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Aging 2.0 New York - 28 August 2012


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A short talk given at Aging 2.0 event in New York looking at some of the macro drivers of change on the world's increasingly ageing populations

Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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Aging 2.0 New York - 28 August 2012

  1. 1. Aging  2.0  |  NYC  |  28  August  2012  –  Tim  Jones  –  Future  Agenda  
  2. 2. Future  Agenda   Aging  2.0   The  Future  Agenda  is  the  world’s  largest  open  foresight   programme  that  engaged  expert  input  from  over     1500  organiza=ons  to  gain  a  unique  global  view  
  3. 3. Context   Core  Insights   From  this  first  programme,  we  highlighted  a  number  of  core   insights  which  give  us  a  view  on  emerging  drivers  of  change     and  help  to  challenge  exis=ng  perspec=ves    
  4. 4. Imbalanced  Popula=on  Growth   Aging  2.0   By  2020  we  will  add  another  750m  people  to  the  planet,    most  in  places  least    able  to  accommodate  them  –  The  change  in   the  demographic  profile  is  a  bigger  challenge  than  net  growth  
  5. 5. Migra=on  Magnets   Aging  2.0   Immigra=on  is  increasingly  key  in  economic  development   strategies  and,  especially  in  low  fer=lity  economies,  na=ons   posi=on  themselves  to  aNract  migrants  
  6. 6. Developing  World  Mobility   Aging  2.0   By  2015,  32  people  an  hour  will  be  moving  into  Shanghai,    39  into  Kinshasa  and  Jakarta,  42  into  Mumbai  and  Karachi,  50   into  Dhaka  and  58  into  Lagos  –  mostly  the  young    
  7. 7. China’s  Demographic   Aging  2.0   India  believes  that  within  30  years  it  will  gain  a  ‘demographic  dividend’  over  China  as  the  one-­‐child  policy  impacts  the  economic  balance  of  Chinese  society  which  aims  to  be  rich  before  it  gets  old  
  8. 8. Ac=ve  Elderly   Aging  2.0   Globally,  a  wealthier,  healthier  older  genera=on  increasingly     engage  in  more  ac=ve  lives,  having  extended  careers     and  becoming  more  poli=cally  involved  
  9. 9. Over  50  Engagement   Aging  2.0  More  companies  are  recognizing  that  a  focus  of  ac=vi=es  on  the   over  50s  is  a  major  growth  pla^orm  and  are  shi_ing  priori=es   from  targe=ng  the  majority  of  adver=sing  at  the  under  30s  
  10. 10. Mega  City  States   Aging  2.0   As  mayors  lead  bold  ini=a=ves  to  place  their  ci=es  at  the   forefront  of  the  global  stage,  many  expect  that  the  pivotal   changes  in  policy  and  innova=on  will  emerge  in  key  megaci=es  
  11. 11. The  world’s  leading  open  foresight  program  Dr  Tim  Jones  Programme  Director  Future  Agenda  84  Brook  Street  London  W1K  5EH  #futureagenda  hHp://