Why You Have To Integrate SEO


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My Presentation from Brighton SEO focusing on why SEO must be integrated with broader marketing activity.

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Why You Have To Integrate SEO

  1. 1. Why You Have To Integrate SEO! Tim Grice
  2. 2. Ouch!!! Panda Unnatural Links Penguin
  3. 3. You can recoverWrite unique, useful contentRemove toxic linksAdd a disavow fileSend reconsiderationThere is a difference between a manual penalty and analgorithmic penalty.
  4. 4. Google Mean Business Matt Cutts Analyst Analyst Analyst Evaluators x 12 Evaluators x 12 Evaluators x 12
  5. 5. What do we mean?
  6. 6. Marketing Market Strategy Trends USP Key Target User Influences Audience JourneySEO should be integrated with a much widerstrategy
  7. 7. Trying to avoid amanual review is not an SEO strategy!
  8. 8. SEO Marketing Not Manipulation
  9. 9. Integrate Outreach Social Mentions PR Outreach Links Data Content Shares
  10. 10. Everybody has an opinion!
  11. 11. News Strategy Shortlist Target News Brainstorm Launch Content Sites Rewrite Social Use Quote Publish on Target Sites
  12. 12. Links = Traffic
  13. 13. Who is your target audience?Publish something useful and tell them!
  14. 14. 3 Links 366 Relevant Visitors 117 Comments41 linking route domains
  15. 15. Nobody is interested in my content?
  16. 16. Mentions + PR 20 link opportunities in 5 minutes!
  17. 17. But don’t stop there…Who is sharing your mentions?Who is commenting on your mentions?Who is linking to your mention?This is likely to be your target audience,whether for links, shares or sales.
  18. 18. Don’t Chase Competitors’ Bad LinksThey’ve Probably Disavowed Them
  19. 19. Targeted Outreach?We spend so much time looking for link targetsContent is placed on any relevant websiteWho is going to read it?Who is going to share it?Are we putting our content in front of the right people?
  20. 20. If it was for Branded3?
  21. 21. Justifying a LinkRelevantGreat MetricsHigh TrafficSocially activeTarget Audience
  22. 22. We can apply the same principles to content
  23. 23. This is useful, but it’s not a content roadmap
  24. 24. InterestBlogging Press ConsiderationVideos Q&A PurchaseLocators Offers
  25. 25. Every Bit of Content Produced Can Be Used For Outreach
  26. 26. A Word on Rankings
  27. 27. CTR &RTS Algo?
  28. 28. SummaryThere is no silver bullet, if you have no assets, you have no SEOstrategyLink building is not dead, just differentConsider key objectives in all activityFinding and engaging influences is keyIf you already rank well, links are most likely not the difference
  29. 29. Questionstim.grice@branded3.com@tim_grice