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Advanced Link Building Training - Tim Grice - Brighton SEO


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Tim Grice shares insight and expert advice on link building and SEO. Taking into account recent algorithm changes and the need to make links natural and of editorial value.

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Advanced Link Building Training - Tim Grice - Brighton SEO

  1. 1. Advanced Link Building WorkshopAdvanced Link BuildingWorkshopby Tim Grice
  2. 2. Advanced Link Building Workshop
  3. 3. Advanced Link Building WorkshopContents• SEO Landscape • Penguin & Unnatural Links • Removals and Reconsideration• Crafting the Perfect Profile • Brand Anchor Text & Variation • Negative Profiles • Editorial Discretion• Link Building Strategies • Advanced outreach • Budget SEO • Integrated Strategies
  4. 4. Advanced Link Building WorkshopSEO Turbulence
  5. 5. Advanced Link Building WorkshopGoogle’s On-going Clean Up • Toolbar PageRank Launched2000 • Florida Update - The Death of Keyword Stuffing2003 • Cassandra – Death to Hidden Links and co-owned domains • Austin Update – Hidden Text and Meta Tag Stuffing2004 • Jagger Update – Devaluation of low quality links (reciprocal links & link farms)2005 • Nofollow to control outbound links • Vince – The Brand Update2009 • Rel Canonical – Duplicate Clean Up • Bing & Google Confirm Social Signals are used in Algorithm2010 • May Day Update – Sites with low quality thin content seemed to affected • PANDA!!2011 • Unnatural Links / Penguin / Blog Networks2012
  6. 6. Advanced Link Building WorkshopSEO Changed• Low quality content is actively being penalised• Unnatural links are been devalued and causing penalties• Anchor text manipulation is being actively penalisedGoogle are getting better at detecting quality and removing spam
  7. 7. Advanced Link Building WorkshopUnnatural Links 1 2
  8. 8. Advanced Link Building WorkshopSlight Difference • Penalty Applied 2 – 3 weeks after the message Message 1 • Links have to be removed and Reconsideration submitted • Less serious, may see slight drops in key terms Message 2 • Should endeavour to remove links and monitor rankings • Consider reconsideration if rankings/traffic don’t recover
  9. 9. Advanced Link Building WorkshopPenguin• The Over Optimisation Algorithm• 3% of queries affected• Aggressive anchor text• Unnatural link patterns/signals• Aggressive on page tactics • Keyword stuffing • Hidden text • Manipulative redirects • Cloaking • Manipulative Content
  10. 10. Advanced Link Building WorkshopCombating Unnatural Links• Look for low quality follow links in your profile that pass weight and/or anchor text• Unnatural Links 1 – All links to be removed and reconsideration to be sent via Webmaster Tools• Unnatural Links 2 – Identify spam links, remove, apply reconsideration only if you have seen negative impact
  11. 11. Advanced Link Building WorkshopLink Audit
  12. 12. Advanced Link Building WorkshopLink Classification
  13. 13. Advanced Link Building WorkshopIs this link manipulative?
  14. 14. Advanced Link Building WorkshopUnnatural Links Hit• Rankings relying on low quality links will all drop• Most severe penalties hit with the first batch of messages• Removing links + Reconsideration is the only way to recover
  15. 15. Advanced Link Building WorkshopAdditional Considerations• Build high value editorial links with brand anchor text• Use branded email address if possible• Use pseudonym email address for particularly spammy sites, as a social/PR backlash is possible
  16. 16. Advanced Link Building WorkshopPenguin – Link Spam Algorithm• Targets web spam tactics that have been against Google’s guidelines for years• Looks for unusual linking patterns• Links in spun or scraped content• Aggressive anchor text strategies• Devalues rankings for keywords that have been aggressively targeted
  17. 17. Advanced Link Building WorkshopPenguin Hit• Specific keywords lose rankings• Anchor text manipulation is a significant factor• Remove links and wait for algorithm to update
  18. 18. Advanced Link Building WorkshopRemoval Process Contact Whois Hosting Form
  19. 19. Advanced Link Building WorkshopReconsideration Advice• Only submit when you have removed 80% of identified links or more• Attach Google doc that displays the effort made to clean links up• Attach challenging email exchanges• Show evidence of contact e.g. email addresses
  20. 20. Advanced Link Building WorkshopLink Penalty Recovery
  21. 21. Advanced Link Building WorkshopReconsideration Recovery
  22. 22. Advanced Link Building Workshop301 Redirect?• Will help recover in the short term• If links aren’t removed penalty will pass 3 – 4 months later• May consider 404ing redirecting problem pages away from the domain• Always last resort
  23. 23. Advanced Link Building WorkshopIs SEO Dead?
  24. 24. Advanced Link Building Workshop Comment Spam Article Content Marketing Spinning SEO Text Strategy FakeLink Ads Reviews Blog Forum Networks Profiles If this is your strategy, YES!
  25. 25. Advanced Link Building WorkshopThe Right Strategy
  26. 26. Advanced Link Building Workshop Locations Optimisation Video Optimisation Outreach Schema Content StrategyBlogging SEO Authorship Strategy Image Optimisation Technical SEO Social Google + Editorial Link Building
  27. 27. Advanced Link Building WorkshopYour Strategy Has To Change
  28. 28. Advanced Link Building Workshop
  29. 29. Advanced Link Building WorkshopLink Building Isn’t Enough…
  30. 30. Advanced Link Building WorkshopLink Profile Architecture• Building links with editorial value• Perform outreach to facilitate content/social strategy• Remove poor links• Balance anchor text with keyword variation• Actively build brand links
  31. 31. Advanced Link Building WorkshopNegative SEO?
  32. 32. Advanced Link Building WorkshopAdvice From Google• They see a slightly different version of webmaster tools• Links can take months to be re-crawled and ‘neutralised’• All requests are manually reviewed• Google work on a sample of links (you have to remove from this sample)
  33. 33. Advanced Link Building WorkshopGoogle Webmaster Hangouts bmasterhelpforum/en/office- hours
  34. 34. Advanced Link Building WorkshopSummary• Remove duplicate/low quality content• Remove spam links from your profile• Send in reconsideration if you have been negatively affected• Adopt an editorial link building strategy with a high editorial threshold• Clean up anchor text manipulation and balance profile with brand signals• Adopt a more holistic strategy incorporating all search products
  35. 35. Advanced Link Building WorkshopCrafting the Perfect Link profile
  36. 36. Advanced Link Building WorkshopBrand Anchor Text
  37. 37. Advanced Link Building WorkshopVariation
  38. 38. Advanced Link Building Workshop
  39. 39. Advanced Link Building WorkshopDomain Authority Spread
  40. 40. Advanced Link Building WorkshopPaid Links?
  41. 41. Advanced Link Building WorkshopNatural Profile
  42. 42. Advanced Link Building WorkshopLink strategyThe only way to future-proof your link strategy is to make links a naturalby-product of your normal marketing strategyAs you might expect, this isn’t easy. How many links does your marketingstrategy deliver every month at the moment?If you sit back and wait for links to arrive you won’t get enough to rank
  43. 43. Advanced Link Building WorkshopRelationshipsMost agency/client link building relationships work like this Corporate Comms Linkbuilding Media Public Affairs Relations Agency Client PR Onsite Keyword SEO Strategy Optimisation Research Strategy Internal Blog Outreach Comms Other SEO Crisis Comms Social Media projects Client does some great stuff over here Agency does some other stuff over there
  44. 44. Advanced Link Building WorkshopIt should work something like this Marketing Media Blog Social Crisis Internal PublicCorporate Comms SEO Relations Outreach Media Comms Comms Affairs SEO Links Links Links Keywords Links Links Links Training Technical Reputation SEO Management Every marketing task can be performed by the client or the agency – usually an agile agency will fill the gaps where the client doesn’t have in-house resource
  45. 45. Advanced Link Building WorkshopTweeting
  46. 46. Advanced Link Building WorkshopEditorial Discretion “I would draw a little bit of daylight between paid directories that exercise no editorial discretion and those like Yahoo, who have a high editorial threshold.” Matt Cutts - Feb 2012 We need to be focusing on building links that very few people can get, links that clearly show editorial discretion has taken place.
  47. 47. Advanced Link Building WorkshopDoesn’t matter if links are paid, it matters how they appear.
  48. 48. Advanced Link Building WorkshopSharing Links• Good content always gets more shares than links• Social shares should be built at the same time as creating links• Links acquired should be shared• If a piece of content doesn’t warrant a share, it doesn’t warrant a link
  49. 49. Advanced Link Building WorkshopIt’s not about quantity…. anymore
  50. 50. Advanced Link Building WorkshopLink Quantity
  51. 51. Advanced Link Building WorkshopLink Building Strategies
  52. 52. Advanced Link Building WorkshopOutreach Process Create Begin Niche Mutual Outreach Evaluate Profiling Benefit Campaign
  53. 53. Advanced Link Building WorkshopBreaking Down A NicheExample – Film and movie bloggers:• Film news• Independent film• Horror• Action• Film reviews• Film makingA single generic approach simply wont cut it across all of these niches, weneed to tailor our outreach to each mini-niche
  54. 54. Advanced Link Building WorkshopShared & Linked To ArticlesWhy do we need this?The most important element of the profileIf we know what articles are shared and linked to – we can tailor our contentand outreach hooks around thisThere are a few ways this can be done for different budget sizes…
  55. 55. Advanced Link Building WorkshopOpen Site Explorer
  56. 56. Advanced Link Building WorkshopTurn into a table and sort by social metrics or link metrics – note down both
  57. 57. Advanced Link Building WorkshopSearchMetricsThese are the top, socially visible postsGreat indication as to the content that the niche wants
  58. 58. Advanced Link Building WorkshopBuzzStreamStore contacts and send emails through BuzzStream
  59. 59. Advanced Link Building WorkshopPossible TemplateHi [name],I hope all is well.I am currently representing [client x] who are [client info].We’re actually a big fan of your blog over here, and we saw that [post x] was a real winner for you guys last yearwith almost [x shares] on [SM platform], we liked it so much that we wrote a follow up piece to see if it could getclose to [post x] in terms of popularity on [SM platform], which would give you guys some great exposure inthat platform.Let me know if you’d be interested and we can send it over for you to have a read through.Many thanks,Joe Griffiths
  60. 60. Advanced Link Building WorkshopA More Generic ApproachHi [First Name],I hope this email finds you well. I came across [primary website] and I really love it!I manage [client x’s] blogger relations where we’re looking to connect with key figures in the [niche] blogosphere, acommunity that is very important to us.So much so that we’re hosting an exclusive, invite only Google+ Hangout [event description] We would love to extendthis invite to you and ask for you to cover this on [site name] where we will supply you with a video of the Hangoutand ask you to share your experiences with your readers.Please RSVP back to me and I can get you booked in Hope to hear from you soon!Best regards,[Name]Blogger relations
  61. 61. Advanced Link Building WorkshopPress Release Strategies
  62. 62. Advanced Link Building WorkshopPress Release Results
  63. 63. Advanced Link Building WorkshopAre they worth it?• Use as part of a brand anchor text strategy• Push out in line with other outreach activity• Only publish content that is genuinely news worthy• There are better ways to spend cash (consider cision point)
  64. 64. Advanced Link Building WorkshopLink Wheel… With a Twist Guest post Guest Guest Post post Authority Publisher Target Website Guest Guest Post Post
  65. 65. Advanced Link Building WorkshopAdvertorials
  66. 66. Advanced Link Building WorkshopNewspapers Penalised?• If below a PR the site is likely penalised• Check quality of sponsored/advertorial type content• Ensure your content is high quality and links naturally
  67. 67. Advanced Link Building WorkshopInfogr.amCreate an Infographic in minutesYou could offer to visualise posts that were popularin the niche by using the social data from the profilesIf that doesn’t work data is also freely available atlots of governmental websitesKeep links natural/brand
  68. 68. Advanced Link Building WorkshopLeveraging Links• Interviews• Images• Translation• Commentary• Giveaways• Flattery• Sharing
  69. 69. Advanced Link Building WorkshopExamples• Bingo – Mummy Blogger Awards• Trailers from Cinema Chain• Expert opinion – financial spread betting• Data trends from diamond retailer• Backup Plugin for Wordpress
  70. 70. Advanced Link Building WorkshopLow Budget SEO• Have to move away from focussing on quantity• Bi monthly outreach / link building (you don’t have to do it all in 1 month)• Make use of white hat networks
  71. 71. Advanced Link Building WorkshopGuest Post Friendly?Have guest posts been posted previously? If no, it indicates they aren’t open to receivingarticles and a different approach (or awesome outreach) is needed
  72. 72. Advanced Link Building WorkshopWrite for us +
  73. 73. Advanced Link Building WorkshopAuthority Publisher Brainstorm Publish on Seed out to Monitor Get Buy In Ideas Authority Site Bloggers Alerts/Links
  74. 74. Advanced Link Building WorkshopOur news strategy Base content around current events Comment and react to industry changes and news Incorporate your social activities into you content
  75. 75. Advanced Link Building WorkshopRecommended Tools
  76. 76. Advanced Link Building WorkshopSummary• Bad links have to be removed• A natural link profile should be crafted• Link building should be a bi-product of wider marketing activity• Links acquired should have editorial value• Find something to leverage• Low budget white hat SEO is possible• Invest in the right tools
  77. 77. Advanced Link Building WorkshopQuestions?Tim.grice@branded3.com