Mobile Oxford - Open Source Junction 29 March 2011


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Mobile Oxford - Open Source Junction 29 March 2011

  1. 1. Mobile Oxford Case Study Open Source Junction 29 March 2011 Tim Fernando Tech. Project Manager Oxford University Computing Services Mobile Oxford Molly ProjectUniversity of Oxford http://mollyproject.org @mobileox @mollyproject
  2. 2. What do _you_ do?
  3. 3. HTML5 kicked into 2014Another three years of crushing hype - The Register 14th February 2011
  4. 4. “Not using HTML5 is like not usingEnglish because it hasn’t been finished”
  5. 5. YOU NEED TO DEVELOP FOR THE WEB* * All caps signifies importance of this statement
  6. 6. But it won’t do what a native app will! Check out what this document says
  7. 7. Do you have a significant use case that _needs_ a native app?
  8. 8. Many tasks + cheap computing = many devices
  9. 9. Each form factor suits certain uses more than others
  10. 10. ‘Glance’ DeviceWeather, contact information, sports results,meeting room status
  11. 11. ‘Watch/Ultra compact’ DeviceWho’s calling, number of e-mails waiting
  12. 12. Tablet DeviceWeb browsing, e-mail,photo viewing, mapping, visual design
  13. 13. E-ReaderLow eyestrain document display, note taking
  14. 14. Smart PhoneFast e-mail, simple tasks e.g. booking a tutorial, finding a librarybook, and a primary location sensitive information display
  15. 15. Samsung i5500 Galaxy EuropaSIM Unlocked ≈ £140Features Android 2.1 WifiQVGA 2.8” Screen 3MP CameraQuadband GSM + Accelerometer 3G Digital Compass GPS FM Radio
  16. 16. £111Excellent Reading ExperienceWiFi, Web Browser
  17. 17. Do you really want to write a native app for each of these?
  18. 18. Mobile Oxford
  19. 19. “Institutional Innovation” funding strand 18 months, approximately 2FTE From October 2008
  20. 20. Erewhon’s AimsGeo-spatial database Demo Mobile Apps Mobilisation of Sakai VLE (with temporal sensitivity) Disseminate knowledge learned
  21. 21. Demo Mobile Apps Mobilisation of Sakai VLE
  22. 22. The available options (Q1 2009)+ Was made freely available under MIT + Promised fast deployment times (perhaps License Q1 2009. unrealistic) + Works on many devices. + Fully managed with contractual obligations- Code was ‘dumped’ as open source - iPhone Only (at time) - No community input - Service had not been deployed anywhere - We were not a PHP shop - Vendor lock-in - Yearly fees - Development fees - Long term sustainability/relevance unknown
  23. 23. The available options (Q1 2009) Both required a lot of work on our side
  24. 24. Mobile Oxford work started in Q3 2009
  25. 25. It needed to be:Accessible and Inclusive
  26. 26. For prospective students, currentstudents, staff and the general public
  27. 27. An Open Source Community ProjectThe “community” being pivotal in its long term sustainability
  28. 28. Extensible and have significant longevity
  29. 29. Work on any web-capable device
  30. 30. *Not* reactionary.
  31. 31. A consistent UI
  32. 32. Perform a number of key functions server-side Not proxying, not iframing etc.
  33. 33.
  34. 34. Winner - UCISA Award for Excellence 2010Finalist - Learning Without Frontiers Innovation Award 2011 UK Nomination - UN World Summit Award in Mobile (Education) 2010
  35. 35. Device DetectionSmartphones, Featurephones, Desktops (Tablets coming)
  36. 36. PLACES Multiple geo-data sourcesincluding Open Street Map (community sourced), OxPoints, Department for Transport etc.
  37. 37. Transport information- a compelling reason to revisit
  38. 38. TRANSPORT Integrated view of Oxford’stransport incorporating Park and Ride spaces, real time bus and railway information
  39. 39. CONTACTS Via LDAP
  40. 40. LIBRARY SEARCH Z39.50 (library protocol),OpenStreetMap, 3rd Party GIS
  41. 41. Universal SearchPattern matching for ISBNs, Bus Stops and interfaces with our Google Search Appliance.
  42. 42. WEBLEARNBased on the Sakai VLE
  43. 43. Weblearn ToolsPolls (simple survey)Evaluations (extended survey)Sign Ups (book events)
  44. 44. Polls Tool Example1.Lecturer sets up a ‘poll’ in Weblearn2.Lecturer pastes short URL and 2D Barcode in slides3.Students answer on whatever device they have
  45. 45. URL ShortenerOnly shortens valid links on and provides an easy to type numeric short code e.g. or QR code: *If the page contains secure content, the number is randomised
  46. 46. Other ideas/work in progress More Sakai tools Walking/Cycle Routing Short Course Bookings College Meal Bookings Location based study group organiser Augmented reality layer Further social networking integration Local city event listings Fully AJAX interface Official Traffic cameras Many more!
  47. 47. Mobile Oxford The ‘one stop shop’ for Mobile devicesSide effect: has become a central aggregation point Op en Str eet w s Ma p Ne Service status Library search s Mu top ch mo ss re! Bu
  48. 48. Black Box Data Flow Diagram (Simplified) etc. phones under 100USD Molly as ‘Mobile Oxford’ Feature phone UI OSS Data Aggregation and Manipulation Oracle Student System Lots of Data Sources Layer Web User Oak Directory Service Interface OxPoints RESTfull API Geo-Spatial Database Smartphone UI Oxford iTunes U IntegrationOxford Library Information Service Other Native Open Street Map Applications ApplicationsAnd More...
  49. 49. What’s Molly?1. A girl, a woman, esp. a lower-class one; (occas.) a prostitute. Cf. MOLL n.2 Now chiefly Irish English. - Oxford English Dictionary
  50. 50. What’s Molly?1. A girl, a woman, esp. a lower-class one; (occas.) a prostitute. Cf. MOLL n.2 Now chiefly Irish English. - Oxford English Dictionary
  51. 51. Mobile Oxford is now developed entirely in the open as part of the Molly ProjectFREE! Licensed under AFL v3 1.0 Release Candidate now availableDeployment time depends on existing skills set. Those with existing Python/ Django can often customise and test deploy within a day.
  52. 52. check us out on COCOMO Based (probably rubbish in this case)
  53. 53. The Mobile Oxford team isavailable for fast bespoke or Molly- related development Personal GPS Tracking Mobile departmental System (for time use admissions information research) website
  54. 54. Me: @timfernando Oxford @mobileox http://mollyproject.orgMolly Project @mollyproject