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Yuvee press release 2006.1 announcing launch of


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This is a May 2006 Yuvee press release announcing the launch of a new website:

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Yuvee press release 2006.1 announcing launch of

  1. 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Tim Higginson (847) 962-1623 tim@yuvee.comYuvee, Inc. opens a new website - - focusingon marketing its advanced user interface system to the wirelesstelecommunications industry.Highland Park, Illinois. May 28, 2006.Yuvee announces a new website,, to market its advanced user interfacesystem for mobile phones to the wireless telecommunications industry.The website was developed by Tom Witt and Michael Rylander,, who forma creative agency team out of San Francisco. As their website states: “Their work has beenrecognized by virtually every award show in the industry, including: The One Show,Communications Arts, ANDYs, the ADDys, Graphis and the New York Art Directors Club.”The website’s design incorporates features of the Yuvee product, the NeoKeys interface, directlyin the page design. The website’s simplicity and clean, direct approach is intended to bothexplain and reflect the simplicity and power behind the NeoKeys interface.More Information: For more press information, please visit our website Now. Yuvee is licensing the rights to build the NeoKeys user interface to devicemanufacturers right now.About Yuvee, Inc.: Yuvee is a start-up technology company based outside of Chicago, IL.Yuvee specializes exclusively in designing, developing and licensing advanced user interfacesthat make the next generation mobile devices fast and easy for everyone. Yuvee licenses tomobile phone manufacturers and other companies in the PC/laptop and telecommunicationsindustry. The US and Australian patents for the NeoKeys user interface, in both its physical andvirtual forms, have issued, and Yuvee has patents pending worldwide. Yuvee has been selectedtwo years in a row as a showcase company at MIT’s Emerging Technologies Conference. Yuveeand NeoKeys are trademarks of Yuvee, Inc.Company contact information: Tim Higginson Tel (847) 962-1623 Yuvee, Inc. Fax (847) 433-6123 Highland Park, IL 60035