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Convert Flip Video MP4 to Sony Vegas WMV, Edit Flip HD video in Sony Vegas


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Flip video to Sony Vegas converter imports flip ultra/mino/slidehd video to Vegas Pro 9 and convert Flip mp4 to Vegas 8 wmv, mpg, etc without re-edcode.

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Convert Flip Video MP4 to Sony Vegas WMV, Edit Flip HD video in Sony Vegas

  1. 1. Convert Flip Video MP4 to Sony Vegas WMV, Edit Flip HD video in Sony Vegas Sony Vegas is an excellent editor if video is important to you as equal or better than Adobe Premiere Pro with it's flexibility and power. However, Vegas is not good at loading flip video file. Whenever I capture a video with my Flip camera and bring it into Sony Vegas for editing, only the audio track appears with no vision. How do I fix it? My friend recommended me to change flip flip video into wmv, avi format for editing using doremisoft Flip Video to Sony Vegas Converter. Flip Video to Sony Vegas Converter makes it easy to import and edit Flip videos or HD movies in Vegas Pro. You can convert Flip camera video to Vegas wmv, avi, mov, mpg, etc with simple clicks for creating your next video or audio masterpiece in Vegas Pro. It will meet your needs whether you're a beginner, an experienced videomaker, or a professional broadcast producer.
  2. 2. Step by step to show you work videos from Flip video camera with Sony Vegas all versions. After you download and install Flip Video to Sony Vegas Converter, you can convert your Flip video MP4 to WMV, AVI, MOV, etc in a few quick steps. 1) Add your Flip video to the Flip Video to Sony Vegas Converter video conversion queue. 2) Choose one output as the format to Convert to, such as WMV. Tips: For more advanced conversion, you can experience with changing the video bitrate, aspect ratio, audio sample rate, and other parameters by clicking Settins button. 3) Set output destination to save your converted file by click "Browse" button. 4) Click the Convert button. 5) Load converted file into Sony Vegas.
  3. 3. For basic conversion following the five steps above will get you Flip Camera video file that should play virtually anywhere. Flip Video to Sony Vegas Converter is the one software I like best. Because it has a simple interface and keeps the confusing choices to a minimum. Moreover it offers the powerful option of converting as many files as you can throw at it in one batch.