Yuvee press release 2005.2 yuvee announces doodling software functionality


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This is a July 2005 Yuvee press release announcing software that lets people doodle directly in their Word documents

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Yuvee press release 2005.2 yuvee announces doodling software functionality

  1. 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Tim Higginson (847) 962-1623 tim@yuvee.comProduct Launch: Yuvee, Inc. introduces software that letspeople “doodle” directly in their regular text documents. Usingthis software, people can communicate in text in a wholly new,creative and fun way by creating unique 2-dimensional “ideograms”directly in text documents. This combines, for the first time ever, thebest of both Western alphabet-based languages and Asian character-based languages.Highland Park, Illinois. July 25, 2005.What does the software do? The Yuvee software enables people to create picture-baseddoodles and stories directly in their text. Essentially, this expands the alphabet-based linear left-to-right English text with the capability of writing two-dimensional stories made up of littlepictographs. With this software, anyone can create their own, unique ideographs to tell stories orconvey ideas and emotions. It is a whole new way to communicate in text.The software works by giving the writer a virtual keypad that appears on computer screen. Thekeypad is all that a user needs to access and use sets of pictographs to build two-dimensionaldoodles and picture stories. The keypad lets the user choose and place each pictograph in aspace in the text that shows up in the writer’s Word document. The writer creates the story withas many or as few pictographs as he/she wants. The writer can also edit the pictographs just theway regular text is edited, using the arrow keys, delete and backspace. And, a writer can stringany number of these 2-dimensional ideograms in sequence to create a longer story, or conveymore information. Each ideogram can be uniquely created, colored and formatted.An ideogram created this way is similar to Chinese or Japanese characters that conveyinformation as ideograms, except that, instead of brushstrokes, the writer is using little pictures ofanything. In this way, our software combines the best of alphabet-based languages andcharacter-based languages. In fact, this system for entering picture stories using pictographs isbased on our proprietary Chinese writing software that lets people write and edit Chinese in Worddocuments exclusively using brushstrokes.The Yuvee software comes with five sets of Squawk doodling fonts, each with its own suite ofcategorized pictographs. The software also comes with a font developer kit so that anyone canhave any font designer make new fonts for the software. Yuvee will also be developing newdoodling fonts, and making them available for download from our website.The pictograph fonts work with Word software’s color, font size, italics, bold and other wordprocessing features. So that each story that is created can have an almost unlimited creativerange.
  2. 2. Here are two examples of doodles: or . We entered each element of these doodles directly inthe sentence as if we were typing. And we moved each element into its place separately andcolored them separately. The colors and locations and what is included in each doodle is entirelyup to the user. For instance, the stars in the first doodle could be a shower of sparks, and couldbe colored green; the person in the first doodle could, instead, be a person lying down on theright side of the doodle. We call these ideograms “Squawks,” with a tag line “Add Squawk to your Talk,” becausetext with embedded ideograms is intended to be fun and to grab the reader’s attention. Toemphasize the fun aspect, we call it “Yuvee Squawk Doodling” software.Why is this a break-through? People love to personalize their communications with otherpeople. This software provides a wholly new and creative way to communicate in text. Further,no one has combined alphabet-based and character-based languages into a singlecommunications and writing system until this product.Distinguishing features of our software include: (1) enter 2 dimensional doodles and storiesdirectly in text in Word documents that are created by the user from a series of little pictographsstored in specialized fonts (the documents can be saved, edited and emailed); (2) edit theseideograms by pictograph just like editing regular text; (3) intuitive and simple-to-learn system,requires only 3 steps: choose a pictograph, put it in the right location in the ideogram, do thisagain until the ideogram is complete; (4) takes only minutes to learn the system, so the user canfocus on being creative right away (rather than reading a software manual); (5) comes with fivecomplete pictograph fonts; (6) the ideograms are not imported files; instead they are createdusing a keypad just like entering text; (7) the ideograms are completely dynamic and are createdon the fly inside the text document, as opposed to Clip Art or inserting regular symbols that arestatic and get inserted as they are; and (6) the entire system is based around 12 keys, so it canbe built directly into mobile phones or as a small, physical keypad in addition to the softwareproduct line.More Information: For more press information and press kit materials, please visit yourwebsite at www.yuvee.com, click on any of the home page “enter here” choices, and then click on“Pressroom” in the left hand column. Enter the username “press” and the password “pressinfo” toaccess the press-only information, which contains photos, brochures, screen captures, quick-startguides and other materials.Availability: The software is available now; a free 10 day trial can be downloaded fromYuvee’s website, www.yuvee.com. The software can be purchased directly from the trial versionsfor $24.95 for most versions, and for $49.95 for the most advanced version. The software is forPCs and laptops that are running Windows XP and 2000, and Microsoft Word. Versions formachines running on Apple and Linux operating systems are in the planning stages.About Yuvee, Inc.: Yuvee is a technology company headquartered in Highland Park, IL,which is just north of Chicago. The company’s focus is to make consumer electronics easy foreveryday people by providing simple and intuitive user interfaces. The US patent for the Yuvee
  3. 3. keypad, in both its physical and virtual forms, has issued, and Yuvee has patents pendingworldwide, including in China. Yuvee is a trademark of Yuvee, Inc.Company contact information: Tim Higginson Tel (847) 962-1623 Yuvee, Inc. Fax (847) 433-6123 Highland Park, IL 60035 www.yuvee.com