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Best flip-to-imovie-converter-mac


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Best flip-to-imovie-converter-mac

  1. 1. Best flip video to iMovie converter for mac- Import Flip Camera Video to Mac iMovie and edit flip HD video in iMovie at will Flip video’s simple, one-touch recording feature and compact size make it the ideal choice for capturing videos on the go, although its built-in software FlipShare can combine clips or editing them, the editing fuction is so less for the flip users. iMovie is a prorietary video edting software application which allows Mac users to edit their own home movies,it was originally released by Apple in 1999,because its powerful features and beautiful interface , it loved and followed by Mac users, a number of Mac users want to import flip video into iMovie for further editing, but they may meet the problem can’t load files into iMovie iMovie has different versions, each version has more or less difference, the video formats they can support has its limitation, it supports mov, dv, hdv,MPEG4, etc, but for the flip camcorder(include the Flip Ultra, the Flip Ultra HD, the Flip video Mino, and the Flip video Mino HD) just produce flip video
  2. 2. in mp4 or avi format, avi flip video can’t recognized by iMovie, so converting flip avi to the formats compatible for iMovie, you can import your flip file to iMovie without any difficulties. Best flip video to iMovie converter for mac let you import your flip video to iMovie without any difficulties Mac flip to iMovie converter is a program specially designed to make Flip Mino and Flip Ultra work well with iMovie, iTunes and QuickTime, it can convert flip video to various common formats like mpeg4, mpeg2, mov, dv that compatible with the iMovie, mov for QuickTime. Pretty interface and fast converting speed for this mac flip video to iMovie converter helps you easily convert flip to iMovie with best output quality, besides, other popular formats like avi, mpg, wmv, 3g2, 3gp, m4v, mkv, mp4, swf,flv, rm/rmvb can also be converted by this program.Moreover,converting flip to iMovie on mac, you can watch flip videos on various players like iPod, iPhone, PSP, AppleTV, Zune, iRiver, and Moble Phones. Flip video to iMovie converter for mac has built-in powerful
  3. 3. editing functions Apart from converteing flip video on mac, flip to iMovie converter for mac can provide powerful editing function before importing to iMovie, such as clip the length of the video, crop flip video by deleting the unwanted part,define your preferred aspect ratios: Original, Full Screen,4:3, 16:9, add special effects to change video Saturation, Contrast and Brightness, add amazing artistic effects like Emboss, Old Flim and Gray. How to import flip video to iMovieHD/ iMovie 08 /iMovie 09 with mac flip to iMovie converter Step one: Run flip to iMovie converter This mac flip to iMovie converter support batch conversion to save your time and trouble, you can load many flip files at one time, besides it can merge your separated flip files into a succesive one by click 'Merge into one flie'button. Step two: Set an output format
  4. 4. Choose 'DV' for iMovie HD Choose 'MPEG-2' for iMovie08, iMovie08 works with many tapeless camcorders that record to flash memory, HDD,or DVD media Choose 'MPEG-4' for iMovie 09, iMovie09 supports the most popular video formats like AVCHD and MPEG4, and even the new iFrame video format. Step three: set a destination for the converted flip video Step four: Edit(clip,crop,effect) your flip video files
  5. 5. Trim: set the start and end time of the flip video by dragging the slider, this mac flip to iMovie converter can let you clip many times, and save your clipped parts for reorganizing a new video. Crop: to choose the video part you want to convert Efftct: change the video vision effect to the best Flip to iMovie converter supports instant preview both input and output video effect, it provides two priview windows for you to watch what you have modified, in addition, interesting pictures can be captured from playing video Step five: start converting flip video to iMovie with mac flip to iMovie converter Click 'Convert' button to start conversion.