Microsoft Bing Maps Overview - University of Oxford Webmaster' Workshop - 1-JUL-2009


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Microsoft Bing Maps Overview - University of Oxford Webmaster' Workshop - 1-JUL-2009

  1. 1. Microsoft “BING” Maps Overview 1st July 2009 Tim Fernando
  2. 2. Mapping Tiles Google Yahoo Microsoft Open Street Map Nasa
  3. 3. Advantages of Bing Maps • Aerial views of British cities • Superior 3d modelling of some British cities • More available integration with Microsoft products
  4. 4. Microsoft Live Bing Maps
  5. 5. Seemingly not exactly the same as “multimap from bing”
  6. 6. URL API Overview parameter1=test&parameter2=example Example:,uk
  7. 7. Basic Search default.aspx?v=2&where1=ox26nn,uk&style=o Version 2 of API Location = ox26nn,uk Style of Map a = aerial view (satellite) r = road view h = hybrid o = bird’s eye
  8. 8. Result!,uk&style=o
  9. 9. Determining a URL for a specific map Specifying the centre point cp=lat~lon “lvl” specifies zoom level 15-19 useful for local road views co-ordinates must be in decimal degrees and seperated by a tilde (%7E) default.aspx?v=2&cp=51.760046~-1.260378&lvl=16
  10. 10. Determining a URL for a specific location cp=51.760046~-1.260378&lvl=16
  11. 11. Determining a URL for a specific map by a location search request For UK search requests add “,uk” to the end, otherwise your search will probably end up in the middle of the US! There appears to be no way to specify zoom level with this request. where1=request default.aspx?v=2&where1=ox26nn,uk
  12. 12. Determining a URL for a specific map e.g. where1=ox26nn,uk
  13. 13. Determining a URL for a specific map Cool feature! But seemingly inconsistent. style=typeOfMap scene=IDOfScene default.aspx?v=2&style=o&scene=7588739
  14. 14. Local Collections Allows you to keep an “eye out” for things happening in a particular area.
  15. 15. Subscribing to local Collections
  16. 16. OxPoints! New OxPoints now LIVE! (but still not stable)
  17. 17. OxPoints API Overview - 1 What we support as of today colleges departments carparks libraries museums .format Example:
  18. 18. API Overview - 2 What we support as of today /oucs/code /olis/code .format Example:
  19. 19. API Overview Future api calls? - Let us know what you want! all .format Retrieve a list of all OxPoints entities oucs/oucs-code/occupies .format Retrieve a list of all entities owned by a oucs/olis code
  20. 20. Coming soon Complex queries oucs/code1|code2|code3|code4 .format
  21. 21. API Key Formats .format KML JSON GEOJSON XML
  22. 22. Map of Departments in Oxford Shown using Open Street Map
  23. 23. Where we are now and a particular Library
  24. 24. Oxford University Car Parks Displayed on TomTom 930T
  25. 25. Loading KML Just like Google Maps, you can pass a KML file (e.g. a collection of points) straight through to Bing Maps
  26. 26. Piping OxPoints into Bing default.aspx?v=2&mapurl=
  27. 27. More Information = OxPoints Twitter tag #oxp