoosing the Right Device Standards-Based or Basic Skills?Battery Life Evidence-Based?Charging and Storage English and Spanish?Your Wi-Fi and IT Resources Tied to Web only or Installed on Tablet?End of Life & Sustainability Issues Formatted for Tablets?Matching Tablets to Your Goals Data-Driven or Unstructured?Support Considerations Professional DevelopmentFast and Friendly? Needs AnalysisConfiguration & Updates Establish Measureable GoalsDesktop Security Customize to Your Schoolsʼ CapabilitiesInternet Security Identify ResponsibilitiesProxy Servers Onsite PDData Storage Leadership TrainingWi-Fi & Router Diagnoses Refresher Training"Our experience with Brainchild and Kineos has been very positive. Our sales rep is hands down one of the best representativesof any education company with whom I have worked. He always goes the extra mile and provides continuous, effective support." - Beth Curtis, Principal. Verner Elementary School, Alabama 15.
  16. 16. Kineo: The Tablet Designed for Schools Built School Safe $299. Administrator settings let you choose the applications for the Student Desktop. Websites can be restricted or left open. Built School Tough Rugged construction with a built-in screen protector for the 7” touchscreen and 4500 mAh battery for all-day-long operation. Connectivity USB, HDMI, SD card slot, Wi-Fi, headphones. Sustainability Kineosʼ useful life will be 7 years, as it has been with Brainchildʼs other mobile devices. Student Desktop Students surf permitted websites and use approved applications. They cannot modify this desktop. Update Manager Administrator Settings Administrator Desktop The Update Manager is for configuring Press to access the the device and installing applications. Administrator Desktop. Administrators choose what students can do. Press on an icon to copy it to the student desktop.16.
  17. 17. Data-Driven Instruction: Kineo integrates mobile use with web-based reports.Use the HDMI output for group instruction Cooperative learning builds A teacher can check a studentʼs on whiteboards or LCD projectors. critical thinking and social skills. personal learning plan and progress. 17.
  18. 18. Study Buddy! for Self-Paced Learning 10-Pack with 20 Cartridges: $2995 $199. Check the Volume Discount Packages Multimedia Instruction Multimedia Instruction Immediate Feedback Immediate Feedback Review/Correct Mistakes Review/Correct Mistakes English/Spanish/Haitian English/Spanish/Haitian Software on Cartridges Software cartridges have up to 25 lessons “Students find Study Buddy to be engaging and easy to use. The first year evaluation and 1,000 question items. showed statistically significant improvements in Math.” - Sue Martin, 21st Century Community Learning Director, Fort Worth, TX18.
  19. 19. An affordable, proven mobile technology option for student engagement“It tells me why I’m wrong and Outstanding Results for 7 Years how to get it right!” Study Buddies are a top seller. They are reliable Self-Paced Study and maintenance-free. No instruction is required. Struggling learners need more time on Teachers simply hand them out and watch good task and repetition to build automaticity. things happen. Students learn at their own pace They enjoy learning on their own! and become active learners. Cooperative Learning Use the TEST mode to test your knowledge. Students strengthen critical thinking skills Use PLAY LESSON to play a multimedia and build confidence. This is a powerful lesson on each concept. student engagement activity. Use the STUDY mode to receive immediate Peer Mentoring feedback for every answer selection. Older students help younger students. This results in academic and behavioral benefits for both. Mentor Programs Volunteers can help! Study Buddy has all the answers and solutions. Parental Involvement Many parents want to help, but donʼt know where to start. Study Buddy explains the concepts so parents and children can learn together. Centro Campesino 21st CCLC has used Study Buddies for 5 years in their “Academy” setting. “We used 60 Study Buddies for low-performing 8th grade math students, 9 weeks before our state test. Our pass rate increased by 36%!” - Dr. Ray Allen, Atlantic City School District 800/811-2724 19.
  20. 20. Award-Winning, Data-Driven Instruction for iPads® Brainchild iPad® Apps: So Many Advantages! Brainchild iPad apps are designed to accommodate a wide variety of learning situations. Multiple students can share iPads by using user names to log into their accounts, so they can follow individual learning plans. Students can use iPads without user names with “Quick Start.” Data-driven instruction with GlobalSYNC. Ipad use is synchronized to web-based progress reports. To order iPad apps: 1. Choose titles (page 22) 2. Have a P.O. sent to Brainchild. 3. Download apps to your iPads®.20.
  21. 21. Professional Development Brainchildʼs PD programs concentrate on raising scores of your schoolʼs lower-performing subgroups. It starts with a free needs analysis and a proposal based on your requirements. Professional Development Telephone & Webinars Free Onsite Teacher Training $1950 per diem Onsite Refresher Training $1950 per diemSample Strategy: The Brainchild Academy Leadership Training $1950 per diem Data Analytics Service with $2500 per year Dedicated Project Manager 1 Learning Stations 1 Assessment Station: 20 - 30 minutes Students use online assessment on computers to find weak 2 areas and receive instruction. Individualized learning plans and reports are automatically generated. 2 Instruction Station: 20-30 minutes Study Buddy or Kineo handheld units are used for 4 self-paced instruction and cooperative learning. 3 Tutor Station: 20-30 minutes A tutor asks students which standards they are working on 3 and how itʼs going. Relationship building is important. A Kineo attached to the LCD TV is used with small groups. 4 Teacher views real-time, standards-based progress reports. “Brainchild delivered professional development training that wowed us! The trainer not only taught the teachers about the product, she also had them doing practical exercises to make the implementation all the more meaningful.” - Ms. Celia Elrod, Assistant Director of Federal and State Programs, Palm Beach County SD 21.
  22. 22. Kineo Discount Packs Mobile Device Title Selections Each Pack includes one Math and Language Arts software series for grades 1-5 or grades 6-8. Check Format: ____Kineo® _____iPad® _____Study Buddy _____ K-05 5-Pack $2140. _____ K-10 10-Pack $4280. Achiever! Standards-Based Series Qty. Item Qty. Item _____ K-50 50-Pack $20,400. Save $1,000 _____ SBA-1M Grade 1 Math _____ SBA-1LA Grade 1 Reading/Writing _____ K-100 100-Pack $39,800. Save $3,000 _____ SBA-2M Grade 2 Math _____ SBA-2LA Grade 2 Reading/Writing _____ K-250 250-Pack $98,000. Save $9,000 _____ SBA-3M Grade 3 Math _____ SBA-3LA Grade 3 Reading/Writing _____ K-500 500-Pack $194,000. Save $20,000 _____ SBA-4M Grade 4 Math _____ SBA-4LA Grade 4 Reading/Writing _____ SBA-5M Grade 5 Math _____ SBA-5LA Grade 5 Reading/Writing Study Buddy Discount Packs _____ SBA-6M Grade 6 Math _____ SBA-6LA Grade 6 Reading/Writing Choose cartridges from the cartridge list. _____ SBA-7M Grade 7 Math _____ SBA-7LA Grade 7 Reading/Writing _____ SBA-8M Grade 8 Math _____ SBA-8LA Grade 8 Reading/Writing _____ SBA-5S Science _____SB-5 5-Pack $1499. includes 10 cartridges _____SB-10 10-Pack $2995. includes 20 cartridges Mechanics Basic Skills _____SB-25 25-Pack $6995. includes 50 cartridges Save $500. Item Titles are in English or Spanish or Haitian. _____SB-50 50-Pack $13,995. includes 100 cartridges Save $1,000. English Spanish Haitian _____SB-100 100-Pack $24,995. includes 200 cartridges Save $5,000. Math Level 1 _____ SBMM-001 _____SBMM-S01 _____ SBMM-H01 Math Level 2 _____ SBMM-002 _____SBMM-S02 _____ SBMM-H02 Language Arts Level 1 _____ SBMR--001 _____SBMR-S01 _____ SBMR-H01 Language Arts Level 2 _____ SBMR--002 _____SBMR-S02 _____ SBMR-H02 Language Arts Level 3 _____ SBMR--003 _____SBMR-S03 _____ SBMR-H03 Core Concepts: Common Core State Standards Qty. Item Qty. Item _____ CC-1M Grade 1 Math _____ CC-1LA Grade 1 Reading/Language Charge Cart: $1195 including shipping. _____ CC-2M Grade 2 Math _____ CC-2LA Grade 2 Reading/Language _____ CC-3LA Grade 3 Reading/Language Locked doors hold 30 iPads, Kineos, or Study Buddies _____ CC-3M Grade 3 Math _____ CC-4M Grade 4 Math _____ CC-4LA Grade 4 Reading/Language _____ CC-5M Grade 5 Math _____ CC-5LA Grade 5 Reading/Language22.
  23. 23. Online Subscription Order Form Circle the amount under number of student licenses per school. Number of Students (per school) 1-50 51-100 101-200 201-300 301-500 501-1,000Achiever! Math grades 1-5 $495 $995 $1495 $1995 $2495 $2995 Fax, email, or send orders to: Brainchild CorporationAchiever! Math grades 6-8 $495 $995 $1495 $1995 $2495 $2995 3050 Horseshoe Drive N.Achiever! ELA grades 1-5 $495 $995 $1495 $1995 $2495 $2995 Suite 218Achiever! ELA grades 6-8 $495 $995 $1495 $1995 $2495 $2995 Naples, FL 34104Science $495 $995 $1495 $1995 $2495 $2995 Fax 239/263-3439 Inquiries may be made toCore Concepts Math gr 1-5 $495 $995 $1495 $1995 $2495 $2995 or call 800/811-2724Core Concepts Math gr 6-8 $495 $995 $1495 $1995 $2495 $2995Core Concepts ELA gr 1-5 $495 $995 $1495 $1995 $2495 $2995Core Concepts ELA gr 6-8 $495 $995 $1495 $1995 $2495 $2995Mechanics Math $495 $995 $1495 $1995 $2495 $2995Mechanics Language Arts $495 $995 $1495 $1995 $2495 $2995Online subscriptions GlobalSYNCTM with Kineos® and iPads®. Sole Source NoticeKineo and iPad® apps reside on the tablets. Brainchild is the sole source manufacturer andThey can be used with or without the online subscription versions. distributor of all products in this catalog. Sales are completed through factory reps.The tablet app price is $29 per title per tablet. Federal Tax ID #65-0309191Study Buddy cartridge price is $49.Study Buddy cartridges do not sync with the web subscriptions. 800/811-2724 23.
  24. 24. Customize a program to your schoolʼs specific needs. Target specific student subgroups for higher achievement. Brainchild programs are sustainable and proven by raising school ratings for multiple years. Strategies can be set with measurable goals to keep everyone on track. They include: • Tablets for increased learning time • Web-based reports for data analytics • Data-driven instruction • Professional DevelopmentThe graphics show budget components for a sustained AYPPerformance program using Kineo tablets. If using iPads,the “50 tablets” cost will be double. 800/811-2724