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Education projects and approach

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L&H Education

  1. 1. education learning designing building
  2. 2. about Lewis & Hickey are architects with an established reputation for project design and implementation stretching back over 100 years. The group operates out of seven international offices; Edinburgh, Guildford, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Mumbai and Prague, working on a wide variety of architectural projects across commercial, public and private sectors. We are involved in all stages of the complex end-to-end process of project delivery, from the inception of new ideas to practical completion. us At L&H we provide integrated teams that include not only architects, but also interior, product and graphic designers, supported by technicians, CDM coordinators and project managers. Our two sub brands signal the distinctive services we offer clients. L&H Studio provide clients with brand design services. L&H Solutions is a specialist project management consultancy.
  3. 3. Lewis & Hickey providing inspirational learning environments to transform lives. architecture interior design product design graphic design project managers CDM coordinators building surveyors technicians 
  4. 4. a user centred approach We work with clients not just for them. On all our projects we design from the bottom up and inside out, focusing on the needs of each client. “Wherever we embark upon major development we will involve Lewis & Hickey because the calibre of their work is of the highest order.” Paul Moss - Head Teacher Montgomery High School, Blackpool
  5. 5. Consulting Stakeholders Listening to and consulting with stakeholders allows us to understand the learning needs of students and also the wider community so that a collective vision can be established from the outset. Sense of Ownership Engaging the Community Stakeholder involvement is key in Workshops, interviews and forums making a positive, enduring impact can help to focus solutions, as it engenders real feelings of ensuring we design and deliver the ownership and pride within unique learning environments that learning communities. This is why reflect education values as well as end users remain at the centre of facilitating the transformation of our design approach. lives through learning. Encouraging Participation All participants need to buy into the process to achieve the education vision. We go to great lengths to keep the community at the heart of the process, from the inception of ideas, to site visits, to the opening of a new facility. 
  6. 6. Virgo Fidelis Senior School, Upper Norwood, London
  7. 7. refreshing design We design attractive and welcoming environments that induce a feel good factor and reflect the growing ambition and spirit of learning. We believe that with good design We design with forward thinking. IT is integrated into our designs the features of modern schools This means our buildings are able providing students and staff with and colleges could have the same to accommodate future change. access in teaching, circulation and effect as the design features that Legitimate flexibility allows our social areas e.g cyber cafes. draw people into retail and leisure facilities to remain functional over destinations. time. We are focused on designing and delivering education facilities Our modern, vibrant environments Through effective design we that provide everyone with equal evoke a sense of ownership and ensure there are spaces for access to learning opportunities. pride, and become a focal point for individual, interactive and the local community. collaborative learning, personal time and social interaction. 
  8. 8. English International School, Prague
  9. 9. building relationships What binds us together is our We believe that it is essential to tap into the vision and ethos of what a school, college or attitude and commitment to university aspires to become in order to design an environment the work we do, the efforts that supports their systems, services and approach. we make to get it right and the Our work with leading brands across a range of sectors strong relationships we build with means that we are experts at understanding strategic issues. colleagues and clients along the way. We use this understanding to design inspiring environments that physically represent your core values. At L&H we strongly believe that all client relationships rely on clear communication. We express our ideas using a range of techniques that allow both us and the client to evaluate and evolve ideas into solutions that meet collective aspirations. 
  10. 10. International House, University of Surrey, Guildford
  11. 11. capacity to deliver L&H are well prepared to deliver the record level of forthcoming work in the education sector. We have the capacity to deliver and the expertise to make a real difference. Our education experience includes This can enhance the school Funding is a key variable in primary and secondary school and college working environment education projects. At L&H we take projects in the UK and Europe, as and make learning a more a lead role in balancing project well as long standing relationships attractive proposition. We believe affordability with the aspirations with the Universities at Surrey, that effective design can pay of stakeholders relating to Nottingham Trent, Middlesex, dividends in terms of the learning inspirational design, functionality Edinburgh and Stirling. experiences and outcomes. and build quality. This is complemented by a wealth Enduring relationships with major of knowledge in designing and blue chip clients reflect our ability delivering environments in which to make things happen, meet tight people work, play, surf the net, deadlines, deliver on promises and learn, exercise and purchase. provide best design for budget. 
  12. 12. Edinburgh Tel: +44 (0)13 1343 6222 Email: edinburgh@lewishickey.com Guildford Tel: +44 (0)14 8356 0908 Email: guildford@lewishickey.com London Tel: +44 (0)20 7724 1611 Email: london@lewishickey.com Manchester Tel: +44 (0)16 1236 2422 Email: manchester@lewishickey.com Nottingham Tel: +44 (0)11 5962 9000 Email: nottingham@lewishickey.com Mumbai Tel: +91 22 6710 7037 Email: mumbai@lewishickey.com Prague Tel: +42 (0)22 4222 277 Email: praha@lewishickey.com www.lewishickey.com < Click here for location maps >