TimothyJClementArchitects is an Architecture
and Interior Design practice dedicated to quality

UNITAS is the name of a staff carried by the
Master Builders during the Middle Ages and ...

One of the most important decisions an Owner
can make and one that is too of...

OLIVER is an innovative project delivery system
CONSULTING AND FULL PROJECT                     This Reverse or Re-Engineering Process
SERVICES      ...

Timothy Clement brings over 35 years of award
winning professional achievement as an arch...

                  University of California, Berkeley

                  Folger Levin ...

Timothy J. Clement Registered Architect in the State of California

238 ½ Market Street
Venice, CA 9029...
Danielian Associates Architecture & Planning. Two townhouse and one
condominium remodeling project in Santa Monica.

Prior Work and Projects:

Gensler and Associates Architects, Los Angeles.

Vice President, Director of Design. Member of ...

Bachelor of Architecture Program, School of Environmental Des...
238 ½ Market Street
Venice, CA 90291

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Resume 08.01.10


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Resume 08.01.10

  1. 1. 01_AN INTRODUCTION TimothyJClementArchitects is an Architecture and Interior Design practice dedicated to quality project process, to client advocacy and satisfaction. We work closely with our clients in an interactive and collaborative process to transform project goals and aspirations into reality. Timothy Clement has over 35 years of professional experience, providing project leadership and personal involvement in projects and is dedicated and passionate about client service. His experience and knowledge are We have a passion for what we do, have been particularly important in assisting clients to recognized for our award winning design and establish effective project process and to have been published in the industry’s most accomplish the highest quality projects for the prestigious architecture and interior design best value for their investment. journals. We challenge ourselves to stretch, to “raise the bar” of excellence in all aspects of our We work with our clients to take the “mystery” out work. We are committed to delivering the very of the process, to earn their confidence and to best of client advocate service and project establish lasting relationships. We are proud of product, on budget and for best value while the fact that most of our work is obtained through having a little fun along the way. Our goal is reference and with repeat clients successful projects and happy clients. Utilizing OLIVER, our unique Project Delivery System, project materials and products are researched to determine the best value, to verify availability, and to assure on time and on budget In summary, the following are some of the major results, and which are eco friendly. attributes that make our firm unique: Natural day lighting and passive solar techniques UNITAS: OUR 7 PRINCIPLES OF PRACTICE are an integral part of our design and planning process, fundamental to green and sustainable OLIVER: A UNIQUE AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE design practice. When requested by our client, PROJECT DELIVERY SYSTEM we implement green specifications for materials and building systems as a means of reducing INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY IN OUR energy cost and improving the healthful quality of SERVICE AND AWARD WINING DESIGN the living and working environment. EXPERIENCED AND KNOWLEDGEABLE Our experience is diverse and includes PROJECT LEADERSHIP residential, corporate, financial, and institutional facilities with project function types ranging from PERSONAL PRINCIPAL LEVEL “HANDS ON” private homes to cruise ships and from corporate SERVICE AND CLIENT ADVOCATE CONSULTING offices and hotels to hospitals.
  2. 2. 02_THE 7 PRINCIPLES OF PRACTICE UNITAS is the name of a staff carried by the Master Builders during the Middle Ages and was used for laying out and measuring structures. We believe the name is appropriate for our 7 Principles of Practice, the guide by which we measure the quality of our work, including procedures, techniques and all processes. 1. COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE We believe in the principle of people working together to achieve the “Very Best” and we are proud of our high standards that we set in our work. 2. INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY Our firm is always looking for a fresh approach or a new technique in the project delivery process. Innovation and Creativity come naturally to us and are perhaps our most notable abilities. We feel that by implementing these qualities we produce facilities that are up to date, that provide effective functional environments for our clients and are part of our value added design. 3. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE AND LEADERSHIP Measured Plan of the Pantheon Timothy Clement brings his many years of From Sacred Geometry professional experience to the service of our Clients. Professional knowledge, personal service and outstanding design talent in combination with 5. TEAM BUILDING AND PARTNERING our Principles of Practice and our Project Delivery We assist our clients in the selection of the best System, are an unbeatable combination for and most appropriate consultants and contractors protecting assets and assuring project success. to build an efficient and effective Project Team. We are dedicated to working with the team, 4. OUR PROJECT DELIVERY SYSTEMS contributing our expertise to accomplish We are constantly refining our Project Delivery excellence in all phases of the process. Systems to provide our clients with the appropriate processes, techniques and tools for 6. INTEGRITY the careful monitoring and management of Integrity is a very important principle in our work. project cost and schedules. These tools have We earn our credibility with accuracy and been acquired over many years of experience professionalism in the execution of client services and include techniques such as Value and in the impeccable manner in which we keep Engineering, Fast Track, Team Building in our commitments. combination with Design - Construct techniques to assure strong cost and time management for 7. JOY d’ VIVRE on budget and on time projects. We are proud of the fun and passion we bring to our projects and into the relationship with our Our commitment is to utilize our unique PDS to clients. Laughter, enjoyment and a very high configure the most appropriate procedures and standard of quality are an unbeatable mix for techniques in tandem with a client selected accomplishing the very best while having a little project team to best assure best quality for value fun along the way. and to assure a trouble free project process.
  3. 3. 03_ PROJECT DELIVERY SYSTEMS: AN OVERVIEW One of the most important decisions an Owner can make and one that is too often taken for granted is the selection of the most appropriate Project Delivery System. Most projects proceed under the traditional “Design–Bid–Build” approach; assuming that it is the most expeditious and cost saving approach, but years of experience belie these assumptions. Normally, a Guaranteed Maximum Cost Contract is used in conjunction with this Design-Bid-Build The “Design-Bid-Build” approach does not method. provide for a “checks and balance” mechanism for budget and cost control. Difficulties are also The contractor is required to be responsible for caused, in part, by the late arrival of “real” pricing the pricing of not only their companies services information, accomplished at bidding, after the but also for the cost of as many as a dozen, or design and construction documentation phases more, other subcontractor companies. It is only are complete. Consequentially cost overruns and natural for the participants to add cost as a quick fixes are the norm, which result in means to protect their bottom line under the compromised and inconsistent project quality and terms of a “Guaranteed Maximum” contract and extended schedules. Not exactly the best be distracted in their concerns for this bottom line ingredients for producing quality projects and in lieu of looking for the best alternatives and client satisfaction. opportunities for the client’s project. With the “Design-Bid-Build” approach, the The owner will always reap the largest reward if Contractor is selected after the Bidding Phase, they will, in partnership with the Architect and the eliminating the possibility of utilizing the contractor combine their expertise in a Contractor’s expertise and market place collaborative approach that explores the knowledge to research alternative products and opportunities in all phases of the process, construction techniques that result in cost and researching product availability, value, utilizing time savings during the design process. competitive pricing and working towards consensus. This is the way successful When contractors bid the project “cold” and businesses operate. without the benefit of the decision making process that came before during the development Over the years we have developed OLIVER, our of the design, usually resulting in an incomplete Project Delivery System. It provides the bid with the prospect of future added cost and techniques to research materials, provide cost - because the Contractor is selected principally on management, identify best value and reduce or the basis of price, there is the possibility of eliminate most of the shortcomings of more compromising project team compatibility with a traditional methods. The result is a more inappropriate contractor. balanced, integrated and successful project.
  4. 4. 04_OLIVER A PROJECT DELIVERY SYSTEM – PDS OLIVER is an innovative project delivery system Some of the features and advantages of our developed over many years of working with fellow Project Delivery System are: architects, project management and development firms and construction companies. We continue OLIVER eliminates unknown cost early in the to refine the system into an efficient and effective process and provides the techniques for methodology for delivering the best project value establishing realistic Budgets and ongoing Cost for the budget. Because it is an open-ended and controls. flexible system it assures the most appropriate approach for the client/ owner. Another of the advantages of this method is the technique that provides the information to build OLIVER incorporates the advantages of value an “Early Real Cost Data Base” which occurs engineering, fast track, team building, bridging during the contractor selection and proposal and procurement techniques. The biggest process, which is concurrent with the design advantage of our PDS is that project cost and development phase. Price and cost finding delivery lead-time Information is developed early, continues during the subcontractor bidding eliminating the difficulties caused by the late selection and procurement phase, which is arrival of this very important cost and schedule concurrent with the design development and data one experiences in the traditional approach. construction document phases. This dynamic Acquiring this cost data early in the project also process provides the client with competitive helps to reconcile the client’s scope of work with pricing and the information necessary for the project budget. Ongoing cost monitoring considering alternatives and identifying best during subcontractor bidding reduces or value. eliminates the need to double back for redesign, re-documentation and re-pricing. This saves time With the contractor as a member of the project and money and assures a more balanced, team and with the cost data base Information, the effective and consistent project. team members are able to facilitate budget decision-making and are able to “micro - manage” project costs on a continuous basis. Our PDS incorporates the Construction Specification Institute’s Master Format - the equivalent of the “Dewey-Decimal System” for the construction industry. This index is utilized as a method to organize and categorize drawings, specifications, estimates, bids, budgets, schedules and contracts, providing for a uniform design-construction language. OLIVER saves time with preventative techniques by streamlining project process and eliminating double backs and major project redoes as a result of cost overruns. OLIVER’S value engineering techniques provide for quality, performance, price and lead-time alternative information on products and materials, which better assures “Best Value” and “On-Time Project Delivery.”
  5. 5. 0-5 CLIENT SERVICES: CONSULTING AND FULL PROJECT This Reverse or Re-Engineering Process SERVICES utilizes a Think Tank Approach, with Creativity Workshops and “Brainstorming Sessions,” Group Interaction and Story Board techniques. Once a “Better Way” is identified then the next step is a Dynamic Programming Process to establish CLIENT ADVOCACY: Functional Requirements, Inner Department CONSULTING SERVICES Relationships and Procedures necessary for the newly defined Function Type. . New We provide client advocate consulting processes and procedures could well be services that assist in the development of delineated, old procedures either modified clear Mission Statements and Project or abandoned and a totally new approach Delivery Strategies for both new and existing for providing service or product could be projects. Our goal is the design and defined. construction of the most Functionally Effective and User Friendly Working Once the Program Requirements are clearly Environments for our client’s companies. defined and the Project Goals are clearly stated, a Project Delivery System would be Our consulting expertise can be provided put into place to bring the Project from the during both Pre-Project and Project Phases. Mission Statement Phase into Reality. An outline of these service activities is as follows: Planning Phases, Design and Construction will then follow. The end result would be an PRE-PROJECT CONSULTING SERVICES: exponential step forward for the Client Project Mission Statement Definition Company providing a leadership position Due Diligence, Pre-Project Analysis and competitive edge in the marketplace. Reverse or Re-Engineering of Existing Function Type Facilities Dynamic Programming Re-Imagining and re-Branding Workshops Project Consultant Selection and Team Building FULL ARCHITECTURAL AND INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECT SERVICES PROJECT CONSULTING SERVICES: Programming Architecture and Interior Design Space Utilization Studies Project Delivery Strategies Planning Project Procurement and Architecture Design Construction Strategies Interior Design Project Management Design Development Construction Management Contractor Selection Construction Administration Construction Documents Pricing and Permitting Construction Administration About Re-Engineering and Innovation Project Management workshops: Re-engineering is a process that explores the way a Company functions and analyzes it’s processes for the purpose of developing more effective and efficient function types and a better and more contusive work environment.
  6. 6. 06_BIO TIMOTHY J CLEMENT AIA Timothy Clement brings over 35 years of award winning professional achievement as an architect and interior designer to our firm’s clients. As the Timothy Clement’s comprehensive experience Managing Principal, he is responsible for project includes all aspects of project activity; design, design and leadership, and for the quality control design development, construction documentation of all client services. and administration and project management services on a diverse array of project types, Tim studied architecture at Louisiana State providing the firm’s Clients with strong consul and University, is a registered architect in the State of leadership. He is particularly proud of the firm’s California. Project Delivery System, OLIVER that he has worked to developed over his professional In the course of his career, Timothy Clement has career. Tim’s work includes a full range, from held Design Principal positions for Ellerbe pre-project inner-active program and due Becket, one of the worlds largest Architectural diligence Master Planning and Building Design to Engineering firm and Vice President, Director of Interior Architecture and Furniture Design. Design at Gensler, the worlds largest Architectural Interior Design Firm. Tim also Recent work includes the $150M University of practiced as a designer with some of the worlds’ California, Berkeley Memorial Stadium, Student most notable architects, including Frank O Gehry, Athlete High Performance Center with HNTB winner of the prestigious Prizker Award and Architecture Inc, the remodeling and expansion designer of the Disney Opera House, and the late for the law firm of Folger, Levin & Kahn, winner of Paul Rudolph Architect, past Chairman of the a American Bar Association Journal Design School of Architecture, Yale University and the Award and the design of the Personal Imaging architect for the schools famous Art and Division facility for the Conexant Corporation, Architecture Building. with Loring Cruz, Long Beach California and the new SGI Buddhist Temple, Santa Monica During his tenure with Ellerbe Becket, Tim led the California in collaboration with WWCOT Project Team for a state-of-the-art luxury cruise Architects. ship for Princess Cruises, The Star Princess. Built in St Nazaire France the ship was featured Previous projects include the Art History in Designers West Magazine. Information Program Offices for the J. Paul Getty Trust in Santa Monica, California, a cover story in His designs of executive offices for Wilshire Designers West Magazine, and the Wilshire Associates and for 20th Century Fox Data Palisades Building in Santa Monica, California, Processing facilities were each published in an winner of the prestigious Urban Land Institute Architecture Record’s Interior Of The Year issue. Design Award for Excellence. Interiors Magazine featured his design of the Paramount Studios' Commissary as its cover Tim is committed to use his capabilities, story and it was also published in the Interiors experience and professional knowledge in the Book of Shops and Restaurants. service of the firm’s clients, to assist them in accomplishing their goals and in the thoughtful management of project cost and the careful utilization of their project investment.
  7. 7. 07_PROJECTS CLIENTS A SAMPLE University of California, Berkeley Folger Levin & Kahn LLP The J Paul Getty Trust Foundation The Thirteenth Church of Christ Scientist Gilchrist & Rutter Princess Cruises Western Asset Management Wilshire Associates Creative Artist Agency Mr. Michael Eisner CEO The Lawrence Welk Company Conexant Systems Danielian & Associates Mr. Curt Livingston CEO
  8. 8. 08_RESUME SUMMARY Timothy J. Clement Registered Architect in the State of California 238 ½ Market Street Venice, CA 90291 Mobile: 213.798.7912 e-mail: timjclemarch@gmail.com Principal award winning architect and interior designer with extensive experience in project and staff design leadership and management, proposal writing, contract negotiation, and project scheduling and budgeting. Leadership and teaching skills and experience are directly applicable in staff mentoring of design, the project process and project management. Timothy Clement has extensive experience as project director and designer on large diverse function types and international projects. Current Consulting on the Dubai International Finance Center with Sussman Prejza Graphic Design, architectural services on the Tran and Flynn residences, Culver City, the De Musee residence in Palm Desert and the O’Brien residence in Santa Monica, CA. November 2005 - July 2007 HNTB Architecture Inc. Los Angeles, CA. Senior Project Manager on the University of California, Berkeley Memorial Stadium, Student Athlete High Performance Center. Negotiated $11M fee contract with the University and led a project team including the HNTB team and that of approximately 15 major consulting firms. Managed the process for this $150,000,000 project through the design and construction document phase. 1989 to 2005 Timothy J. Clement Architects As Managing Principal, Timothy Clement led a diversity of client services and projects. Premier clients including the J Paul Getty Trust, Western Asset Management, Creative Artist Agency, the Lawrence Welk Company, Michael Eisner as well as 18 year repeat clients, Folger Levin & Kahn, LLP and Gilchrist & Rutter. The original design for FL&K won a Law Journal Award of Excellence for law firm design. Projects also include the interior design for the offices of
  9. 9. Danielian Associates Architecture & Planning. Two townhouse and one condominium remodeling project in Santa Monica. Additional projects of note: Christian Scientist Church: Full architecture and interior services for the Thirteenth Church of Christ Scientist, Los Angeles, CA. Provided complete professional services, including design, management and construction administration. Provided total client interface and project management from design to move in. Original corporate headquarters for Western Asset Management Company, a $50 billion investment consulting company in Pasadena, CA. Principal in Charge for 5 Floors of complete Architectural Interiors including custom interior lighting, finishes and furniture. Mr. Curt Livingston, the founding CEO of the firm, has been a client of the firm for well over 18 years. Also provided services for Mr. Livingston on residences in Pasadena CA. and Nantucket MA. SOKA University: Consultant to Summit Architects Inc. Established Interior Design Department. Managed and Directed the Interior Design for the SOKA University Student Union, Athenaeum and Alumni Buildings. Projects also included the expansion of Creative Artist Agency, the William McGregor Residence, Malibu CA, and design consulting for Mr. Michael Eisner (former CEO of Disney and President of Paramount Studios). April 1984- Jun 1989. Ellerbe Becket, Los Angeles, CA. Vice President, Design Principal. Led the EB 16 member design team and consultants on the design of the 70,000 ton, 1600 passenger, multinational new build cruise ship for Princess Cruises, the STAR PRINCES as the project director, designer and principal coordinator for the activities of the client’s user group in Los Angeles, the client’s technical division in Monte Carlo, and the shipyard, Chantiers d’ Alantique in St Nazaire, France. Extensive travel to France. The project was published in Designers West Magazine. Art History Information Program for J Paul Getty Trust. Worked with the J Paul Getty Team to define this new function type, program and design this innovative facility. The Art History Information Program Project was subsequently published in Designer’s West Magazine.
  10. 10. Prior Work and Projects: Gensler and Associates Architects, Los Angeles. Vice President, Director of Design. Member of Directors Management Group and founding member of the firm’s Corporate Design Steering Committee. Joined Gensler at inception of the Los Angeles office as project leader on the 20th Century Fox Studios, master planning and the studios 5 year strategic plan, including due diligence facility analysis, corporate organization analysis and the extensive remodeling of the major physical structures on the studio lot. See 20th Century Fox Film Studio below. In addition was Project Manager/ Director for the programming of the 20th Century Fox Studios Corporate Headquarters. Responsible for some of the Firm’s most notable work, including: ARCHITECTURE RECORD AWARD PROJECTS: Twentieth Century Fox Data Processing Wilshire Associates Corporate Offices URBAN LAND INSTITUTE AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE: Wilshire Palisades Building INTERIORS MAGAZINE: Cover Story Paramount Studios Commissary 20th CENTURY FOX FILM STUDIO: Master Planning and major physical facility remodeling including: Executive Building, Administration Building, commissary, conversion of props storage building to house Studio Legal, Data Processing and Human Resources. Paul Rudolph Architect Boston, Massachusetts Project Designer for the First and Second Unitarian Church of Boston. Campus master planning for both the University of Bangladesh, formerly East Pakistan and Southeastern Massachusetts University. Projects also included the SMU Student Union Building and project designer for Bangladesh Veterinary Medicine, Food Technology and gymnasium complex buildings.
  11. 11. Education LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY Baton Rouge, Louisiana Bachelor of Architecture Program, School of Environmental Design, Department of Architecture. Accomplishments School representative to the National Accrediting Committee. Winner of the Southern Pine Institute’s and The Mayor’s Committee Design Awards. Author, AIA Convention Brochure Historic City Planning Article : Beauregard Town, Baton Rouge Louisiana.
  12. 12. TimothyJClementArchitects
  13. 13. TimothyJClementArchitects 238 ½ Market Street Venice, CA 90291 213.798.7921