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Catalog of mobile device innovations - 9.2012


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This slide deck contains a catalog of Yuvee's patented innovations for "what comes next" and delivers a far better user experience ... after today's cookie-cutter smartphones

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Catalog of mobile device innovations - 9.2012

  1. 1.          Compete  with  bold  innova6ons                backed  with  the  confidence  of  patents     Yuvee’s  Catalog  of    Mobile  Device  Innova6ons       Crea6ng  “What  Comes  Next”       a?er  Today’s  Cookie-­‐CuEer  Smartphones     ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   1   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  2. 2. Index    Sec?on  1.    Background  …………………………………..………….…  Slides  3-­‐14    Sec?on  2.    Sample  Devices  Powered  by  NeoKeys  ………...    Slides  11-­‐67   Sec?on  2.1    MicroLaptop  ………………………….……………………………...    Slides  12-­‐31   Sec?on  2.2    Flip  smartphone  re-­‐invented  …………………………………    Slides  32-­‐41   Sec?on  2.3    Slider  QWERTY  re-­‐invented  …………………………………..    Slides  42-­‐53   Sec?on  2.4    Portable,  tablet  keypad  ………………………………………...    Slides  54-­‐59   Sec?on  2.5    The  Remote  control  re-­‐.……………..……….…………….....    Slides  60-­‐62   Sec?on  2.6    Touchscreen  icon  management  UI  …………………………    Slides  63-­‐67    Sec?on  3.    Mobile  Detachable  Jumpdrive  Joys?ck  ..........  Slides  68-­‐71    Sec?on  4.    Mul?gesture,  tac?le  keys  for  tablets,  etc  …...  Slides  72-­‐74    Sec?on  5.    Contact  and  more  informa?on  ……..…………….  Slides  75-­‐82   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   2   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  3. 3.               Sec6on  1.      BACKGROUND   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   3 Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  4. 4.              Why  an6cipate  “What’s  Next”  in  mobile?  •  Companies  that  don’t,  disappear  •  Management  and  Boards  that  don’t  are  responsible  for  vast   market  share  and  shareholder  losses  •  User-­‐facing,  patent-­‐protected  differen?ators  are  the  ONLY   innova?on  that  delivers  las?ng  market  share  and  EPS  upside,   and  creates  companies  that  win   §  Examples:  iPod  (clickwheel),  iPhone  (touchscreen  s/w),  Wii  (wireless,   one-­‐handed  game  controller)  ,etc.   §  See  our  white  paper  “The  Importance  of  User-­‐facing  Patent-­‐Protected   Differen?ators  to  Mobile  Device  Manufacturers”   §  Read  it  (and  our  other  white  papers)  at     ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   4 Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  5. 5. NeoKeys-­‐based  Devices   Mode  switching  to  ANY  mode:   “what  you  see  is  what  you  What  is  the   need”  …  for  tac?le  or  virtual     keypad  UI  NeoKeys®    Mixed  Media    UI/UX  system?   One  keypad,  infinite  modes,   a  single  pahern  of  use,   learned  instantly   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   5 Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  6. 6.          Patented1  UI  that  is   A revolution in the user experience(far more complete app commands moved entirely away from the “eyeball” screen, for a vastly new and better app mobile and cross-device user experience)1.  Patents issued and pending in US, other countries. Go to to see a current list. ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   6 Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  7. 7.   Tac6le  keys,  touchscreen  …  or  both                                                          •  Either  or  both  of   •  A  hybrid  keypad  with  dynamic  displays  integrated  with  tac?le  keys   •  The  best  of  all  worlds:    display-­‐based  UI  and  physical  keys   •  What  you  see  is  what  you  need  –  on  the  keypad  –  with  no  UI  cluher  on  the  main  display     •  A  new  touchscreen  user  interface  system    •  The  beauty  and  excitement  of  an  en?rely  new,  easier,  faster  way  to   do  everything  •  One  keypad,  infinite  modes,  a  single  pahern  of  use,  learned  in  an   instant   •  One  pahern  of  use  for  everything:  text,  app  commands,  feature  commands,  etc.   •  Every  mode  has  its  own  dedicated  suite  of  keys  •  A  consistent  UI  and  UX  across  mobile,  remotes,  keypads,  ...   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   7 Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  8. 8. What  form  factors?  •  There  are  a  myriad  of  ways  to  implement   the  NeoKeys  technology  on  devices  and  in   apps  •  This  catalog  will  show  NeoKeys   technology  implemented  in  a  number  of   specific  examples  •  Contact  us  regarding  your  specific  needs   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   8 Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  9. 9.              What  can  you  do  with  NeoKeys?  ü  Leapfrog  all  compe?tors   •  Define  the  next  genera?on  mobile  device   •  Create  en?rely  new,  more  immersive  devices   •  Create  families  of  devices  (mul?ple  form  factors,  all  the  same  UI/UX)   (laptop,  phone,  remote,  keypad,  etc)  ü  App  developers  get  infinite  new  possibili?es  to   develop  far  deeper  user  experiences  ü  Users  get  devices  that  give  them  best  of  what  they   want:    the  richest,  easiest  mobile  and  cross  device   user  experience  in  new,  more  exci?ng  forms   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   9 Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  10. 10. NeoKeys  creates  •  An entirely new dimension in the app and mobile user experience•  Pure excitement (in a world of cookie-cutter rectangular flat devices) ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   10 Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  11. 11.               Sec6on  2.      Examples  of  Specific  Device  Forms   Powered  by  Neokeys   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   11 Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  12. 12.               Sec6on  2.1   The  NeoKeys  MicroLaptop  (a  laptop  that  beats  smartphones  at   their  own  game)   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   12 Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  13. 13. NeoKeys  MicroLaptop   (view  1)   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   13   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  14. 14. NeoKeys  MicroLaptop   (view  2)   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   14   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  15. 15. NeoKeys  MicroLaptop   (view  3)   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   15   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  16. 16. NeoKeys  MicroLaptop   (view  4)   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   16   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  17. 17. Summary  Overview  •  A  laptop  that  fits  in  your  pocket     ü  With  a  keyboard  that  can  enter  anything  (app  commands,  text  in  any  language,   websites,  tv  channels,  etc)  that  is  easier  and  cheaper  to  manufacture  than  any   other  keypad   ü  With  no  labeling  on  the  keys  …  so  one  inventory  runs  applies  globally   ü  With  extensive  op?ons,  for  example   •    dual  unit  design  (ask  for  our  engineering  designs)   •    addi?onal  detachable  jumpdrive  joys?ck   •  any  size  display  (touchscreen  or  not)  to  go  with  it   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   17 Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  18. 18.                A  revolu6on  in  the  user  experience                      across  everything  users  want  on  mobile   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   18   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  19. 19.            Unlimited  User  Experience:     New  and  Exis6ng   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   19   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  20. 20. Keys  that  give  the  user  exactly  what   the  user  for  what  the  user  is  doing   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   20   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  21. 21.        Control  any  media  any  where   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   21   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  22. 22. Music  apps,  social  …   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   22   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  23. 23.      BeEer,  faster,  easier  Text  •  A  new  and  beher  way  to  text    •  Usability  studies   §  Faster   §  Easier   §  Fewer  keystrokes   §  High  ease  of  use   §  High  willingness  to  adopt  •  All  101  keyboard  key  func?ons  •  Small  number  of  large  keys  •  Every  language  in  full  with   na?ve  text  shown  directly  on   keypad  –  at  a  choice  by  the  user   §  Most  of  the  world  does  NOT  write  in   English!   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   23 Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  24. 24.                  Phone  keypad,  MP3  Player  keypad   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   24 Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  25. 25.                  Browser  commands  …  on  the  keypad   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   25 Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  26. 26.      One  user  paEern,  always  …     learn  once,  know  for  everything   §  Dynamic,  visually-­‐cued  keypad   with  predictable  paherns  across   all  features   §  Everything  made  rich  and  simple   by  displaying  and  making  it  easy   to  enter   §  Reserves  upper  screen  for  content     and  media  (not  menu/select/ interface)   §  Hybrid  –  integrated  displays  with   mechanical  keys  –  the  best  of   both  worlds  26   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  27. 27.  Ergonomically  designed:   Faster,  Fewer  Errors,  More  Complete   §  This  scrolling  column  of  keys   gives  direct  access  to  every   feature  and  applica?on  on  the   device  (websites,  apps,  songs,  etc   –  all  organized  by  “playlist”)   §  A  scroll  and  a  click  launches  any   and  every  applica?on   §  A  person  or  enterprise  can  easily   customize  which  applica?ons   appear  in  this  column  and  in   what  order,  and  can  add  their   own  proprietary  applica?ons  –   crea?ng  the  most  personalizable   and  customizable  compu?ng   device  available  anywhere  27   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  28. 28.  Easy  to  Learn,        at  a  High  Level  of  Proficiency  Instantly   §  These  keys  re-­‐map  based  on  the   user’s  selec?on  in  the  righthand   column  -­‐  to  display  exactly  what  the   user  needs  to  use  whatever  the  user   has  selected   §  The  middle  twelve  keys  enter  text  or   commands  to  drive  the  applica?on   §  The  len  hand  scrolling  column  lets   users  select  among  levels  of   commands  to  drive  the  applica?on   §  This  pahern  of  use  holds  for  every   context  –  giving  an  almost   immeasurable  increase  in  ease  of   use  across  all  contexts  –  users   become  proficient  almost  instantly   the  first  ?me  and  any  ?me  28   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  29. 29.            One  device,  infinite  keypad  modes,     a  single  paEern  of  use  The  beauty,  simplicity  and  power  of  dynamic  displays  in  keypad  …  with  the   main  display  reserved  for  “eyeball”  media,  not  UI   29   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  30. 30.            Op6mally  Environmental  and                      “Open  Source”  Hardware  and  So?ware  •  One  of  our  designs  for  the  NeoKeys  MicroLaptop  makes  it  the   op?mal  environmentally  friendly  mobile  and  compu?ng  device  •  One  of  our  dual  unit  design  creates  the  most  amazing  “open   source”  hardware  and  sonware  smartphone/laptop   •  Give  the  world  the  mobile  device  that  opens  the  door  to  crea?ve  tech   people,  and  unleash  the  power  of  the  tech  community  on  your  behalf   •  These  designs  are  in  stark  contrast  to  the  locked  down,  unopenable,   environmentally  disastrous  smartphone  designs  currently  on  the  market  •  Call  us  to  discuss   30   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  31. 31. Videos  and  more  •  Learn  more  about  the  NeoKeys  MicroLaptop  at    and   •  with  mul?-­‐media  presenta?on,  including  videos   •  website  text  is  translated  in  many  languages,  including,  Chinese,   English,  French,  German,  Japanese  and  Korean,  and  more   31   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  32. 32.               Sec6on  2.2      A  New  Genera6on  of  Flip   Smartphones   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   32 Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  33. 33. A  new  genera?on   of  flip  phones  33   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  34. 34. Powered  by  NeoKeys   §  These  keys  re-­‐map  based  on  the   user’s  choice  of  applica?on  in   the  righthand  column  to  display   exactly  what  the  user  needs  to   use  the  launched  applica?on   §  The  middle  twelve  keys  enter   text  or  commands  to  drive  the   applica?on   §  The  len  hand  scrolling  column   lets  users  select  among  levels  of   commands  to  drive  the   applica?on  34   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  35. 35. Every  part  of  the  user  experience   made  more  exci?ng   Bastly  beher   mobile  gaming,   with  an  en?rely   new  dimension   vastly  beher   mobile  photos/ camera   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   35   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  36. 36.        Browsing  the  Web  It’s  a  snap  …   for  anyone   and   everyone   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   36   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  37. 37. The Fastest, Easiest, most Complete Text Entry   •  All  punctua?on  is  •  A  “one-­‐leher-­‐ available  at  the  click  of   per-­‐key”   a  buhon   system  in   alphabe?c   •  Numeric  “calculator”   order   format  numeric  entry  is   available  at  the  click  of   a  buhon  •  “Mode   switch”  for   •  All  arrow  and  page  up/ sec?ons  of  the   page  down  etc  keys  are   alphabet   available  at  the  click  of   a  buhon   37   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  38. 38. German  Text  Entry   •  All  accented  lehers   show  directly  on   keypad  38   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  39. 39. French  Text  Entry     •  All  accented  lehers  show   directly  on  keypad   •  Everything  else  works  the   same  in  every  language:   punctua?on,  numbers,   arrow/edi?ng  keys,  etc   •  The  user  gets  all  the   func?onality  of  a  FULL  PC   KEYBOARD  in  a  form   factor  that  fits  in  a  phone   and  that  is  EASIER  to  use  39   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  40. 40. Korean  Text  Entry  40   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  41. 41. Videos  and  more  •  Learn  more  at:     •  With  mul?-­‐media  presenta?on,  including  videos     •  Website  text  is  translated  in  many  languages,  including,  Chinese,   English,  French,  German,  Japanese,  Korean,  and  more     41   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  42. 42.               Sec6on  2.3      A  New  Genera6on  of  Slider   Smartphones    (with  QWERTY  layout  re-­‐invented:   Powered  by  Neokeys)   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   42 Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  43. 43.            Slider  Phone  with  QWERTY  43   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  44. 44.            Slider  Phone  with  QWERTY  44   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  45. 45.            Slider  Phone  with  QWERTY  45   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  46. 46. The NeoKeys Interface: The beauty and power of a single pattern of use and dynamic displays integrated with physical keys  46 ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   46   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  47. 47. How it works for TEXT entry   A set of keys to switch A set of keys to the middle array enter letters, between letters, numbers, punctuation, numbers, text editing commands, punctuation, etc. etc.A set ofkeys toswitchamong setsof letters,punctuation, numbers,etc. 47 ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  48. 48. Entering LETTERS  The user gets The userA-Z letters selects letters48 ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  49. 49. Entering Punctuation/Emoticons   The user has selectedThe user gets punctuationpunctuation 49   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  50. 50. Entering Numbers with Calculator Keypad Layout   The user gets The user numeric keys selects numbers 50©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.    Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  51. 51. Entering text commands   The user selects textThe user gets text editingediting commands commands 51
  52. 52.            Enabling  much  more  …  52   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  53. 53.            Slider  Phone  with  QWERTY  •  Contact  us  to  learn  more  about   ü  this  slider  QWERTY  device   ü  other  form  factors   ü  different  numbers,  arrangements  and  arrays   of  keys   ü  all  powered  by  the  NeoKeys  UI  53   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  54. 54.               Sec6on  2.4      A  New  Genera6on  Of  Mobile   Keypad  For  Tablets   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   54 Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  55. 55.            A  New  Genera6on  of  Keyboard  55   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  56. 56.            A  New  Genera6on  of  Keyboard  •  The  NeoKeys  UI  in  a   keypad  device  form   factor  op?mized  for   today’s  mobile,  cross-­‐ device  user  •  Say  good-­‐by  to  QWERTY   •  Most  of  the  world  does  NOT   write  in  English   •  Most  people  need  to  enter  app   commands  as  much  as  text   56   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  57. 57. A  wireless  keyboard  that  •  Does  everything   1.  Text  in  any  language,  in  full,  na?vely   Most  of  the  world  does  NOT  speak  or  write  in  English,  so  why  limit  the  usefulness   and  sale  by  building  QWERTY  keyboard-­‐based  peripherals     2.  Switches  among  languages  instantly   3.  No  labeling  on  keys  to  mislead   4.  Does  app  commands,  in  full,  na?vely   Users  need  app  “commands”  as  much  as  text  •  Fits  anywhere   1.  In  the  palm  of  your  hand   2.  On  a  couch  arm   3.  On  a  bed   4.  On  the  leg  (for  instance,  during  a  commute)   5.  In  a  bag,  briefcase,  backpack  (like  a  paperback  book)   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   57   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  58. 58.                  Add  our  jumpdrive  joys6ck  to  the  keypad  •  See  Item  3.0  below  for  detachable,   jumpdrive  joys?ck   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   58   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  59. 59.                  Make  it  with  a  touchscreen  with     Mul6-­‐gesture  Tac6le  Key  Overlay  •  See  Item  4.0  below  for  our  unique   Mul?-­‐gesture  Tac?le  Key  Overlay  for   Touchscreens   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   59   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  60. 60.               Sec6on  2.5      The  Remote  Control   Re-­‐defined  for  the  Digital  Media  World   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   60 Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  61. 61.        NeoKeys  Remote  Control  For  TVs,  Laptops,   Autos,  Tablets,   etc.    61   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  62. 62. More  Informa6on   See  video  demo  at    62   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  63. 63.               Sec6on  2.6      New  Touchsceen  Smartphone  and  Tablet  Icon  Management  UI/UX   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   63 Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  64. 64.                BeEer  Touchscreen  Smartphone  UI  A  NeoKeys-­‐based  touchscreen  UI  improves  the  organiza?on  and  access  of  icons  (for  apps,  websites,  documents,  media  channels,  etc)  on  touchscreen  smartphones   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   64   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  65. 65.        Organizing  Media  Channels  •  Peope  do  NOT  care  where/ how  their  media  is  coming   from,  they  just  want  to   access  it  all  easily  •  The  NeoKeys  UI  gives  a   unified  system  for   accessing  all  media  (tv   channels,  websites,  apps,   etc)   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   65 Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  66. 66. White  Paper  “Improving  Organiza6on  and  Access  of  Icons  on  Smartphones”    Read  it  at:    hEp://­‐icons-­‐system-­‐for-­‐improved-­‐organiza6on-­‐and-­‐access-­‐11152011     ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   66   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  67. 67.                  BeEer  Smartphone  Touchscreen  UI  •  Contact  us  to  learn  more  to  take   advantage  of  this  patent-­‐protected   differen?ator  for  your  smartphones  •  Compete  with  confidence  67   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  68. 68.               Sec6on  3.0      The  Mobile,  Detachable   Jumpdrive  Joys6ck   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   68 Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  69. 69.            Mobile,  Detachable,  Jumpdrive  Joys6ck  69   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  70. 70.                Many  form  factors,  op6mizable  and                      programmable  for  embedded  games/apps  70   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   70   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  71. 71.                Does  NOT  require  any  hardware  changes   work  with  exis6ng  devices   Adapters  for   devices  already   on  the  market   New  devices  can  be   op?mized  for  the   joys?ck  with  exis?ng   micro  USB  and  other   port  technologies   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   71   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  72. 72.               Sec6on  4.0      The  ONLY  Mul6-­‐gesture  Tac6le   Keypad  Technology   (for  next  genera?on  keypads,  keyboards  and  touchscreens  tablets  and  smartphones)   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   72 Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  73. 73.      Mul6-­‐Gesture,  Trampoline  Keys  •  The  world’s  first  and  only  keypad  overlay  with   separate,  tac?le,  moveable  keys   1)  works  with  touchscreen  devices   2)  gives  people  mul?-­‐touch  across  mul?ple  gestures   •   programmable  gesture  recogni?on  by  app   3)  requires  no  electronic  connec?ons   4)  very  simple  construc?on   •  no  comparison  to  today’s  mechanical  keys  in  devices  and  keypoards   73   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  74. 74.      Mul6-­‐Gesture,  Trampoline  Keys  •  Contact  us  to  learn  more  about  one  of  the   most  exci?ng  advances  in  keypad   technology  since  the  PC  keyboard  •  This  does  NOT  require  a  NeoKeys  UI  system        •  Can  be  implemented  as  a  peripheral,  an   add-­‐on  or  as  an  integrated  component  for   any  touchscreen  device   74   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  75. 75.               Sec6on  5.0     Addi6onal  and  Contact  Us  Informa6on   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   75 Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  76. 76. NeoKeys  Design  Principles  •  NeoKeys  implements  exactly  the  principle  underlying  the  only  user  experience  design  that  works  on  small  screen   mobile,  and  then  rolls  this  up  through  the  en?re  chain  devices   ①  show  the  user  ONLY  what  the  user  needs  at  the  ?me  the  user  needs  it,  and     ②  give  the  user  a  simple,  fast  way  of  switching  among  what  the  user  needs  •  Design  globally  for  app  commands   •  Apps  require  command  entry   •  Single  screen,  ouchscreens  devices  severely  limit  apps,  because     •  they  allow  for  only  a  highly  limited  set  of  command  entry   •  they  interrupt  the  user  experience  because  the  fingers  overlay  the  eyeball  media,  and  the  eyes  have   to  look  where  the  fingers  are  touching   •  Text  (is  only  one  instance  of  app  command  entry)   •  in  any  language   •  in  full   •  alphabet,  brushstrokes,  characters   •  punctua?on,   •  text  entry  commands,  etc))  is  only  an  instance  of  an  app)  •  In  other  words,  deliver  “Richness+Simplicity”  to  enhance  what  people  want,  globally,  from  their  mobile  and  cross-­‐ device  lifestyle   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   76   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  77. 77. More  White  Papers  –  page  1  •  –  a  Library  of  Websites    •  Privacy  and  the  Most  Relevant  Ads  •  Will  Apps  Replace  the  Web?  (or,  Why  WebHub?)  •  What  is  WebHub?  •  Search  re-­‐invented  for  mobile,  or  what  is  a  Connec?on  Engine?  •  Smartphone  Icons  –  A  System  for  Improving  Organiza?on  and  Access  •  What  is  the  PiQ  music  app?  •  The  Importance  of  Patent-­‐Protected  Differen?ators  to  Mobile  Device   Manufacturers  •  Topics  in  innova?on  in  mobile  technology  by  Yuvee  •  NeoKeys  –  How  it  works  and  why  it  is  cri?cal  to  touchscreen  devices   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   77   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  78. 78. More  White  Papers  –  page  2  •  What  is  the  NeoKeys  Mixed  Media  Keypad?  •  The  Challenge  of  Touchscreen  Cluher  (or  Making  Mobile  Screens  Big)  •  The  Non-­‐Subscriber  Revenue  Impera?ve  –  ROI  on  Telecoms  CapEx  •  Richness+Simplicity:    The  Holy  Grail  of  Mobile  UI  •  Yuvee  -­‐  Mobile  User  Experience  Conference  –  UX  Designers’  Den  Slides  •  Mone?zing  the  Keypad  Real  Estate  on  Mobile  Devices  •  The  Changing  Face  of  User  Input  on  Mobile  Devices  •  Compound  versus  Elemental  Devices  –  New  Mobile  Device  Market   Strategies  •  The  Incredible  Shrinking  Search  Results  Page  •  Dynamic  Keypads:  Terminology   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   78   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  79. 79.        Where  to  Read  White  Papers   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   79   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  80. 80. About  Yuvee  •  owns a global patent portfolio in mobile and cross-device user interface technologies•  runs a library of websites•  innovates in mobile and converged device design and user experiences §  making the next generation mobile and converged lifestyle effortless and immersive for the Web and apps ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   80   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  81. 81. What We Do  81   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at  
  82. 82. Contact  Yuvee  ü  Contact Yuvee for more information, licensing and partnering –  Tim Higginson at m 847.962.1623 or email at ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   82   Patents  issued  and  pending  –  see  lists  at