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Advanced seo strategies 2012 tfm&a Tim Grice


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Tim Grice shares tips and strategies for getting the most out of your SEO efforts in 2012.

Published in: Technology, Design
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  • Hi Tim

    I like your Presentation and have learnt one or two techniques here. However, I am interested in knowing how you got the figures for Potential Search, Conversions and Conversion Value. Is there a tool or formula you used here?

    Would love to implement all your ideas on my brand new site and see how it goes.

    Thanks a lot!
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Advanced seo strategies 2012 tfm&a Tim Grice

  1. 1. Advanced SEO Strategies 2012Tim GriceHead of Search, Branded3
  2. 2. High Value, Natural Link Signals• Why in Content?• Anchor Text Variation• „News‟ Strategy• Freshness• Developing Natural Signals
  3. 3. In Content Links Work Better• More defendable• Less likely to be devalued• Compliment Outreach• More relevant
  4. 4. Anchor Text Variation• Old advice but still under used• Use „related searches‟ + Google Suggest• Avoids filters and adds value
  5. 5. News Strategy Regular Content Agree on Updates Re-write Content Commentary Push Story to Publish through Incorporate Sourced Blogs news sites Brand Spread Story Monitor Alerts for Syndication Through Social Link Media Opportunities
  6. 6. Why it Works…• Mimic‟s the natural spread of content around the web• Creates a natural link spike• Brand signals work• A natural spread of authority
  7. 7. „Fresh Rank‟• Google wants up to date content• A page can be deemed „fresh‟ through inbound links• Links placed in „crawled‟ content have low value
  8. 8. Freshness Test
  9. 9. Developing Natural Signals• Google improving link analysis• Anchor text variation and brand• Location of links• Authority spread of incoming links• Justify your links• Targeting „high‟ metrics only, is a mistake
  10. 10. Protecting Your SiteVariation = Filter Protection
  11. 11. Anchor Text• Decide on 10 – 15 keywords per page• Use „Brand‟ and „Noise‟ signals• Use the Google Keyword tool/Suggest/Related Searches• Helps understand the true SEO value of a page
  12. 12. Variation in Action!
  13. 13. Link Types“It‟s not all about metrics”
  14. 14. Paid Link Profile
  15. 15. Google Panda• Biggest Offences > Internal duplicated content > Cross domain duplication > Pagination issues > Thin pages• SEO teams need be involved in every site update• Panda is not a link based algorithm
  16. 16. International SEO + hreflang• Google has issues with duplicated content across international sites• Consolidate page signals using the language tag• Canonical link same language sites back to the master domain (.com, .ie,, .ca etc…)• All sites benefit from the authority of the canonical domain
  17. 17. Competitor Strategies6 Questions to ask:-• What type of links are they?• What is the spread of authority?• Which countries do the come from?• Which sites do they publish content on?• At what rate are they building links?• What is their overall PR/Social Strategy?
  18. 18. The Links• Editorial links• Text links/Paid Links• Banner image links• Link Spam• Infographics / Social Links• Bookmarking & ForumsAlways pick the better links to copy, these are the oneswith the most longevity
  19. 19. Open Site Explorer
  20. 20. Authority Spread
  21. 21. Link Location
  22. 22. Majestic SEO• How aggressive are competitors?• Can you overtake them?
  23. 23. Infographics• Use Image Search to find linking sites
  24. 24. Social Link Strategy• What news are they syndicating?• What link bait ideas worked & who linked to them?• Where do they guest blog?
  25. 25. Search Metrics• What content works best?
  26. 26. ROI + SEO• Much more difficult than Paid Search• Rarely develop ROI on a keyword basis• You need to understand where your biggest opportunities are• Best to measure ROI on a page basis
  27. 27. Cumulative SEO Benefit• Decide on target keywords per page• Estimate cumulative traffic• Use average conversion data to estimate value• Expect to wait 12 months to break even
  28. 28. Opportunity Analysis Conversion Rate Opportunity Potential Ranking Traffic
  29. 29. Opportunity Analysis• Look for relevant keywords ranking between 12 – 20• Estimate potential traffic• Factor in average conversion rate• Quickest avenue to ROI• Can use multiple API‟s to automatically process
  30. 30. Attack + Defend Strategy• High value keywords need maintaining• Attack terms can be moved into defence once rankings achieved• Less effort needed to defend keywords• Allows you to target more terms without increasing budgets
  31. 31. Learning More• Read &• Email for free SEO advice or connect on Twitter @tim_grice• Visit our website