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English alphabet. You can learn more about existing Chinese text entry systems
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Yuvee press release 2005.1 yuvee announces chinese brushstroke software functionality


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This is a July 2005 Yuvee press release announcing software with a unique system for entering text of Chinese characters by brushstroke

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Yuvee press release 2005.1 yuvee announces chinese brushstroke software functionality

  1. 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Tim Higginson (847) 962-1623 tim@yuvee.comProduct Launch: Yuvee, Inc. introduces software that, for thefirst time globally, makes it easy to type and edit Chinesecharacters on computers directly using a complete set ofChinese brushstrokes.Highland Park, Illinois. July 25, 2005.What does the software do? The Yuvee software enables people to write and edit Chinesecharacters on computers using only Chinese brushstrokes. Before this Yuvee product, nocomplete set of Chinese brushstrokes has been available for computers. The UnicodeConsortium, the gatekeeper for languages on computers, does not even have a complete set ofbrushstrokes for Chinese. This is comparable to never having made the individual letters of theEnglish alphabet available on computers.The Yuvee software comes with two complete sets of Chinese brushstrokes, a classic font (basedon the Liu style) and a modern font (based on computer-generated characters), and the ability toadd new brushstroke fonts.It also comes with an innovative system to allow people to learn to write and communicate withtwo-dimensional ideographs. This system works identically to writing with Chinese brushstrokes,except that the brushstrokes are replaced by fun pictographs of real things, so writers can createtheir own ideographs to tell stories or convey ideas and emotions without knowing Chinesebrushstrokes. It is an easy intermediate step, and it is revolutionary in its own right as a way toadd life and dimension to traditional linear alphabet-based languages. We call these ideograms“Squawks,” with a tag line “Add Squawk to your Talk,” because it is intended to be fun and catchthe reader’s attention.Background on Written Chinese. Critical to learning to write Chinese and to understand writtenChinese, is (1) to choose the correct brushstroke for each part of a Chinese character; (2) toplace each brushstroke in its correct location on a two-dimensional grid; and (3) to sequence thebrushstrokes correctly. The Yuvee software gives the user the ability to practice each of these inan easy system that closely follows the process a writer would use with pencil and paper, so it isimmediately familiar to even a beginning Chinese writer. This is how Chinese have written onpaper for centuries, but it has never before been available on computers.Why is this a break-through? No other computer software lets people write entirely in Chineseusing brushstrokes to directly create and edit characters. Current Chinese character entrysystems require users to choose and insert whole characters at a time. That is analogous tobeing forced to write in English by entering whole words and phrases, with no access to theindividual alphabet, and, even worse, to choosing your whole words and phrases by spelling themphonetically using a foreign language. That is almost impossible to imagine, and yet it is the waypeople write Chinese on computers. The predominant way Chinese characters are entered, evenin China, is by typing in Pinyin, which uses the English alphabet to spell the phoneticpronunciation of the Chinese character. Then, a choice of characters pops up on the user’sscreen. The user then selects the correct character with the mouse. If the correct character isnot shown, the user must access a pull-down set of other character choices or type in a newphonetic spelling. This requires many steps, and requires a person writing in Chinese to use the
  2. 2. English alphabet. You can learn more about existing Chinese text entry systems Also, you can see from the UnicodeConsortium website ( that Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters arelumped together under a category called CJK, and you will also find that only whole charactersare available under its auspices.Globally Important. Because of the economic and political importance of China to the US andother countries, the Yuvee software that substantially advances the ease of learning andunderstanding of written Chinese writing is a globally important product introduction. The Yuveesoftware moves the ability to quickly and easily learn and understand written Chinese to a wholenew level, and will also be of interest to both beginners and advanced Chinese writers.Distinguishing features of our software include: (1) entry of any Chinese character by usingbrushstrokes directly in Word documents (that can be saved, edited and emailed); (2) editing ofChinese characters by brushstroke; (3) intuitive and simple-to-learn system, requires only 3steps: choose a brushstroke, put it in the right location in the character, do this again until thecharacter is complete; (4) takes only minutes to learn the system, and, therefore, lets the userfocus on learning brushstrokes and characters almost immediately rather than reading a softwaremanual; (5) comes with two complete brushstroke fonts: a set of classic brushstrokes and a setof modern brushstrokes; (6) the entire system is based around 12 keys, so it can be built directlyinto mobile phones or as a small, physical keypad in addition to the software product line; (7) thesoftware is easy to integrate into beginner, intermediate and advanced courses teaching writtenChinese and (8) comes with the innovative “Squawk” system for teaching the power of writing intwo dimensions separately from teaching Chinese brushstrokes.More Information: For more press information and press kit materials, please visit yourwebsite at, click anywhere on any of the home page “enter here” choices, andthen click on “Pressroom” in the left hand column. Enter the username “press” and the password“pressinfo” to access the press-only information, which contains photos, brochures, screencaptures, quick-start guides and other materials.Availability: The software is available now; a free 10 day trial can be downloaded fromYuvee’s website, The software can be purchased directly from the trial versionsfor $24.95. The software is for PCs and laptops that are running Windows XP and 2000, andMicrosoft Word. Versions for machines running on Apple and Linux operating systems are in theplanning stages..About Yuvee, Inc.: Yuvee is a technology company headquartered in Highland Park, IL,which is just north of Chicago. The company’s focus is to make consumer electronics easy foreveryday people by providing simple and intuitive user interfaces. The US patent for the Yuveekeypad, in both its physical and virtual forms, has issued, and Yuvee has patents pendingworldwide, including in China. Yuvee is a trademark of Yuvee, Inc.Company contact information: Tim Higginson Tel (847) 962-1623 Yuvee, Inc. Fax (847) 433-6123 Highland Park, IL 60035