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Deadline pressure


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In a lot of companies, people like to scream “MVP” without knowing what it is and why you want to have it. In this talk we will walk through a couple of weeks where 5 developers and 1 UX Guy were put together to accomplish the near Impossible. Deliver a project in 3 weeks that was supposed to take 6 weeks. All of this without a Scrum master and a Product Owner.

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Deadline pressure

  1. 1. Deadline Pressure From MP To MVP 30-06-2017
  2. 2. Tim Huijzers Developer @ Drukwerkdeal Organizer DeventerPHP Meetup @Dragem
  3. 3. Now, this is a story all about how
  4. 4. My team got flipped-turned upside down
  5. 5. And I'd like to take a minute To sit right there
  6. 6. I'll tell you how I became the prince of a team called Quoters
  7. 7. Disclamer
  8. 8. Not a prince
  9. 9. Not the best way to do a project
  10. 10. Don’t learn anything from this!
  11. 11. Epic Estimation
  12. 12. DEADLINE!
  13. 13. 3 weeks left to do 6 weeks of work
  14. 14. Well we got to think real MVP then?
  15. 15. Let’s put a team together with lots of seniority
  16. 16. Let’s do it without a PO
  17. 17. Let’s all be scrum master
  18. 18. Let’s to 1 day sprints
  19. 19. Let’s review every day with 12 stakeholders
  20. 20. Let’s start with a product that barely works from start to end
  21. 21. Let’s see if the stakeholders can use it and ask what’s missing
  22. 22. And ask what they can do without
  23. 23. What did we learn • Try stupid stuff • Talk to your stakeholders • Hacking is not MVP • Question what is helpfull • Start with the smallest product that works
  24. 24. Thanks!