Why and How Should We Use Social Networking as a Recruiting Tool


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  • Navarro College Student Moderated Facebook Page. 180 members, current students and alumni. No photos or videos
  • “I go to Navarro College” group page. Description “this is for whomever goes or is going to navarro college. I need to know what people imma be seein on campus, lol…besides naimah and nailah…lol
  • 890 members at Blinn, covers all campuses. Set up by two students, Richard Clarke and Justin Jennings, therefore the school has no control of content
  • Wall posts between students asking about living arrangements, move in date, and class schedules. Some pictures posted
  • TJC Apache Belles have a fan page where people can become fans and get updates and info. Much more controlled by the page administrator.
  • www.stetson.edu – on homepage, links to become a Facebook Fan, follow on twitter and blogger.
  • Bowling green state university has direct links to RSS, Blogs, smugmug.com photoshare,facebook, twitter, youtube and myspace on the front of the prospective students page. Myspace and Facebook are very similar social networking sites that include groups and applications.
  • What people are saying about Navarro College
  • TTU Twitter – 3867 followers – new tweets every 1-2 hours.
  • Univ of North Texas - Billed as the official News Source for UNT – used as a news feed, so headlines are issued every 5-6 days
  • PJC – when “junior college” was searched, PJC and WVJC were the only two that showed up. – New tweets approximately every 2-3 days
  • Dallas county schools all have their own twitter account and I noticed they are following many schools, thus staying in the know as to what the other schools are doing. New Tweets every 10-12 hours – Directed toward students, faculty and staff.
  • Ocean County College – directed directly at prospective students – they also post events and activities calendar on Facebook and direct people toward it
  • Digg is not a marketing tool that the college can control, except to put “digg me” links on the web pages and news feeds. Similar sites include del.icio.us, ilike, mixx and stumbleupon.
  • Users can always upload videos with a Navarro College Tag, but when Navarro College is searched, individual’s videos are the first to appear, as is the case with many Colleges and Universities.
  • Many Colleges and Universities have taken a proactive stance to upload promotional videos from different departments, and therefore are the first seen when searched.
  • After signing in for the first time you are brought to a page where you find current contacts in existing mail servers, former classmates, current contacts. The current target demographic for Linked in is post college professionals, but is expected to evolve
  • You then have the options to connect to colleagues that are already members of Linkedin
  • Job search / headhunter service is a fee based service
  • TSTC uses it for prospective students and for training staff.
  • On the NC website, we can enter the URL linking directly to the NC blog.
  • Univ. of Ark College of Business through blogger
  • Villanova - blogspot
  • Some colleges host their own blog site, above is BGSU.edu (Bowling Green). The features are very similar to that of blogger.com
  • Why and How Should We Use Social Networking as a Recruiting Tool

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    10. 10. twitter is a free micro-blogging services.<br /> “tweets” are text based messages (updates) limited to 140 characters that are posted to the users page and to the page of the user’s subscribers<br /> Messages can be posted either through twitter.com, SMS (text messages), or through external applications<br /> twitter is commonly referred to as the fastest growing website, with its Feb 2009 growth, according to nielsen.com, 1382%<br />On the twitter homepage, without joining, you are allowed to find out “what people are saying about ___________”.<br />
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    18. 18. digg is a social news website designed for people to share content from anywhere on the internet.<br />Users vote stories up and down, and the most dugg stories and videos appear on the front page<br />Facebook and digg can be connected through Facebook Connect, which then allows users to show digg links on their own facebook pages.<br />Complaints have been lodged against digg for its inability to control the content submitted by users.<br />Networks can be built so that people can see what the user diggs and the user can see what those in the network digg. <br />Designed to let people see relevant, entertaining or shocking news, videos or blogs.<br />Links like the one below are put onto websites to encourage a user to digg it.<br />
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    23. 23. Videos published on youtubecan be copied, altered and commented on, however, it is one of the most searched websites on the internet.<br />If we have videos from Marketing, Honors, Nursing, Athletics, John Deere Ag Tech, off-campuses, the NC Foundation and many other areas of the college, we can make an effort to see our videos at the top of searches.<br />
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    26. 26. Linkedin is a business-oriented social networking site with more than 43 million users, and offers job search and headhunter services similar to monster.com and jobing.com.<br />The purpose of the site is to maintain a list of contact details of people users know and trust in business.<br />The connections are as follows:<br />Direct Connections – personal knowledge of the person<br />Second Degree Connections – connections of the other party in a direct connection (I know you and you know him)<br />Third Degree Connections – a connection of a second degree connection<br />Groups are available, but contact can only be made through direct connection or with intervention from a mutual contact.<br />As of now, there are no Marketing related groups on Linkedin<br />Facebook started as a way to connect only with those that you went to College with, but has now expanded to a full social networking site, and Linkedin is assumed to follow the same route.<br />
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    31. 31. Slideshare is an extremely new presentation sharing website where users can upload, view and share presentation files.<br />Can be used for E-Learning, advertising, market presentations etc.<br />Could be a very useful way to communicate to future students.<br />
    32. 32. Different options to use to sign up<br />
    33. 33. Can be connected to Facebook or Linkedin<br />