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Student Residential Projects

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L&H Student Living 2

  1. 1. student living learning designing building
  2. 2. about Lewis & Hickey are architects with an established reputation for project design and implementation stretching back over 100 years. The group operates out of seven international offices; Edinburgh, Guildford, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Mumbai and Prague, working on a wide variety of architectural projects across commercial, public and private sectors. We are involved in all stages of the complex end-to-end process of project delivery, from the inception of new ideas to practical completion. us At L&H we provide integrated teams that include not only architects, but also interior, product and graphic designers, supported by technicians, CDM coordinators and project managers. Our two sub brands signal the distinctive services we offer clients. L&H Studio provide clients with brand design services. L&H Solutions is a specialist project management consultancy.
  3. 3. Lewis & Hickey design 21st century student living which sets new levels of quality and instills investor confidence. architecture interior design product design graphic design project managers CDM coordinators building surveyors technicians 
  4. 4. holistic design Our experienced team have the knowledge and expertise to design contemporary student accommodation that is both robust and functional for the operators whilst providing excellent investment returns. “Lewis & Hickey work hard to understand our business and work closely with us to continually develop our brand. They are highly successful in designing and delivering contemporary buildings which meet our requirements and exceed our expectations” Rob Greaves - Opal Property Group
  5. 5. Ensure Our holistic approach seeks to maximise the benefits for each of are key to the successful delivery. financial viability our clients. We foster strong Commercial astuteness and a commitment to learning mean we relationships with developers and operators to understand their employ our vast knowledge to create Maximise product in the marketplace. We then buildings that add value at all levels value seek to develop and enhance that offering through high quality design. and promote our clients image. We often explore bespoke solutions to We work with clients from site problems to ensure we maximise Understand acquisition stage in developing value. client needs feasibility studies; assist them in obtaining funding; and finally we Understanding our client’s business is essential to designing a good transform the vision into reality with student living experience. Most Develop our extensive construction and major towns and cities in the UK technical knowledge. our client’s product already have a wide range of student accommodation buildings and brand We have experience in all methods of project procurement and delivery and villages on offer - we recognise including; Frameworks, Joint the need to keep evolving our Exceed Ventures, Partnerships and special designs to ensure students chose to live in the new developments first, purpose vehicles. We promote a end user team approach to all stages of our thereby maximising expectations work; we believe strong relationships occupancy levels. 
  6. 6. “L&H designed and delivered two phases of on-campus student accommodation with the University of Nottingham. As part of our ongoing relationship they have subsequently been appointed as a consultant on our Framework Agreement for future projects” Tim Brooksbank - University of Nottingham Estates
  7. 7. optimising performance A design solution needs to reflect the wide range of aspirations and needs for a suitable living environment. We work with our clients and local cafes, laundries, shops, bars and all environmental and sustainable education institutes to understand restaurants alongside a management innovations for the future running of the demographics of any particular suite with support services. We also the buildings and present our clients site. We then design a suitable consider broadening the usability of with all the options at an early stage. diverse mix of bedroom types and student accommodation for use in Together with the contractor we support facilities accordingly. This out-of-term periods – for example explore new innovations in materials, can range from cluster apartments designing the buildings for hotel/ construction systems and off-site to studios and private apartments, conference accommodation use. fabrication. all with varying specifications. Bedrooms and en-suite facilities We work closely with the delivery We believe there is a need to build can also vary from singles, twins team to promote sustainable better and build more efficiently and doubles. A development may methods of construction and – and we can add value to this also include leisure facilities, building operations. We consider process. 
  8. 8. University of Aston Student Village Birmingham
  9. 9. we know the market We have a thorough knowledge of the student living sector and can add value to the development process. Future predictions indicate that the there is likely to be further growth in Planning Permission, delivering demand for student living looks demand for Private Halls. the development effectively and set to continue, however more efficiently and ensuring effective efficient ways of delivering these By understanding all the factors management strategies are designed developments need to be established involved we can support our clients for maintaining and upgrading to ensure we continue to provide an in delivering successful student the facilities to compete with new effective new supply. living. We can work with you on competition the following; finding the right site As pressure increases from in the right location, getting the L&H have the knowledge and Local Authorities to reverse the Colleges & Universities on board, experience to support and / or lead ‘studentification’ of inner city suburbs designing diverse developments our clients in all of the activities stated back to affordable family housing, which meet local demand, obtaining above. 
  10. 10. “We have worked alongside Lewis & Hickey in developing on-campus student living for a major university. They understand effective and efficient design in construction and are pro-active in ensuring the team manage value to balance quality with affordability” Kevin Chrisp - Partner and Head of Student Accommodation EC Harris Built Asset Consultancy
  11. 11. trusted delivery We have the capacity to deliver and the expertise to make a difference. The strong relationships we build with clients and colleagues are founded on trust and defined by quality in all that we do. At Lewis & Hickey, we know the deadlines and budgets. our willingness to go the extra mile importance of delivering projects to meet and exceed expectations. within the time and cost specified, Positive working relationships Health and safety, together whilst maintaining the quality must be maintained to avoid with value for money, are key demanded: understanding the confrontations and delays, which is considerations as we aim to deliver requirements, effective design, why we strive to create a productive not only successful projects, but communication and planning are climate where collaboration and also strong, lasting partnerships the key to these goals. communication between clients, with everyone we work with. designers, consultants and We have extensive student living contractors is nurtured. experience from conception to practical completion, working with Our enduring relationships with design team partners to meet multiple clients are a reflection of 
  12. 12. Edinburgh Tel: +44 (0)13 1343 6222 Email: edinburgh@lewishickey.com Guildford Tel: +44 (0)14 8356 0908 Email: guildford@lewishickey.com London Tel: +44 (0)20 7724 1611 Email: london@lewishickey.com Manchester Tel: +44 (0)16 1236 2422 Email: manchester@lewishickey.com Nottingham Tel: +44 (0)11 5962 9000 Email: nottingham@lewishickey.com Mumbai Tel: +91 22 6710 7037 Email: mumbai@lewishickey.com Prague Tel: +42 (0)22 4222 277 Email: praha@lewishickey.com www.lewishickey.com < Click here for location maps >