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B3seminar oct tim final

Slides from Branded3 seminar Oct 2013. Tim talks through link building in 2013, how thinking needs to change, and why you have to be worth talking about in order to generate natural links.

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B3seminar oct tim final

  1. 1. You’ll never build a natural link until you’re worth talking about Tim Grice – Head of Search
  2. 2. Keywords Rankings
  3. 3. Links Rankings
  4. 4. SEO Google
  5. 5. Why?
  6. 6. It worked
  7. 7. Google are stupid
  8. 8. Everybody does it
  9. 9. It was cheap
  10. 10. This categorically does not work anymore
  11. 11. Penalties
  12. 12. Manual Reviews Review Trigger Applied
  13. 13. But also because….. • Disavow Data • Devaluation of other signals • Network Discovery • Webmasters are more inclined to report
  14. 14. Unnatural Links Bad Strategy Penguin 2.0
  15. 15. Algorithms
  16. 16. 2009 - Vince “An algorithm that seemed to favour big brands, as it was thought users could trust brands more”
  17. 17. 2010 – May Day “Sites with large-scale thin content were devalued, all in attempt to give users better results”
  18. 18. 2010 – Google Instant “Faster results for users”
  19. 19. 2010 – Social Signals “Google & Bing confirm the incorporation of social signals as part of the algorithm, leveraging user data from Facebook & Twitter”
  20. 20. 2011 – Panda “Affected 12% of search results, devaluing thin content, content farms, and websites that offered little value to the user”
  21. 21. 2012 – Search + Your World “Further moves towards personalisation and the incorporation of Google + user data”
  22. 22. 2012 – Venice “Provided users with more localised results”
  23. 23. 2013 – Hummingbird “Attempts to understand keyword associations and user intent.”
  24. 24. SEO Google
  25. 25. What Google Think? Q:Want to use Google as a platform to sell? A: Use Adwords, Shopping, Places. Q:Want to add value, insight and contribute to the conversation? A: SEO is your friend.
  26. 26. “How do I get to the top of Google?” is the wrong question.
  27. 27. “How do I get so popular that Google have no choice but to rank me?” is the right question.
  28. 28. On site guidelines will always be in place. Duplicate Content • Canonical tags • • Schema • Site Architecture • Pagination • Etc…… …and will always be important.
  29. 29. But there is a reason Google doesn’t issue link strategy guidelines
  30. 30. Let’s talk
  31. 31. The current Sentiment Engagement NEWS DESIGN BUILD Quality Structure CITATIONS is listening to… CONTENT CONVERSATIONS Authority BLOG Satisfaction SOCIAL Relevance Freshness
  32. 32. Tactics are fine but first address your thinking.
  33. 33. Some questions… • Who are your audience? • What are they interested in? • What online conversations are they having? • What do they need answers to?
  34. 34. Become genuinely interested
  35. 35. Interested in… • In your industry • In your audience • In your customers • In problem solving • In adding value
  36. 36. Focus on their interests
  37. 37. You begin asking the right questions. • What conversations are people having? • What would people find helpful? • What are people missing? • What do people find contentious • What do people find humorous? • What are people sharing?
  38. 38. Historic questions What links do our competitors have? Do Google prefer in content links? What anchor text is best for Google? Will Google penalise me for paid sidebar links? What is the ideal PageRank for a link? Is a link at the top of the page better than the bottom?
  39. 39. Google want to know about People
  40. 40. Let’s talk
  41. 41. Don’t pay for links…. Pay for a star
  42. 42. Oh, and did I mention Links?
  43. 43. Paid Media = Earned Links Use cheap paid media to kick start campaigns. Contentious/Humorous content works best.
  44. 44. Have a sense of humour
  45. 45. Have an opinion “If you don’t focus on people your link strategy will not stand the test of time” Tim Grice Brand3 Link please
  46. 46. Focusing on your audience means you can forget about your products.
  47. 47. Do your research and offer up your findings.
  48. 48. You Feeds the
  49. 49. A Strategy that meets multiple objectives • Activates conversation around your business • Puts in front of your target audience • Encourages and increases brand search • Generates shares and likes • Allows you to truly engage people and build relationships • Puts you in the ZMOT
  50. 50. Customers will use an average of 10 resources before making a decision to purchase
  51. 51. Summary • • • • • Put real effort into becoming the best result Take an interest in people Be worth talking about Talk in terms of your audience interests Add Value
  52. 52. Thank You @Tim_Grice
  53. 53. #B3Seminar @Branded_3