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Solar power shades slide deck 6.2014


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This white paper/slide deck asks what you see when you look at glass office buildings, condominium towers and even regular windows anywhere. The answer is in the slide deck.

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Solar power shades slide deck 6.2014

  1. 1. What  do  you  see?     An  office  building?     Wrong!   6-­‐14   1  
  2. 2. Here  are  some  hints:     Height  =  241,1m  (791,)     Surface  area  =  185.806  m2  (2,000,000  ,2)     Materials  =  glass  curtain  wall  on  steel  frame   6-­‐14   2  
  3. 3. Answer:     Any?me  you  see  an   office  or  condominium   building,  you  should  be   thinking:  this  should  be   a  big  solar  power   genera?on  source   6-­‐14   3  
  4. 4. What  do  you  see?     A  window?     Wrong!   6-­‐14   4  
  5. 5. Answer:     Any?me  you  see  a   window,  you  should  be   thinking:  this  should  be   a  (small)  solar  power   genera?on  source   6-­‐14   5  
  6. 6. How?     Solar  Power  Shades   6-­‐14   6  
  7. 7. Importance   1.  It  is  criBcal  to  increase  local-­‐site,  clean  power  producBon   2.  Windows  are  everywhere,  but  the  focus  has  been  on  reducing  solar  affects  on   interiors,  rather  than  on  uBlizing  their  solar  power  generaBng  potenBal   3.  Solar  power  shades  are  a  powerful,  new  and  easy  way  to  convert  office  and   apartment  buildings  and  homes  into  producers  of  energy  …  without  any   changes  to  or  installaBons  on  the  exterior  of  the  buildings     4.  Easy  to  install   •  Office  buildings  are  difficult  to  retro-­‐fit  with  exterior  solar  panels,  but  adding  solar   shades  to  the  interior  of  windows  is  straighSorward   •  Homes  may  or  may  not  be  easy  to  add  exterior  solar  panels,  but,  again,  most   windows  have  some  form  of  window  treatment  and  adding  solar  panel  shades  to   the  interior  of  windows  is  straighSorward   6-­‐14   7  
  8. 8. Example  ExisBng  Solar  “Shade”  Systems   1.     US  Army  Solar  Tent  with  Power  Storage   h[p://     2.    PaBo  Solar  Umbrella   h[p://­‐sun-­‐shade-­‐is-­‐the-­‐easiest-­‐way-­‐to-­‐harness-­‐solar-­‐ power-­‐for-­‐your-­‐home     6-­‐14   8  
  9. 9. Many  Addi?onal  Benefits   ü  Building  security   •  if  external  power  grid  is  hampered,  electricity  from  the  building’s  window   solar  panels  run  independently   ü  Familiarity   •   as  more  people  become  aware  of  the  ease  of  use  and  implementaBon  of  solar,   the  use  becomes  more  widespread   ü  Grid  stability   •  Reduces  demand  during  daylight  hours  of  grid-­‐based  electricity   ü  Tax  benefits   •  Increases  a  building  or  home’s  green  energy  profile   ü  Easy  to  implement  incrementally   6-­‐14   9  
  10. 10.       Do  something  real  about  climate  change!   Start  the  meme!     Whenever  you  see  a  window:       (1)  take  a  photo       (2)  tweet  with      #windowsareforgeneraBngpower       6-­‐14   10  
  11. 11. ConverBng  windows  to  solar  power   generaBng  plants  via  solar  shades     Submi[ed  by  Tim  Higginson    InnovaBon  Expert,  Inventor,  Company  Founder   Tim  has  an  extensive  track  record  in  developing  and  commercializing  innovaBons  in  a  wide   range  of  industries,  building  start-­‐up  companies,  building  and  managing  engineering  teams,   execuBng  on  innovaBve  business  models,  and  developing  global  patent  porSolios.    Tim  is   focused  on  building  “A  Social  Atlas  of  the  Web”  where  anyone,  anywhere   can  create  “maps”  of  the  Web  on  any  topic  they  like.   6-­‐14   11