2020 | Emerging Corporate Responsibility Issues - May 2012


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A view of some emerging issues on the CSR and Sustainability radars of several organisations. Covers core and emerging environmental, social issues and specific areas related to data and policy changes. Presentation has been used with a number of companies to stretch current thinking about CSR remit and future priorities.

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2020 | Emerging Corporate Responsibility Issues - May 2012

  1. 1. Emerging  CR  Issues  Ini%al  Perspec%ves  |  14  May  2012  
  2. 2. Context   Emerging  CR  Issues     Almost  Zero  Waste   Key  Resource  Constraints     Lease  Everything   Less  Energy   Water  Management     Local  Foods     Planetary  Stress   Less  Variety   Richer  Poorer   Social  NGOs   Cri@cal  Dependency  Ra@os   Healthcare  vs  Sickcare   Net  Posi@ve  Impact   Migra@on  Magnets   Data  Security   Privacy  Backlash   This  is  an  overview  of  the  of  some  issues    on  different  companies’  Corporate  Responsibility     radars  to  s;mulate  discussion  
  3. 3. Key  Resource  Constraints   Emerging  CR  Issues     We  will  see  economic,  physical  and  poli;cal  shortages  of  key   materials  that  will  result  in  major  changes  in  perspec;ves  –  of   governments,  companies  and  many  an  individual    
  4. 4. Almost  Zero  Waste   Emerging  CR  Issues     Escala;ng  waste  produc;on  and  new  aFtudes,  approaches,   regula;on  and  business  models  lead  many  to  aim  for  an  almost  zero  waste  society  by  increasingly  seeing  waste  as  a  key  resource  
  5. 5. Less  Energy   Emerging  CR  Issues   All  consumers  are  incen;vised  to  use  significantly     less  energy  as  escala;ng  growth  in  carbon  emissions     forces  leading  suppliers  to  change  their  business  models  
  6. 6. Water  Management     Emerging  CR  Issues     Advanced  water  purifica;on,  irriga;on  and  desalina;on     all  combine  to  help  communi;es  and  companies  to  beLer     manage  the  escala;ng  supply  /  demand  imbalance  
  7. 7. Richer  Poorer   Emerging  CR  Issues     Widening  differences  in  wealth  between  and  within     urban  and  rural  communi;es  extends  the  gap  between     rich  and  poor  -­‐  but  they  increasingly  need  each  other  
  8. 8. Lease  Everything   Emerging  CR  Issues     Rising  sustainability  impera;ves,  new  business  models  and   increasing  cost  of  ownership  shiQ  the  balance  from     ownership  to  access  and  we  all  prefer  to  rent  than  buy    
  9. 9. Less  Variety   Emerging  CR  Issues   The  future  is  one  of  reduced  choice  but  not  less  interest     as  retailers  provide  an  increasingly  edited  porRolio  of  products   through  more  efficient  and  personalised  channels  
  10. 10. Local  Foods   Emerging  CR  Issues   Increased  transparency  on  food  availability,  eco-­‐literacy  and    concerns  around  security  and  land  use  accelerate  mass   consump;on  of  locally  grown  and  processed  foods  
  11. 11. Healthcare  vs.  Sickcare   Emerging  CR  Issues  As  sickcare  dominates  healthcare  budgets,  some  companies  shiQ  from  simply  encouraging  employee  wellness  to  having  to  directly  cover  the  cost  of  their  employees  lifestyle  driven  chronic  diseases  
  12. 12. Cri;cal  Dependency  Ra;os   Emerging  CR  Issues   50%  plus  dependency  ra;os  hit  key  markets  and  force  major   realignment  of  some  government  financing  priori;es  towards   greater  healthcare  and  less  infrastructure  investment    
  13. 13. Migra;on  Magnets   Emerging  CR  Issues     Immigra;on  is  part  of  economic  development  strategies     and,  especially  in  low  fer;lity  economies,  na;ons  posi;on   themselves  to  aLract  the  most  beneficial  migrants  
  14. 14. Mega  City  States   Emerging  CR  Issues    Mayors  lead  bold  ini;a;ves  to  place  their  ci;es  at  the  forefront  ahead  of  many  countries  and  the  C400  becomes  more  influen;al   than  the  G20  as  City  States  set  the  global  standards  
  15. 15. Social  NGOs   Emerging  CR  Issues  Increased  loss  of  faith  in  ins;tu;ons  to  drive  change  coupled  with   social  networking  leads  to  rapid  mobilisa;on  of  people  around   specific  issues  and  the  rise  of  new,  more  influen;al  Social  NGOs    
  16. 16. Data  Security   Emerging  CR  Issues  All  data  held  electronically  will  be  treated  as  being  in  the  public  domain  -­‐  the  wise  CEO  will  retain  control  of  the  company’s  vital   data  and  key  discussions  will  be  one-­‐on-­‐one  and  in  person    
  17. 17. Privacy  Backlash   Emerging  CR  Issues   In  a  smarter,  more  connected  world,  responsibili;es  for  data   management  will  blur  between  the  individual,  companies  and   society  as  privacy  boundaries  are  consistently  pushed    
  18. 18. Planetary  Stress   Emerging  CR  Issues   As  more  planetary  boundaries  are  evidently  exceeded  the   irreversible  shiQ  of  the  overall  ecosystem  at  last  acts  as  the   catalyst  for  change  -­‐  but  not  via  global  coordina;on    
  19. 19. Net  Posi;ve  Impact   Emerging  CR  Issues     Making  an  overall  posi;ve  impact  on  society  and  the   environment  becomes  a  dis;nc;ve  capability  for  many  and  a   source  of  consumer  facing  differen;a;on  for  some  
  20. 20. The  world’s  leading  open  foresight  program  Future Agenda84 Brook StreetLondonW1K 5EH+44 203 0088 141futureagenda.org