NeoKeys MicroLaptop Brochure


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Brochure for the NeoKeys MicroLaptop - a fully converged smartphone/laptop design

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NeoKeys MicroLaptop Brochure

  1. 1. Announcing a merger of micro proportions.
  2. 2. The NeoKeys MicroLaptop. ™ It merges the best of a PC with the best of a mobile phone.
  3. 3. A more competitive tool for a more competitive world. Between a cell phone, laptop, PDA and MP3 player, you probably have more than your hands full right now trying to stay connected. In their place, we present something radically smarter: the NeoKeys MicroLaptop. An ingenious device that’s designed to meet and exceed all your computing and communication needs — and small enough to slip into your pocket. Currently in development, the NeoKeys MicroLaptop is optimized for broadband voice and data across the ubiquitous wireless Internet. Giving you, in brief, the world in the palm of your hand.
  4. 4. It’s a PC. It’s a phone. It’s an MP3 player. It’s more. You may think you see four devices here, but actually there’s just one. Its patented interface changes dynamically according to whichever function you select. For a multimedia presentation, visit
  5. 5. One smart interface. Three intelligent expressions. Mobile Phone Remote Control MicroLaptop ß We license the NeoKeys ß Highly flexible form factor ß We license the NeoKeys ß Easy multi-device Processing and memory Cameras — the three elements of the ¤ zoom /magnify interface to cellular ß Integrates keys with interface to controls implementing ß 1.3 GHz processor ß Internal: Still and video next generation user interface ¤ pan /scroll operators and handset software driven LCDs manufacturers of “what you see is what you ß 60-120 GB SSD NAND ß External: Still and video ß More powerful and easier to ¤ instant pre-set view shifts manufacturers to ß Easily optimized for remote controls for home need” (WYSIWYN) ß Graphics Accelerator ß Controls: NeoKeys interface use than a full PC keyboard (center, upper left, lower implement in their targeted demographic entertainment systems, ß Mode-switching remote ß 1 GB RAM has complete set of dedicated ß Text in any language, in full right, etc.) handsets groups laptops and PCs ß Full text entry in any Communications photography keys ¤ Accented letters ¤ instant screen on/off ß Makes advanced data ß All user interface controls ß Provides “lean-back” language ß Bluetooth Displays ¤ Asian characters ¤ and more services easy are implemented using experience for laptops ß Full Web controls ß 802.11g ß Internal: 60mm x 70mm ¤ All punctuation ß Gives users the power to the powerful NeoKeys and PCs with more ß VOIP 1024x800 TFT ¤ Any symbols enter commands, text keypad that makes service power than a full PC ß Cellular WAN ß External: 36mm x 50mm ¤ All editing keys and arrows and numbers without and applications fast and keyboard and standard Size and weight 128x128 OLED Display Controls menu/select systems easy for the user through an remote combined ß Height: 4.1 inches NeoKeys Interface ß Full-size viewing experience ß Differentiates on the “instant learn and use” ß Provides full text entry ß Width: 3.1 inches ß Mode-switching puts the user through screen shifting/zoom elements consumers care interface system for next generation ß Weight: 10-12 ounces in control — what you see is ß NeoKeys interface has about, increasing usage interactive TV and TV Operating System what you need (WYSIWYN) dedicated set of instant- and revenue with Internet access ß Windows XP/Professional (Vista) ß Commands, text and numbers access screen control keys:
  6. 6. Yuvee, Inc. The digital DNA to do all things easily. Yuvee, Inc. specializes in the design and development of advanced user interfaces optimized for broadband mobile devices and wireless networks. We license our patented NeoKeys interface to companies whose products require fast and easy input of commands, text, and numbers, including mobile phones and laptop or TV remotes. We are presently in the industrial design and engineering phase of the NeoKeys MicroLaptop. We are poised and ready to rock the world of mobile computing and communications. Care to partner with us? Ease of Use Rating 35 30 25 20 Users 15 10 5 0 Extremely Below Average Above Extremely Difficult Average Average Easy Generic phone interface NeoKeys phone interface * Usability study performed at Illinois Institute of Technology.
  7. 7. For more information on the NeoKeys MicroLaptop or the NeoKeys interface, email us at or visit Yuvee, Inc. 490 Hazel Avenue Highland Park, IL 60035 U.S.A. 847.380.2092 © Yuvee, Inc. All rights reserved. Patents issued and pending. Yuvee and NeoKeys trademarks are owned by Yuvee, Inc. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.