Delivering marketing results in the always on era


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At any time, our customers can form opinions, decide to act or make a purchase. This represents a huge opportunity and an even greater challenge for organisations. How can brands engage authentically and relevantly?

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  • We are a global marketing services company that’s all about using strategic marketing and effective tactics to deliver business results for clients that are innovating , and who inspire us every day.We were founded in 1995 as a public relations agency and have built a reputation and won countless awards for helping brands communicate effectively. Today, we are a global team of 300 professionals in fifteen offices on three continents who deliver not only public relations but also a full range of integrated creative, content and digital services.We’re part of the Next Fifteen Communications Group, one of the world’s most progressive marketing services holding companies, which is listed on the London stock exchange.
  • Always on means always being active, always adaptingand always connected.At any time, always-on people can form opinions, decide to act or make a purchase.This represents a huge opportunityand an even greater challenge for organisations. Just because people are always on does not mean that they are always receptive to brand interaction/interruption.
  • Prior to this Summit, we polled marketers, including a few of you in this room, about what it means to be “always on” – and this is what you said.We are always on as marketers, less so as consumers (there is a clue there), and a little over half of brands said they were ready for the always-on era.When asked “what first comes to mind” when you hear the word “always on” – we got an entertaining, interesting mix of answers.
  • Audiences change/brands have to change/agencies have to change.Today I wanted to share with you some “stories from the frontline” from Bite’s evolution from PR/social media firm to marketing services agency.
  • “Brands as Publishers” is so 2012Programs are informed by social data…but we engage in the real world
  • ObjectivesCNN needed to increase search competitivenessLeverage established strength in breaking news coverage and convert into main site trafficApproachBite custom-developed an app and process enabling real time, targeted SEM for CNN based on breaking newsRSS feeds for news automatically parsed for keywordsKeywords automatically bought on Google within pre-agreed parameters in close-to-real timeOutcomesIncreased click-through rate for breaking news stories to 3x the Google averageCost per click achieved 33% lower than target and lower than banner display rates for the same CNN page views: a self-liquidating campaign
  • Grew the social community by 68% from 8,556 to 14,375Attracted 262 competition entries, which were all created using Adobe Creative Suite 6Covered by 4 key creative and design publications
  • Do they create content themselves? Are they on Twitter? Instagram? A couple of presentations on Slideshare? Even a few guest blog posts is not a bad start. It’s not about being prolific, it’s about being present.What is their level of curiosity about things outside the digital echo chamber? They will inundate you with the latest greatest thing (hard to manage!), but they will be plugged in. Studies show that curiosity is also linked to entrepreneurial thinking. Do the team’s skills complement each other – and you? Some teams tend to be left brain (e.g. SEM) and other right-brain (creatives). We believe one of the reasons we were able to deliver differently on Adobe, is we had someone leading the team who was comfortable with both data and creative work. At the same time, he needed the strengths of our PR operatives to ensure that the social media program was executed well at the live events. It is not easy to find people who can be both. So just because someone looks “digital” on their CV doesn’t mean they’re the right type of digital for you.
  • Delivering marketing results in the always on era

    1. 1. Helping Brands Thrive in theAlways-On EraTimi SiytangcoDirector, Digital Strategies
    2. 2. 4/29/20132Who are we?Bite provides global marketingservices for companies thatwant to change the world.
    3. 3. ALWAYS ON
    4. 4. Marketer quick poll: How always on are you?90%29-Apr-134describe themselves as“always on” marketersdescribe themselves as“always on” consumersbelieve their brand is readyfor the always-on era65%55%perpetually switched on 24/7 to whats happening24/7 utterly consistentalways in touch, always tuned in digitallyconsistent marketing vs on a campaignby campaign or product to product basisSearch Liveon call like the doctors at the emergency wards
    5. 5. Customershave moved on.Brandsare changing.Agenciescan’t sit still.29-Apr-135Source: Young Woman Bored by Petr Kratochvil
    6. 6. The evolutionCollateral / POSEvents / exhibitionsFace to facePremiums / giveawaysProven and traditional methods and toolsUpdated tools and technologiesNew dynamics and dimensionsNewsletter > eDMBrochures > iPadEvents > webinarsSocial mediaSearchMobile
    7. 7. Brands as Publishers…PLUS• Content + Community• Online + Offline• Social + Loyalty29-Apr-137
    8. 8. Using current news to drive customer action29-Apr-138
    9. 9. Product innovation through crowdsourcing29-Apr-139
    10. 10. 3 tips to help brands thrive in the always-on eraCuriosityCreatorsComplementary29-Apr-1310
    11. 11. Thank you.Timi SiytangcoDirector, Digital Strategies