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Yuvee press release 2005 September on showcase of tech at MIT ETC


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This is a September 2005 Yuvee press release announcing the showcase of Yuvee technology at the MIT Emerging Technologies Conference

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Yuvee press release 2005 September on showcase of tech at MIT ETC

  1. 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Tim Higginson (847) 962-1623 tim@yuvee.comYuvee, Inc. will showcase its advanced user interfacetechnology at the Emerging Technologies Conference at MIT inCambridge, MA on September 28-29, having been selected asone thirty leading innovator companies in 2005.Highland Park, Illinois. September 27, 2005.Yuvee will showcase its technology at the Emerging Technologies Conference ( the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, been selected by a panel of industry experts as oneof the leading innovator companies of 2005. This is the second year in a row that Yuvee hasbeen invited to showcase at this Conference.Yuvee’s advanced manual interfaces give the user control over all aspects of the technology theybuy, with no complicated manuals and advanced training.Mobile phones and other consumer electronics come packed with advanced features. Forinstance, mobile phones alone take and send photos, send text messages, transmit email andplay games, make phone calls, keep your address book and calendar, and act as answeringmachines. They play movies, music, TV and multi-media content, single and multi-player gamesand give full access to the Internet.But how do people use all these features? Most people don’t. They pay a lot for them, and theyget a thick manual and websites full of supporting information. They try hard to learn some of thefeatures, succeed after time with a few and give up on most.Why? Because the interfaces that are built into the devices such as the mobile phone aredecades old, dating back to a time when devices were much simpler, most doing one thing only.The standard phone keypad was designed by Bell Labs in the 1940s for dialing numbers. ThePC layout keyboard (the “QWERTY”) was designed for pre-electric typewriters to be slow so thatthe metal arms holding the print heads would not hit each other going up and back. All the othercomponents for these devices and the network infrastructure behind them have advanced at leastyearly, but the old interfaces are still there, and they act as inhibitors, slowing or even preventingpeople from taking advantage of all that their devices can do now. And the problem will only growbigger as ever more features, power and services are offered.Yuvee’s solutions (an advanced keypad system that works for every device and a stylus-size,detachable joystick with memory) change that. Tim Higginson, founder and president of Yuvee,states: “With our technology, any device manufacturer, software provider and service providercan build simplicity into their products right from the start. We’ve done our homework on how tomake things easy for people, and we’re supplying the solutions to the technology community.Devices with our interfaces built-in will actually encourage people to use the full scope of all theirdevices’ features, functionality and services, no matter how advanced.”Distinguishing features of our keypad include: (1) easy, fast and intuitive entry of text, numbersand commands - the three basic components that people must be able to enter easily if aninterface is to be easy; (2) works with all devices, including mobile phones, PCs, laptops andhome entertainment systems, so users need to learn only one easy set of controls for all their
  2. 2. devices; (3) visual displays built into the keypad give the user the information that the user needsin order to do whatever it is that the user is trying to do; (4) works directly in any language at aclick by the user (including easy Chinese text entry directly by brushstroke); and (5) is fullywireless and mobile (you can use your computer from your easy chair, leaning back at your deskor anywhere else). In fact, the Yuvee keypad is more powerful than the full-size PC keyboard,and fits in the palm of the hand and built-into a mobile phone.Distinguishing features of the joystick are: (1) a stylus-size, (2) detachable (3) with memory,including pre-programmed content, and (4) with an adapter. This gives the user instant installand play of media, games or other content on any device, including mobile phones.More Information: For more press information and press kit materials, please visit yourwebsite at, click anywhere on any of the home page “enter here” choices, andthen click on “Pressroom” in the left hand column. Enter the username “press” and the password“pressinfo” to access the press-only information, which contains photos, brochures, screencaptures, quick-start guides and other materials.Availability: Yuvee is currently working on licenses to mobile phone manufacturers andother companies in the PC/laptop and telecommunications industry. The keypad and joystick areexpected to be available for sale directly to consumers in late 2006.About Yuvee, Inc.: Yuvee is a revenue-stage technology company headquartered inHighland Park, IL. The company’s focus is to make consumer electronics easy for everydaypeople by providing simple and intuitive user interfaces. The US patent for the Yuvee keypad, inboth its physical and virtual forms, has issued, and Yuvee has patents pending worldwide,including in China. Yuvee is a trademark of Yuvee, Inc.Company contact information: Tim Higginson Tel (847) 962-1623 Yuvee, Inc. Fax (847) 433-6123 Highland Park, IL 60035