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Yuvee press release 2010.1 announcing the issuance of a Chinese patent


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This is a March 2010 Yuvee press release announcing the issuance of a Chinese patent on Yuvee's advanced user interface technology for mobile and converged devices

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Yuvee press release 2010.1 announcing the issuance of a Chinese patent

  1. 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Tim Higginson (847) 962-1623 info@yuvee.comYuvee, Inc. announces the issuance of a Chinese Patent for its NeoKeys-branded advanced user interface technology for mobile and convergeddevices.Highland Park, Illinois. March 30, 2010.Yuvee announced that the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China’s issued Chinese Patent ZL02818268.5 to Yuvee for a “Universal Keyboard” in late 2009. This technology is also covered by various US, Australian,Canadian, Korean issued patents and other patents pending.Yuvee’s technology is designed to create a significantly better user experience (“UE”) for the mobile Web and nextgeneration mobile applications over any other user interface (“UI”), whether on smartphones or other devices. It providesmany benefits, including: (1) a single pattern of use across all contexts (text, features, applications, etc); (2) command entryfor any and all applications directly from the keypad, with the commands showing on the keypad itself – thereby enablingthe main screen to be dedicated to high-value “eyeball” content and free of user interface information and enabling 100%of the surface area of the device to be optimized by any application developer for the user experience for each and everycontext, subject to a small set of rules that maintain the single pattern of use; (3) text entry in full (alphanumerics,punctuation, emoticons, text entry commands (such as arrows, home, end, backspace, delete, arrows, etc) all on a smallernumber of larger keys than on mobile QWERTY keyboards; (4) a single manufacturing run that produces devices for eachand every language market in the world (versus devices with physical keys that are hard-labeled at the time of productionfor a specific language); (5) entirely new mobile capabilities, such as full Chinese text entry of any and all characters using12 keys and standard Chinese brushstrokes; (5) entirely new mobile data revenue opportunites, particularly non-subscriberrevenue, which is the key to ROI on capex for telecom operators; (6) a unified, cross-device UI and UE combined with theability to personalize and sync through the clould; and (7) the beauty and power of a hybrid keypad that combinesdynamic displays and physical keys.Tim Higginson, founder of Yuvee, says: “As mobile apps and the mobile Internet become the key to the user mobileexperience, mobile UI will be required to provide more app and feature “command” entry capability than touchscreendevices or current physical key devices can provide. Further, as users move towards a lifestyle that incorporates the sameapps and mobile usage across devices, the user experience and user interface patterns should follow them across theirdevices. We solve those problems, and we are excited to have received the patent in the largest mobile market in the world– China.”More Information: Contact us for more press information. Our websites, listed below, have extensive information inmultimedia as well as for download.Availability: Now. Yuvee is seeking partners in the mobile and other industries for its NeoKeys user interfacetechnology, and is designing its own devices, such as the NeoKeys MicroLaptop.About Yuvee, Inc.: Yuvee is an emerging technology company specializing in making technology fast and easy foreveryone through advanced user interfaces for mobile and converged devices and lifestyles, and related device designs andproprietary devices. The company holds US and international patents. A current list of issued patents is available on ourwebsites. Yuvee and NeoKeys are trademarks of Yuvee, Inc.Company Address: Yuvee, Inc., 490 Hazel Ave., Highland Park, IL 60035 USA – -