Brainchild Catalog 2011


Published on Catalog of products including the Kineo tablet, Study Buddy, and Web Achiever!

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Brainchild Catalog 2011

  1. 1. Mobile Learning Specialists for 16 Years Brainchild began in 1995 to help struggling learners PLS-1000 Study Buddy “Study Better and Score Higher” with the patented 1995 2005 PLS-1000 Personal Learning Device. Students are engaged by self-paced instruction. Award-Winning Programs Since 1995 They become active learners as they build confidence and self-esteem. In 2005 the Study Buddy was introduced, with color and multimedia instruction. Mechanics and Achiever! were deployed on Study Buddy and Brainchildʼs web- based assessment and instruction platforms, providing reports on student progress. The Kineo tablet, introduced in 2011, provides mobile learning with data-driven instruction. GlobalSYNCTM integrates data from mobile and computer-based use on the web. Brainchild products and professional development programs are based on 16 years of experience in implementing mobile learning strategies to help schools raise student achievement and make AYP.2. 800/811-2724
  2. 2. Products and Services Achiever! Online Assessment... 4 - 7 Kineo tablet... 8 - 11 Study Buddies for Self-Paced Instruction... 12 - 13 Mechanics Basic Skills in 3 Languages... 14 -17800/811-2724 3.
  3. 3. Achiever! Data-Driven Instruction for Grades 1 - 8 Math Language Arts Science Students work on one state math Includes reading comprehension Students receive a solid foundation standard at time, with context and writing skills. Students read to support high performance state items as found in your state test. 10 passages of 75 words each. science tests.4. 800/811-2724
  4. 4. Personal Learning Plans Automated Formative Assessment Students learn at their own pace with individualized instruction. A green Pretest Practice Post Test checkmark is earned for showing1. Students take a 10-question pretest on each state mastery of each state standard. standard to provide accurate performance data.2. If the score is low, students watch a multimedia lesson to learn the concept.3. Then they use the “Study” mode for practice with immediate feedback for self-paced instruction.4. A 10-question post test documents progress. “St. Maryʼs Charter School science scores went from 44% in 2005 to 87% in 2006, and 96% in 2007.” - Stan Simonson, Principal Checking the student learning plan. 800/811-2724 5.
  5. 5. Achiever! Management Reports for Adjusting Individual and Group Instruction Teacher Menu View Reports Make Assignments Print Worksheets by Standard Student Report Classroom Report School-Wide Report Pretest, post test, time on task, Shows classroom average for each Shows performance by grade level to support classroom average, by standard. standard and individual student scores. decisions on instructional priorities. Reports are preconfigured for simplicity. Simply point and click to view, print, or export to Excel files. “Everyone is using Achiever! and loving it in all 7 of our schools! Our teachers have done a phenomenal job at incorporating Brainchild into their classroom instruction.” - April Nobles, Bogalusa City School District, LA (beginning 5th year of district-wide Achiever! usage)6. 800/811-2724
  6. 6. Achiever! Reports Formative Assessment and Standards-Based Grading for RTI Programs Student Report Response to Intervention Achiever! provides rapid assessment and IEPʼs for individualized interventions for Tier 1 and 2 students. Reports measure progress and hours of instruction delivered.The Student Report lists pretest and post test scores for each individual state standard, classroom averages, and time on task. Bar graphs illustrate progress for parents.“In our 4th Year of using Achiever! in 4 schools, we use it for effective group instruction with Case studies show subgroup scorewhiteboards. The multimedia is great!” gains on state tests.- Jeff Davis, District Technology Director, Laurel Public Schools, MS 800/811-2724 7.
  7. 7. KineoTM School Tablet Data-Driven Instruction: Kineo integrates mobile use with Achiever! web-based reports. Specifications Display: 7” 800 x 480 Touchscreen CPU: 800MHz Memory: 2GB NAND, 256 DDR RAM Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g Battery: Li Polymer 4500 mAh MP4 Movie Player Inputs/Outputs HDMI high definition video/audio 2.0 USB Host/Slave Headphone jack Micro SD Card Slot Student Desktop Students surf permitted websites and use approved applications. They cannot modify this desktop. Update Manager Applications can be installed remotely. Simply turn on the Kineo and connect it with Administrator Desktop USB or Wi-Fi. Brainchild can diagnose and Administrators choose what students can do. service Kineos remotely. Press on an icon to copy it to the student desktop.8. 800/811-2724
  8. 8. How do you KINEO?With Achiever! Standards-Based Software installed for offline use. On permitted websites. With eBooks. Protective Kineo skins in red, black, and purple: $29 each Using the HDMI output for group instruction Cooperative learning builds Teacher checks the studentʼs on whiteboards or LCD projectors. critical thinking and social skills. personal learning plan and progress. 800/811-2724 9.
  9. 9. Achiever! is designed for Tablets Most popular K-12 software programs and web applications are not formatted for tablets. Achiever! was designed to run well on tablets and computers. Students will love the easy to use navigation. Teachers will enjoy the comprehensive reporting tools and easy classroom management through GlobalSYNCTM.10. 800/811-2724
  10. 10. GlobalSYNCTM Integrates Mobile and Computer Usage The learning never stops! IT issues, Wi-Fi timeouts, and bandwidth capacity canʼt stop students from learning with Kineo. Students use mobile learning anytime, anywhere that can be syncʼd in seconds when Wi-Fi is available. There is no need for expensive data plans or expensive infrastructure upgrades. Educatorsʼ ComputersWhat makes GlobalSYNCTM Special?Brainchildʼs GlobalSYNCTM allows anystudent to pick up any Kineo and work onstate standards, anywhere, anytime.With GlobalSYNCTM, studentsʼ work is syncʼdwhenever Kineo connects to Wi-Fi.GlobalSYNCTM syncs data for the whole school. Kineos Student Computers 800/811-2724 11.
  11. 11. Study Buddy! Differentiated Instruction 10-Pack with 20 Carts: $2995 Volume Discount Packages Multimedia Instruction Multimedia Instruction Immediate Feedback Immediate Feedback Review/Correct Mistakes Review/Correct Mistakes English/Spanish/Haitian English/Spanish/Haitian State-Specific Math, Reading, Writing, and Science. Basic Skills in 3 Languages. Software on Cartridges“Students find Study Buddy to be engaging, fun, and easy to use. The first year evaluation Software cartridges have up to 25 lessonsshowed statistically significant improvements in Math.” and 1,000 question items. - Sue Martin, 21st Century Community Learning Director, Fort Worth, TX12. 800/811-2724
  12. 12. An affordable, proven mobile technology option for student engagement.“It tells me why I’m wrong and Outstanding Results for 7 Years how to get it right!” Study Buddies are a top seller. They are reliable Self-Paced Study and maintenance-free. No instruction is required. Struggling learners need more time on Teachers simply hand them out and watch good task and repetition to build automaticity. things happen. Students learn at their own pace They enjoy learning on their own! and become active learners. Cooperative Learning Use the TEST mode to test your knowledge. Students strengthen critical thinking skills Use PLAY LESSON to play a multimedia and build confidence. This is a powerful lesson on each concept. student engagement activity. Use the STUDY mode to receive immediate Peer Mentoring feedback for every answer selection. Older students help younger students. This results in academic and behavioral benefits for both. Mentor Programs Volunteers can help! Study Buddy has all the answers and solutions. Parental Involvement Many parents want to help, but donʼt know where to start. Study Buddy explains the concepts, so parents and children can learn together. Centro Campesino 21st CCLC has used Study Buddies for 5 years in their “Academy” setting. “We used 60 Study Buddies for low-performing 8th grade math students, 9 weeks before our state test. Our pass rate increased by 36%!” - Dr. Ray Allen, Atlantic City Schools 800/811-2724 13.
  13. 13. Mechanics Basic Skills/ESL For Online, Study Buddy, Kineo Use For students of any age who are far below grade level. A place for struggling learners to find success. Mechanics is for students who perform far below grade level. It is skills-based, not grade-specific. It teaches the foundations learned in grades 1 - 8. Students can begin at very low levels, gain confidence, and work their way up. • Multimedia Instruction in 3 Languages • Individual Student Learning Plans • STUDY mode with immediate feedback • TEST mode for pretests and post tests Mechanics Has Native Language Support Itʼs hard enough to learn new academic concepts, but itʼs even harder when language gets in the way. Each question appears in English. The student can press the Español or Kreyòl button to switch the screen to that native language. Over time, students need the native language support less and less. “St. Maryʼs Charter School science scores went from 44% in 2005 to 87% in 2006, We became a Recognized School.” - Stan Simonson, Principal14. 800/811-2724
  14. 14. Study/Test/Play Lesson Screen How it works. Students Choose a Course. They select a lesson from their personal learning plan. They take a pretest. If they need help, they play a multimedia lesson in English, Spanish or Haitian. Then they use the STUDY mode for self-paced study with immediate feedback. Finally, the TEST mode gives another 10-question quiz to document progress. 800/811-2724 15.
  15. 15. Mechanics Basic Skills/ESL For Online, Study Buddy, Kineo Use Math Mechanics 1 Math Mechanics 2 Mechanics is available on web and Study Buddy cartridges. Math 1 concentrates on operations Many students have problems with from single digit whole numbers to fractions. This series goes from basic decimals and percents in real-world to advanced fraction operations and settings. concludes with solving equations and working with integers. Addition and Subtraction Sums to 20 Basic Fractions Addition with Regrouping Add and Subtract Like Denominators Differences under 20 Add and Subtract Unlike Denominators Subtraction with Regrouping Equivalent Fractions Comparisons and LCM Multiplication and Division Lowest Terms and GCF Multiply to 10 x 10 Multiply with Regrouping Advanced Fractions Divide by 1 Digit Multiply Fractions Long Division Multiply Mixed Numbers Divide Fractions Decimals Divide Mixed Numbers Place Value Add and Subtract Algebra Multiply and Divide Simplifying Expressions Money Problems Solving Equations Compare Fractions & Decimals Absolute Value Integer Operations Percents Exponents Percent of a number Commissions and Interest Percent Increase-Decrease Ratios and Proportions Equivalent Fractions-Decimals-Percents “Our school improved 62% this year to make AYP!” - Ed Brownlee, Principal of the Year, Los Angeles16. 800/811-2724
  16. 16. Writing Mechanics Vocabulary Mechanics Communicating effectively through A strong vocabulary is essential for writing is vital for lifelong success. reading, writing, listening and speaking This module progresses from end skills. This module of lessons teaches punctuation to using quotation marks students to decode and comprehend to working with various clauses. about 3,000 words. It also teaches processes to learn new words. Writing Level 1 Nouns: Recognition (People, places, things) Level 1 Pronouns: Subject/object, singular, plural Homonyms Verbs: State of being, action, context Synonyms & Antonyms Parts of Speech: Adjectives Multiple Meanings Capitalization: First word, proper names, days, etc. Prefixes & Suffixes Punctuation: End punctuation, commas, abbreviations Compound Words Spelling: Endings, plurals, i before e Reading Mechanics Sentences: Complete and incomplete Level 2 HomonymsThese lessons give instruction and Writing Level 2 Synonyms & Antonymsself-guided practice on reading Nouns: Plural forms Multiple Meanings Pronouns: Singular, plural, possessivecomprehension concepts. Verbs: Subject/verb agreement Prefixes & Suffixes Compound Words Parts of speech: Prepositions, conjunctions, interjections Capitalization: Pronouns, days, seasonsLevel 1 Level 3 Punctuation: Commas, apostrophes, contractions Level 3Words in Context Words in Context Spelling: Homonyms and more AnalogiesMain Idea Main Idea Sentences: Complete, fragment, run-on HomonymsReading for Details Reading for Details Multiple MeaningsInferences Inferences Writing Level 3 Prefixes & SuffixesSequence Sequence Nouns: Noun forms and possessives Synonyms & Antonyms Pronouns: Indefinite & personal in context.Level 2 Verbs: Transitive/intransitive, parallel tensesWords in Context Parts of Speech: Adjectives, adverbsMain Idea Capitalization: Greetings, place names, nationalitiesReading for Details Punctuation: Commas, quotesInferences Spelling: Common misspellingsSequence Sentences: Clauses 800/811-2724 17.
  17. 17. Professional Development Professional Development Options Brainchild provides extensive free service and support via phone and the web. To assure a quality, sustained program, the components below are recommended. Brainchild provides consultants with advanced degrees and experience to assure success and sustainability. • Initial user enrollment (free) • Telephone and web-based technical support and software updates (free) • Days of Teacher Training (2 recommended per group of up to 20) • Days of Refresher Training (minimum of 1 recommended for group of up to 20) • Days of One-On-One Onsite, In-Classroom Teacher Support • Half-Day District Leadership Training • Data Analytics and Progress Monitoring by a Project Manager Rates are per diem and depend on location. Call for a custom PD proposal. Brainchild PD rates are based on travel expenses and fair compensation for experienced trainers.18. 800/811-2724
  18. 18. Brainchild Academy Model Learning Stations Assessment Station: 20 - 30 minutes 1 Students use online assessment on computers to find 1 weak areas and receive instruction. The automatic Personal Learning Plan and reports are generated. 2 Instruction Station: 20-30 minutes 2 Study Buddy or Kineo handheld units are used for self-paced instruction and cooperative learning. 3 Tutor Station: 20-30 minutes 4 A tutor asks students which standards they are working on and how itʼs going. Relationship building is important. Kineo attached to an LCD TV is used with small groups. 3 4 Teacher views real-time, standards-based progress reports with Achiever!When formative assessment for learning is done properly, they yield valuable information for students, parents,teachers, and administrators. Ensure that your school or system is increasing student learning by administeringeffective differentiated instruction. Help your teachers and leaders see data as a powerful ally in reforming schoolcultures to close achievement gaps.• Explore how to adjust learning tasks for different types of students.• Learn how to start the Cooperative Learning process with students.• Provide variety with mobile and web-based technology to engage students.• Build capacity to maintain the program, assure quality, and sustainability. 800/811-2724 19.
  19. 19. Kineo Order Form 1. Specify your state. 2. Choose the quantity of Kineos. 3. Choose grade levels of Achiever! (1-5 or 6-8) 4. Compute the total amount. NOTE: Kineo “Packs” include elementary or middle school grades of Achiever! standards-based Math and Reading software. Charge Cart: $1195 including shipping. Achiever! online subscriptions are sold separately. Locked doors hold 30 Kineos or Study Buddies GlobalSYNC will sync offline usage with online reports. KINEO Achiever! School Improvement Packages Kineos are loaded with elementary or middle school grade levels are loaded with middle school levels of your state standards in reading and math. your state reading # Units/Price Achiever! Offline Applications _____ K-01 1 Kineo $299.99 (Individual Achiever! apps sold separately) To GlobalSYNCTM student data from Kineos to online _____ K-10 10-Pack $4280. Offline Achiever! Math/ELA included Achiever!, fill in the Achiever! subscription order form. _____ K-50 50-Pack $20,400. Offline Achiever! included Save $1,000 _____ K-100 100-Pack $39,800. Offline Achiever! included Save $3,000 _____ K-250 250-Pack $98,000. Offline Achiever! included Save $9,000 Kineo Total $_______________ _____ K-500 500-Pack $194,000. Offline Achiever! included Save $20,000 Achiever! Subscription Total $______________ _____________ Kineo Amount $____________ 1% of subtotal for Shipping Total Order $______________ $____________ Total Kineo Order Specify State: ________ Specify grade range: _______ _______ Call 800/811-2724 for proposals and consultations. Gr. 1 - 5 Gr. 6 - 820. 800/811-2724
  20. 20. Achiever! Online Subscription Order Form Mechanics Online Subscription Order Form1. Circle the amount under number of students per grade and title. 1. Circle the amount under number of students per grade and title.2. Compute the total amount. 2. Compute the total amount.NOTE: Kineo “Packs” are loaded with elementary or middle schoolgrades of Achiever! standards-based Math and Reading software. Mechanics Web-Based Basic Skills/ESL SubscriptionAchiever! online subscriptions are required for syncing data. # Students 1-30 31-50 51-75 76-125 126-200 201-300 301-400 401-500GlobalSYNC uploads scores from Kineos to the online reports. $175 $225 $325 $485 $690 $925 $1100 $1250 Math 1 Math 2 $175 $225 $325 $485 $690 $925 $1100 $1250NOTE: Grade 1 and Grade 2 are Common Core State Standards. $175 $225 $325 $485 $690 $925 $1100 $1250 Vocabulary Reading $175 $225 $325 $485 $690 $925 $1100 $1250 Pricing by Number of Students Per Grade Per School # Students 1-30 31-50 51-75 76-125 126-200 201-300 301-400 401-500 Writing $175 $225 $325 $485 $690 $925 $1100 $1250 Grade 1 Language Arts $175 $225 $325 $485 $690 $925 $1100 $1250 Grade 1 Math $175 $225 $325 $485 $690 $925 $1100 $1250 Grade 2 Language Arts $175 $225 $325 $485 $690 $925 $1100 $1250 Total Mechanics Amount________________ Grade 2 Math $175 $225 $325 $485 $690 $925 $1100 $1250 Grade 3 Language Arts $175 $225 $325 $485 $690 $925 $1100 $1250 Grade 3 Math $175 $225 $325 $485 $690 $925 $1100 $1250 Grade 4 Language Arts $175 $225 $325 $485 $690 $925 $1100 $1250 If not purchasing a Kineo Package, choose apps separately. Grade 4 Math $175 $225 $325 $485 $690 $925 $1100 $1250 Grade 5 Language Arts $175 $225 $325 $485 $690 $925 $1100 Achiever! Offline Titles for Kineo ($29.) $1250 Grade 5 Math $175 $225 $325 $485 $690 $925 $1100 Qty. Item Qty. Item $1250 Grade 3-5 Science $175 $225 $325 $485 $690 $925 $1100 $1250 _____ K-1M Grade 1 Math _____ K-1LA Grade 1 Reading/Writing Grade 6 Language Arts $175 $225 $325 $485 $690 $925 $1100 $1250 _____ K-2M Grade 2 Math _____ K-2LA Grade 2 Reading/Writing Grade 6 Math $175 $225 $325 $485 $690 $925 $1100 $1250 _____ K-3M Grade 3 Math _____ K-3LA Grade 3 Reading/Writing Grade 7 Language Arts $175 $225 $325 $485 $690 $925 $1100 $1250 _____ K-4M Grade 4 Math _____ K-4LA Grade 4 Reading/Writing Grade 7 Math $175 $225 $325 $485 $690 $925 $1100 $1250 _____ K-5M Grade 5 Math _____ K-5LA Grade 5 Reading/Writing Grade 8 Language Arts $175 $225 $325 $485 $690 $925 $1100 $1250 _____ K-6LA Grade 6 Reading/Writing _____ K-6M Grade 6 Math Grade 8 Math $175 $225 $325 $485 $690 $925 $1100 $1250 _____ K-7M Grade 7 Math _____ K-7LA Grade 7 Reading/Writing Grade 6-8 Science $175 $225 $325 $485 $690 $925 $1100 $1250 _____ K-8M Grade 8 Math _____ K-8LA Grade 8 Reading/Writing Science Foundations: A generic science series not aligned to state standards.Total Achiever! Amount________________ Specify State _______ _____ K-5S Grade 3 - 5 Science _____ K-8S Grade 6 - 8 Science 800/811-2724 21.
  21. 21. Study Buddy Order Form Achiever! Standards-Based Cartridges 1. Choose quantity of Study Buddies Qty. Item Qty. Item 2. Fill in quantity of each cartridge title. _____ SBA-1M Grade 1 Math _____ SBA-1LA Grade 1 Reading/Writing 3. Total the number of cartridges. 4. If you order cartridges in excess of those _____ SBA-2M Grade 2 Math _____ SBA-2LA Grade 2 Reading/Writing with the “Pack” discounts, these cost $40. _____ SBA-3M Grade 3 Math _____ SBA-3LA Grade 3 Reading/Writing 5. Compute the total amount. _____ SBA-4M Grade 4 Math _____ SBA-4LA Grade 4 Reading/Writing _____ SBA-5M Grade 5 Math _____ SBA-5LA Grade 5 Reading/Writing _____ SBA-6M Grade 6 Math _____ SBA-6LA Grade 6 Reading/Writing _____ SBA-7M Grade 7 Math _____ SBA-7LA Grade 7 Reading/Writing Total Achiever! cartridges Total Mechanics cartridges _____ SBA-8M Grade 8 Math _____ SBA-8LA Grade 8 Reading/Writing Science Foundations: A generic science series not aligned to state standards.Study Buddy PackagesStudy Buddy Packages _____ SBA-5S Grade 3 - 5 Science _____ SBA-8S Grade 6 - 8 ScienceStudy Buddies are for offline self-paced instruction. Scores are not kept.Study Buddies are for offline self-paced instruction. Scores are not kept.Use Brainchild online software, sold separately, for assessment and reports.Use Brainchild online software, sold separately, for assessment and reports. Mechanics Basic Skills/ESL Cartridges # Units/Price Item Cartridges are in English or Spanish or Haitian. English Spanish Haitian _____ SB-01 Study Buddy $199.99 Math Level 1 _____ SBMM-001 _____SBMM-S01 _____ SBMM-H01 _____ Individual Cartridges $49.99 Math Level 2 _____ SBMM-002 _____SBMM-S02 _____ SBMM-H02 _____ SB-5 5-Pack $1499. includes 10 cartridges _____ SB-10 10-Pack $2995. includes 20 cartridges Reading Level 1 _____ SBMR--001 _____SBMR-S01 _____ SBMR-H01 Reading Level 2 _____ SBMR--002 _____SBMR-S02 _____ SBMR-H02 _____ SB-25 25-Pack $6995. includes 50 cartridges Save $500. Reading Level 3 _____ SBMR--003 _____SBMR-S03 _____ SBMR-H03 _____ SB-50 50-Pack $13,995. includes 100 cartridges Save $1,000. _____ SB-100 100-Pack $24,995. includes 200 cartridges Save $5,000. Vocabulary 1 _____ SBMV-001 _____SBMV-S01 _____ SBMV-H01 Vocabulary 2 _____ SBMV-002 _____SBMV-S02 _____ SBMV-H02 $____________ Study Buddies/Packs Amount Vocabulary 3 _____ SBMV--003 _____SBMV-S03 _____ SBMV-H03 $____________ 1% of subtotal for Shipping Writing Level 1 _____ SBMW-001 _____SBMW-S01 _____ SBMW-H01 $__________________________ Total Study Buddy Order Writing Level 2 _____ SBMW-002 _____SBMW-S02 _____ SBMW-H02 Writing Level 3 _____ SBMW-003 _____SBMW-S03 _____ SBMW-H0322. 800/811-2724
  22. 22. BILL TO:School District:________________________________________________ Fax, email, or send orders to:Contact:_____________________________________________________Address:_____________________________________________________ Brainchild CorporationSuite/Department:______________________________________________ 3050 Horseshoe Drive N.City:_____________________________State:________Zip:____________ Suite 260Phone:___________________________Fax:________________________ Naples, FL 34104 Fax 239/263-3439SHIP TO:School or District:______________________________________________Contact Person:_______________________________________________Address:_____________________________________________________ Inquiries may be made toCity:____________________________State:________Zip:_____________ Questions@Brainchild.comPhone:__________________________Fax:_________________________ KINEO Total $_________________ Sole Source Notice Study Buddy Total $_________________ Brainchild is the sole source manufacturer andAchiever! Online Assessment Total $_________________ distributor of all products in this catalog. Mechanics Online Assessment Total $_________________ Sales are completed through factory reps.___________ Charge carts @ $1195 $_________________ Federal Tax ID #65-0309191 Total Order $________________ 800/811-2724 23.
  23. 23. Mobile Technology Considerations Matching Technology to your GoalsExperienceExperience tells us that technology is successful only when acquired for specific goals. Too often wesee “technology looking for a solution.” Brainchildʼs 16 years of implementing technology in schoolswill help you assure high value and success. If we donʼt match your needs, weʼll tell you.Training and SupportBrainchild staff is highly experienced and motivated to provide schools and districts with the highestquality guidance and support. We understand the issues of daily use and care of technology inschools. We understand the risk management issues inherent with technology usage. If there is achallenge, we have probably seen it and solved it before.SustainabilityStudy Buddies and Kineos will be just as useful 7 years from now as today. High quality educationalcontent delivered over reliable platforms assures that your investment will be supported for manyyears. Schools are still using the mobile technology they purchased from Brainchild 16 years ago.Evidence-BasedNumerous schools have used Brainchildʼs award-winning products to raise ratings and make AYPby providing student engagement and individualized instruction to struggling learners. 3050 Horseshoe Drive N. Naples, FL 34104 800/811-2724