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Kirkstyles - Sustainable, Innovative and Affordable Construction


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Published in: Technology
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Kirkstyles - Sustainable, Innovative and Affordable Construction

  1. 1. “sustainable, affordable and innovative construction"K IRKST Y L ES
  2. 2. Sustainable,innovativeaffordable,The vision is to offer a complete solutioncombining modular, ultra efficient building systems with domestic energyharvesting and management systems. With energy efficient heating, coolingand lighting we can provide the fastest, lowest cost solution to enablecarbon negative constructionK IRKST Y L ESKIRKST YLES
  3. 3. K IRKST Y L ES• A complete sustainable, affordable build system• Plug & Play, compatible with current and future renewablesources• Meets or exceeds PassivHaus and the easiest way to achieve UK code6 regulations• A highly configurable modular system• An integrated solution combining building technologies,heating, energy harvesting and control systems• Future prooftechnicallyadvanced
  4. 4. K IRKST Y L ESthe teamtim harper…Entrepreneurialscientist with an eye on future materials and science whichis changing the way we do what we doSerial entrepreneur andproperty developer, with the vision to combine building blocks withadvanced material sciencepeter nabridny j…timothy fee…Consultant construction professional withexperience in all disciplines. Previously owner and MD of the UK’s 3rd largestprivate construction company with a turnover in excess of £100 millionmartin benson...Mechanical designer,engineer and inventor for over 30 years with considerableexperience and practical knowledge in most areasA wealth of experience in propertydevelopment, renewable energy, buildingsystems and advanced materialscollectively...
  5. 5. turnkeysystemInsulated concrete formwork build systemEnergy, time, man & material efficient floorsHigh performance & inspirational interior& exterior finishesCutting edge energy harvesting& storageLow impact heatingSelf adaptingcontrol systemsA combination of exclusivity, proprietary technologies andre-seller rights means that we are the sole provider of thisunique systemK IRKST Y L ES
  6. 6. K IRKST Y L ESwall systembigblock icf• Environmentally friendly singleenabling rapid build time with the minimum of waste• The only ICF system that can have complete wallspre-fabricated in our factory• The biggest most professional ICF block combinedwith the greatest lateral strength and folds flatwhen transported• Limitless design, height or thickness of wallscompatible with any exterior/interior finish• High effective U values plus thermal massingprovide greater energy savings than otherbuild systems• Seismic system with excellent soundproofing and fire resistance• Approved as a standard form ofconstruction by the Council ofMortgage Lenderscomponent system
  7. 7. K IRKST Y L ESthermufloorsuspended floors• educes site activity by 80%• Permanent insulation for the lifetime of the building• Up to 30% cost saving when comparedto traditional methods of construction• Resistant to moisture• 80% Carbon footprint reductionEasy to install by hand, r• Unsupported spans of up to 12m• Faster construction time compared toconventional methods, domestic floors requireonly 75mm concrete• Insulated thermal mass with improvedacoustic reductionground floors+ARated
  8. 8. K IRKST Y L ESthermuroof• Self supporting m• Pre-fabricated delivered ready to install• Highly adaptive - meets or exceeds allperformance requirements• Reduced build time and labour costsodular constructionefficient heatingUtilising the efficient construction we adopted asimplistic approach to heating.We heat the occupants not the home thenre-distribute residual heat.•No gas, oil or coal fired boilers• Unobtrusive in-house designed infraredheating for domestic and commercial• Custom designed heat re-distribution& clean air filtration withheat conditioning
  9. 9. finishingsystemsAn architects dream, no matter what the design briefwe have a finishing system• Stonestyles, eco friendly Granite and Sandstonealternative for external & internal walls & floors• Hardwood & Composite Cladding• Brick Slips , Stone Slips , and Brick Tiles• Trowel & Spray Render• Metals and Polymers• Thermulate, a 1mm thin ultra energy efficientinsulating & radiant reflective coating that can beapplied to most surfaces• Seamless partitioning eliminating therequirement for wet trades• Energy efficient LED lights & energystar rated appliancesK IRKST Y L ESTMTM
  10. 10. harvestingenergy• Fully modular energy storage, capable of utilisingany renewable energy source• Unobtrusive Xefro solar PV and solar thermalavailable as stand alone or combined units forreduced roof spaces• Xefro vertical vectored and non vectoredenhanced wind turbines• Future proof system, providing energyand a attractive economic incentive• Plug & Play compatible with currentand future renewable sourcesK IRKST Y L ES
  11. 11. K IRKST Y L ESintelligentcontrol“A technically smart home control system designedto actively control, reduce energy consumption andwaste”• Smart easy to install wireless system• Actively learns how you use energy• Up to 25% energy savings through intelligentswitching• Monitors and controls solar PV,solar thermal and wind turbinesgeneration to maximise storageand profitability
  12. 12. K IRKST Y L ESbenefits•• A rapid, modular system which can be supplied pre-fabricated• All components delivered to site on time thus eliminatingstolen materials• Cost effective - reduces the need for skilled trades• No weather related construction delays• Weather tight and warm interior provides excellent workingconditions for first and second fitting• Wide range of finishes to suit developer,client or local environment• No wastageCost comparable with existing build systemsNowastagedeveloper
  13. 13. K IRKST Y L ESoccupieradvantagesThe occupier can draw from an abundance of benefitsranging from energy saving, low maintenance, fire resistant,storm resilient, rot and vermin resistant and easily adaptable forfuture needsThe quality of build and its inherent air tightness allows the creation of ahealthy indoor environment achieved by filtered/conditioned fresh air•• Excellent sound insulation• Effective across a wide range ofclimate extremesLow running costs
  14. 14. K IRKST Y L ESsummarybuild system is an energy efficientsystem and out performs other current build systems withconstruction times far faster than existing techniques and as aresult provides cheaper development costs.Faster build time results in:-• Quicker turnaround• Early occupation• Provides maximum return on investment• Unbeatable life cycle costsKIRKST YLES
  15. 15. "Creating affordable,grid independent homesand communities"K IRKST Y L ESJubilee Way | Grange MoorWakefield | WF4 4TD+44 1924 84 80 20sales@kirkstyles.comkirkstyles.comK IRKST Y L ES