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IBM Digital Workplace Hub with IBM Connections & TIMETOACT's XCC - Web Content & Custom Apps Extension


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This presentation is an overview of the problems of traditional intranets that use different platforms for communication, collaboration and applications and shows what an deeply integrated Intranet on the basis of IBM Connections & XCC - Web Content & Custom Apps Extension could look like.

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IBM Digital Workplace Hub with IBM Connections & TIMETOACT's XCC - Web Content & Custom Apps Extension

  1. 1. IBM Digital Workplace Hub Powered by IBM Connections & XCC - Web Content & Custom Apps Extension Felix Binsack IBM Champion Founder & CEO TIMETOACT GROUP Inventor and Product Manager of XCC
  2. 2. 2 “IBM Digital Workplace Hub” Please don’t get confused :-) IBM offers an IBM Connections and XCC in a software bundle as the “IBM Digital Workplace Hub”. TIMETOACT refers to the bundle as the “IBM Digital Workplace Hub - Powered by IBM Connections and XCC – Web Content & Custom Apps Extension”. TIMETOACT previously used the term “TIMETOACT Universal Intranet” for the bundle too.
  3. 3. 3 About TIMETOACT Felix Binsack • IBM Champion • Founder & CEO TIMETOACT GROUP • Inventor and Product Manager of XCC • • Founded 1998 • 6 Companies • 270 Employees • Owned and Managed by Founders • HQ in Cologne, Germany • Offices in Munster, Hamburg, Munich, Augsburg, Stuttgart, Mannheim, Lelystad, Vienna, Zuerich
  4. 4. 44 Background & Product Chronology f_j=aáÖáí~ä= tçêâéä~ÅÉ=eìÄ 1997 1998 2000 2007 2012 2013 2015 2016 2016 IBM Connections Custom Homepage for IBM Connections
  5. 5. 5 Introduction 5 IBM Digital Workplace Hub 5 Screen Shots 25 Use Cases 50 Customer Statements 86 Technical Information 94 Services & Partners 109 Collaboration 113 Applications 125 Intranet Strategies 127 Summary 146 About TIMETOACT GROUP 149 Agenda 5
  6. 6. 6 IBM Digital Workplace HubPowered by IBM Connections and XCC – Web Content & Custom Apps Extension Introduction
  7. 7. 7 Know Share Do Many Workplaces Still Look Like This Applications Link Lists Collaboration Mail- & File Servers Information Web Content Management
  8. 8. 8 Know Share Do Applications Application Integration Collaboration Enterprise Social Network Information Web Content Management Most Workplaces Are Not Integrated
  9. 9. 9 Pretty and colorful Functional and integrated Internal Communications Enterprise Collaboration
  10. 10. 10 Internal Communications Enterprise Collaboration
  11. 11. 11 Web Content Management Top-Down Communication (1:n) Stagnating Content Approved Content / Binding Directives Communication of Mgn. Ideas and Opinions Important Information stays on Top Dedicated Authors with Intense Training Pixel Perfect Layout Set as default Homepage by Policy "Management’s Intranet" Know We have almost 20 years of Intranet experience ! „Employees have to be aware of our priorities, strategy, values and important news. Everything important must be published on our platform. Our content is approved, reliable and needs to look great.“ Internal Communications
  12. 12. 12 Enterprise Social Collaboration Peer-To-Peer Collaboration (n:n) / Hierarchy Independent Growing Content Unofficial Content Formation of Ideas and Opinions Popular Information stays on Top User Generated Content (without Training) Form Follows Function Set as default Homepage by Employee "Employee’s Intranet" Share “I need Enterprise Social Software to get my work done and stay in touch with my peers. Social is great to develop ideas and exchange opinions. My content must be created fast and easy.“ “Social Software is great to stay on top of things” Enterprise Collaboration
  13. 13. 13 ShareKnow Internal Communications Enterprise Collaboration Web Content Management Enterprise Social Collaboration Top-Down Communication (1:n) ó Peer-To-Peer Collaboration (n:n) / Hierarchy Independent Stagnating Content ó Growing Content Approved Content / Binding Directives ó Unofficial Content Communication of Mgn. Ideas and Opinions ó Formation of Ideas and Opinions Important Information stays on Top ó Popular Information stays on Top Dedicated Authors with Intense Training ó User Generated Content (without Training) Pixel Perfect Layout ó Form Follows Function Set as default Homepage by Policy ó Set as default Homepage by Employee "Management’s Intranet" ó "Employee’s Intranet"
  14. 14. 14 What happens if you do not integrate the Antipodes of the Intranet? Internal Communications Enterprise Collaboration
  15. 15. 15 Attention Fragmentation Content Fragmentation Content Overlap, Redundancy and Inconsistency Government Challenges How should managers communicate, as themselves “Mike the Manager” using IBM Connections or as “the Manager Mike” through Internal Communications? User Challenges Where should employees look for content? On IBM Connections or in the Web CMS based Intranet?
  16. 16. 16 ShareKnow Enterprise Collaboration Internal Communications
  17. 17. 17 Introduction IBM Digital Workplace Hub
  18. 18. 18 Know Share Do Applications Application Integration Collaboration Enterprise Social Network Information Web Content Management IBM Digital Workplace Hub
  19. 19. 19 Become a ’Connected Company’ Employee On Boarding Alumni Employees Customers Supply Chain / Partners
  20. 20. 20 Do A Digital Workplace Should Work Like a Brain! ShareKnow
  21. 21. 21 24 New Use Cases for IBM Conections Employee Magazine Top Managers Chairman’s Office Internal Communications Engage Employees Business Units Branding & Design Personalization & Targeting Employee Relations Single Point of Truth Internal Communications Usage & Adoption Community Managers New User Onboarding Curate Content Enterprise Collaboration Application Integration Customers & Partners Forms, Lists and Workflows Tools Menu Custom Apps Application Integration IT ManagersIntranet as a Service Anonymous Users Mobile Users CFOs Simple IT
  22. 22. 22 Use Cases for Everyone Blue Collar Worker Customers & Partners Common Staff & Traditional Manager Community & Department Manager Senior Manager Internal Communications Knowledge Worker Retrieve Intranet content without authentication. Easy interface for applications, content and collaboration. Benefit from integrated Intranet with collaboration, content and integrated apps. Easily maintain landing pages for business, service units and communities. Get attention, ccommunicate directly with high authenticity. Increase aware- ness for internal communications. Effectively delegate content creation and maintenance to LOB. Curate Content from LOB. Listen to and engage employees. Benefits from increased adoption and collaboration. Use Intranet Mobile Experience. Get attention thru curation.
  23. 23. 23 Drive Digital Transformation - Increase Employee Engagement & Participation Consumer Contributor Curator Communicator Knowledge Worker
  24. 24. 24 IBM Digital Workplace Hub Show Case
  25. 25. 25 Sample Screenshots
  26. 26. 26 Intranet Homepage integrated in IBM Connections - communication and collaboration are always available with one click. IBM Connections is leveraged and utilized for authentication, access control, commenting & liking, content storage, content approval, full text search, notification etc.. No additional software or hardware required. All users are presented ‘their’ personalized homepage, e.g. French users French homepage, UK users UK homepage etc. Sample Homepage Architecture
  27. 27. 27 Content is targeted to a users inherited LDAP attributes (passive personalization, e.g. business unit, location, region, role etc.) Content is personalized to a users individual preferences (active personalization) Personalization does support the combination of attributes with Boolean operators (e.g. If a user is from location A and is not a part- time employee the user will see content ABC, otherwise content 123) Sample Homepage Personalization
  28. 28. 28 Navigation with links to landing pages from business units, service units, teams and projects (e.g. Communities with XCC landing pages) Nested navigation, i.e. large units have their own navigation with their own landing pages which again may contain their own navigation Static content using IBM Connections embedded experience paradigm Sample Homepage Site Navigation
  29. 29. 29 Tools Menu is available throughout IBM Connections with hover over the tools icon Set up the Flyout Page with the most relevant and / or most frequented applications Easy Customization with CSS Sample Widgets People Finder Sample Homepage Tools Flyout Page
  30. 30. 30 Top News (Aggregated from Business Units) Business News Regional News News for my Interest Service Unit News Links Files Events All content can be personalized and/or targeted Sample Homepage Content Widgets
  31. 31. 31 Management Blogs Drive employees to CXO statements Avoid CXO disappointments is their statements do not achieve enough attention because many employees do not follow them Employee’s blog Internal communications rewards employees engagement with a “Pick of the week” Drive employees attention to questions, discussion threads and ideas where feedback is required Sample Homepage Curated Content
  32. 32. 32 Clipping Widget (e.g. Reuters, Dilbert) Cropmark / CSS / JQuery Selector Custom CSS incl. Social Facebook Twitter RSS / Atom Feeds (incl. pictures) Stock, Weather etc. Connections Content Manager Files Sample Homepage Foreign Content
  33. 33. 33 HTML widget that consumes public or private REST service, e.g. retrieves zip code description Widget to widget communication, e.g. maps widget opens Google maps to the zip code Sample Homepage Applications
  34. 34. 34 Easy Customization with CSS Sample Homepage Layout
  35. 35. 35 Customers customize their IBM Connections Cloud Experience with standard CSS know how. Sample Homepage Cloud Layout
  36. 36. 36 Responsive header with integrated IBM Connections and XCC navigation Mega navigation with IBM Connections menu opened Sample Homepage Responsive Layout
  37. 37. 37 Internal Communication Schedule Open Team Tasks Create Team Tasks Create News My Open Approval Requests Pages to be Reviewed Connections Analytics Most Visited Articles Most Liked Articles Most Commented Articles Internal Communications Forum Internal Communications Guidelines Sample Editor Dashboard
  38. 38. 38 Onboarding with a Step by Step wizard Easily customizable Sample Onboarding
  39. 39. 39 Community owners manage landing page Brings structure to community content Aggregate information from community and subcommunities Sample XCC Communities
  40. 40. 40 Fullpage without IBM Connections community navigation Custom layout for special purposes with background image Sample XCC Communities
  41. 41. 4141 “News of the Day” next to the activity stream Layout Sample with Enhanced Activity Stream 41
  42. 42. 42 Layout Sample: Full Responsive Layout with Custom Header Responsive header with integrated IBM Connections and XCC navigation Mega navigation with IBM Connections menu opened (In this example we are using a mega dropdown library, see website for more samples:
  43. 43. 43 Layout Sample: Full Responsive Layout with Custom Header As page is scrolled down navigation remains visible but company logo size is reduced to fit within navigation With reduced screen resolution Navigation is reduced to an icon. Icon opens a navigation menu from the side. Widgets are arranged below each other rather then besides each other
  44. 44. 44 External users are welcomed with a designated page First steps introduction Business cards of support staff Direct link to individual communities Sample External Users
  45. 45. 45 Integrated into IBM Connections mobile app Sample Mobile Users UI
  46. 46. 4646 Integrate Classic Notes applications with twisties using an simple iFrame Widget Modern Notes applications with XPages, post search requests to the application, display search results Integrate Domino Apps
  47. 47. 4747 Use Single Sign on with Domino (an other platforms) to utilize individual read and write access rights Integrate (Domino) Apps with Single Sign On
  48. 48. 4848 48 With IBM Connections & XCC it is quite easy to build custom applications. In this example we redeveloped an IBM Notes based Information Management application. Custom Apps (e.g. Information Management)
  49. 49. 4949 49 Forms Integration Embed forms (anonymously, authenticated) Display records Format records Open response forms Edit records Learn more: UksrF6UY
  50. 50. 50 Integrate Communications Use Cases 1 - 10
  51. 51. Internal Communications can use a special community to create and manage their content and publish it on XCC based Intranet home and landing pages. XCC pages can be set up and customized easily, using a set of grid templates and choosing from almost 60 widgets. Internal Communications can set up and maintain a navigation between the XCC pages, providing employees with an intuitive user experience for surfing the organization. Design a Personalized Intranet, Create and Publish Content Internal Communi- cations 1
  52. 52. With XCC, Internal Communications can turn the typical one way communication into a real dialog with the employees. Here are some examples: Enable employees to like and comment on all available information. Bring specific forum discussions and / or ideas to the employees’ attention with prominently placed widgets on the Intranet homepage. Listen to and Respond to Employees Engage Employees 2
  53. 53. Observe and analyze the employee base sentiment through comments and questionnaires. Engage employees with a picture competition, for example ask employees to upload their pictures with the new company logo and let all employees vote on the best pictures. With XCC Communication and Collaboration are either on the same page or available with just one click. Listen to and Respond to Employees Engage Employees 2 See video:
  54. 54. XCC is built with the latest Internet technology such as Bootstrap, Fontawesome, IndexDB, JQueryUI and RequireJS. With standard CSS knowledge it is possible to adopt the design of the XCC pages to match corporate identity and design guidelines. Business divisions can have their individual CI. Branding, Corporate Identity & User Interface Branding & Design 3 See presentation:
  55. 55. XCC makes it much easier for divisions, branches, departments and locations to create and maintain their own landing page on the Intranet than any traditional Web Content Management System. Almost all Web Content Management Systems are built and optimized for the Internet and are far too complicated for occasional Intranet users. IBM Connections is much simpler to use. Any employee can create a blog post or edit a wiki page without any special training. Create and Maintain Landing Pages Business Unit Communi- cation 4 Intranet Homepage (personalized & targeted)SU1 BU1 BU2 SU2 SU1 SU 2 SU 3 SU 4 BU1 BU 2 BU 3 BU 4 Portal or Web CMS based Intranet Homepage
  56. 56. With traditional web CMS, Internal Communications is mostly unable to effectively delegate the maintenance of the long tail of the departmental web pages. With XCC on the other hand, Internal Communications are able to set up a departmental page, include it in a divisional or in the global navigation and assign maintenance very effectively to managers or assistants of that respective business unit. Create and Maintain Landing Pages Business Unit Communi- cation 4
  57. 57. With XCC, top managers have a choice: Either they allow Internal Communications to rephrase and publish content on their behalf or they create and publish content directly and just ask Internal Communication to direct attention to their post with a prominent placing on the Intranet home page. This way, top managers can engage in a more personal way with the employees and still get the attention they deserve. Communicate Authentically and Effective Manage- ment Communi- cation 5
  58. 58. With XCC, it is easy to set up a special page allowing a company’s chairman to interact with the employee base: Introduce the chairman with his bio and an interview. Publish the chairman’s latest ideas, priorities and thoughts prominently. Allow employees to discuss issues, provide ideas and have the chairman’s office help the chairman with the workload. Engage with Employee Base Chairman‘s Office 6
  59. 59. With XCC, Internal Communications can create an online representation of a printed employee magazine – either as the printed magazine appearing periodically or in continued delivery form. The online representation of course adds value to the printed magazine, as it provides a feedback channel for employees. Online Edition of a Print Magazine Employee Magazine 7
  60. 60. With XCC, Employee Relations managers are able to document and maintain guidelines and rules and make them easily accessible to employees as part of the Intranet. Guidelines specific to a business unit or location can be published on the respective landing page only. Via the employees’ comments the guidelines and rules can be constantly improved and honed. Document Guidelines and Rules Employee Relations 8
  61. 61. XCC admins are able to target users with content specific to their interests, according to their inherited LDAP attributes like Business Unit, Country, Location or Management Level Users can personalize their experience by setting their individual preferences. Personalization and Targeting both work on an XCC page and on a widget level. Personalization & Targeting Personali- zation & Targeting 9 See presentation:
  62. 62. Using separate platforms for Internal Communications and Collaboration confronts authors and users with difficult choices: Where are they supposed to publish and where should they search for content? Some managers will choose to communicate through the Web CMS based Intranet website, while others will choose to communicate through the collaboration platform. Content overlap, redundancy, inconsistency and governance problems are the inevitable consequence of multiple platforms on the Intranet. With more than one platform, it is practically impossible to create a Single Point of Truth. Information Architecture Create a Single Point of Truth 10
  63. 63. 63 Enhance Collaboration Use Cases 11 - 14
  64. 64. XCC provides many ways to consume, contribute to and maintain the Intranet. The structure is most important for new employees, occasional users and silver surfers. The threshold to contribution with liking and commenting is very low. Liking, comments and content creation all appear in the activity stream and thus secure a high awareness. The content creation and maintenance is much easier than with traditional Web Content Management Systems. Delegation to line of business is very effective. When each business unit has one person in charge of maintaining its landing page as part of the Intranet, then each business unit automatically has one IBM Connections power user. Increase Intranet Usage & Adoption Usage & Adoption 11
  65. 65. With XCC Intranet usage typically increases by 100 percent and more. Increase Intranet Usage & Adoption Usage & Adoption 11 Consumer Contributor Moderator Internal Communications Knowledge Worker
  66. 66. Not only can Internal Communications create and publish content with XCC (as with any other Web Content Management System), they can also curate content. In other words: Internal Communications can select an employee's blog post and publish it prominently on the Intranet home page or on the landing page of a business unit or location, and thus recognize and reward the employee’s contribution. Curate Content Curate Content 12 See video:
  67. 67. XCC enables community managers to easily create, customize and maintain landing pages for their community. They can choose a predefined layout from a variety of templates and arrange the most important content according to their preferences. They can also include content from sub communities or other relevant communities at will. Design and Maintain Community Landing Pages Community Managers 13
  68. 68. Files and links in widgets can be individually selected and sorted. Introductory information and important posts can be published in a fixed position. Introduce the community team by their role, using the People Selector widget. Display all events from the main and the sub communities with the Event Calendar widget. Interactive elements help driving user engagement. Community landing pages can either stick to the community navigation or cover the whole width and replace the original community navigation. Design and Maintain Community Landing Pages Community Managers 13 See video:
  69. 69. XCC makes it easy to create an onboarding wizard that acquaints new IBM Connections users with a step by step guided tour. Let the employees know why the company invests in a Social Intranet, what is in it for them and how they can use it. The acceptance of the Intranet guidelines and the enrollment progress can be documented. Onboard New Employees with a Wizard New User Onboarding 14 See video:
  70. 70. 70 Integrate Applications Use Cases 15 - 19
  71. 71. XCC provides the iFrame, the HTML and the Clipping widget. The iFrame widget supports either retrieval through the user or through the server. The HTML widget has an integrated CSS, HTML, JSON and JavaScript editor, which supports direct code editing without copying the code to and from an external application. The HTML widget is able to post and process REST calls from other applications and display the results in a custom format. Via the integrated JavaScript Event Handler Framework, widgets can communicate with each other (e.g. a CRM widget “talking” to a ERP widget). Integrate Legacy Apps Custom Applications 15
  72. 72. The Clipping widget supports users without developer skills in integrating parts of other websites into their own XCC page. The Clipping widget can either use crop marks or CSS marks to select relevant content. Integrate Legacy Apps Custom Applications 15 See video:
  73. 73. Application Developers are able to create their custom widgets and make it very easy for their authors to integrate content or functionalities from other applications. We have plans to build widgets that allow selection and display content from any Notes database. Application developers can share and exchange their custom widgets with other customers. Custom Widgets with XCC API Build Custom Widgets 16 See presentation:
  74. 74. Keep most frequented and relevant tools readily available in a fly-out page throughout XCC and IBM Connections. The fly-out page can contain any widget. Examples are: people search emergency help time tracking application weather forecast company stock Links Intranet preferences Tools Menu Always Available Tools Menu 17
  75. 75. Forms Experience Builder (FEB) Widgets Forms, Lists & Workflows 18 The IBM Forms Experience Builder (FEB) enables line of business users to create web forms applications for stand-alone use or for customer and employee websites. Non-technical users are able to create sophisticated web applications complete with forms, database, reports, security, notifications and more. FEB is a rapid application development platform and as such an browser based alternative to Domino applications. TIMETOACT developed two FEB widgets as an extension to XCC that allow embedding FEB Forms and display and edit FEB Data. See FEB video:
  76. 76. Forms Experience Builder (FEB) Widgets Forms, Lists & Workflows 18 FEB – Form Widget Embed FEB Forms Select Form (from all Forms the user has access to) Select Height Select Privacy Anonymous (e.g for Complaints / Whistleblower Forms) Authenticated (will pass users profile data to forms) View & Use Forms View & Submit Form View Resultpage ("Thank You"Page, Forms Responses, New Form)
  77. 77. Forms Experience Builder (FEB) Widgets Forms, Lists & Workflows 18 FEB Data Widget Select Layout (Grid, List, Table) Map Data Fields to Layout Fields Define Actions (Create, Edit, Delete) Format Layout and Fields with Custom CSS
  78. 78. Forms Experience Builder (FEB) Widgets Forms, Lists & Workflows 18 The capability to edit & delete data records with the FEB Data Widget is a real breakthrough that allows a complete new set of applications. IBM Connections with XCC and FEB make a beautifully integrated Digital Workplace.
  79. 79. Create a Branded and Simplified Experience Extranet for Customers & Partners 19 With XCC, it is possible to create and customize a landing page for external users. The landing page could provide introductory information and reduce or limit complexity to the required functionality. Of course, the resulting Extranet can be branded in the corporate design. Create and maintain content once, use it in the Intranet and Extranet.
  80. 80. 80 SimplifyIT Use Cases 20 - 24
  81. 81. The entire Intranet is accessible with the IBM Connections Android and iOS apps. XCC uses the latest Bootstrap templates and is responsive too. No project required. Participate on the Intranet from Mobile Devices Mobile Users 20 See video:
  82. 82. Provide a read only access to selected Intranet content, of course with your company’s distinctive corporate design. Anonymous access is restricted to reading only (no comments, no likes etc.) to XCC pages that have been explicitly been by Web Masters marked as “Available to Anonymous Access” to IBM Connections Content from public and moderated communities. Content from restricted communities will never be exposed to anonymous access. And the website is fully responsive too. Information Access Anonymous Users 21
  83. 83. XCC is available for both IBM Connections on premises and as a service for IBM Connections Cloud. On premises or cloud: initial setup can be achieved in less than an hour. On-Premises and Cloud Intranet as a Service 22 See presentation:
  84. 84. Eliminate Web CMS costs for Selection Purchase Implementation Integration Access Management (Read / Write) Activity Stream Integration Search Integration Single Sign On UI Integration Mobile Access Training Running another platform besides IBM Connections. Reduce Costs Chief Financial Officers 23
  85. 85. XCC dramatically reduces Intranet complexity, as it eliminates the need for an extra Web Content Management or Application Integration platform and meets all requirements for platform integration. User interface integration Activity stream integration @Mention Integration full text search integration single sign on and much more are given, no projects required. Update Intranet layout, templates and landing pages in a test bed without having to set up a separate test environment. Reduce Complexity – Accelerate Development & Deployment IT Managers 24
  86. 86. 86 Customer Statements
  87. 87. 87 What our Customers Say… „XCC brings internal communication to a whole new level. It helps increase users‘ awareness about company life and improves the onboarding process for our new employees.“ Marcin Kasa, Axxiome Group „In an off-time minute (during a break) I installed XCC in our Acceptation Environment. Everything went smooth, no problems during the installation…“ R. Angioni, Saxion, University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands „We created an ideal information architecture that seamlessly integrates internal communications and collaboration in an hybrid Intranet. Our new Intranet has been perceived very well by our employees.“ Mandfred Meindl, Manager Intranet & Online Marketing, VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG
  88. 88. 88 What our Customers Say… „With IBM Connections and XCC we can create a more agile Intranet.“ Arey Zargham & John Merlino, Tufts Health Plan „XCC revolutionizes our Intranet entirely! Now, relevant content can be populated completely intuitive within seconds and is globally accessible. It is a real innovation.“ Eva Martinez, Lapp Holding AG „This innovative solution brings additional value to an IBM Connections environment, allowing our customers to elegantly integrate their internal communication content into their social business platform. IBM and TIMETOACT together, a partnership to accelerate social business.“ Jason Roy Gary, CTO, IBM Social Software Foundation „Information and collaboration platforms are perfectly integrated into a user-friendly and powerful Intranet.“ Retail Customer, Germany
  89. 89. 89 What our Customers Say… „After only 90 minutes training even our IT laymen were able to create great landing pages for their departments. That‘s absolutely incredible!“ Alexander Ramseger, Berge & Meer Touristik GmbH „XCC has transformed IBM Connections into a complete Intranet environment. With XCC we are able to combine the social features of IBM Connections with the functionalities and look & feel of an Intranet.“ Sander Zwart, ilionx „In order for Pilz Connections to succeed, it was important to offer all employees simple and clear first steps into the world of social business. The TIMETOACT solution enabled us to avoid reservations and acquaint users with the concept of knowledge management.“ Jürgen Fischer, Pilz GmbH & Co. KG
  90. 90. 90 What our Customers Say… „With XCC the launch of IBM Connections was much more effective. XCC has increased acceptance of our Intranet and is an indispensable tool for us.“ Carolin Strunk & Stefan Schindlbeck, Ostdeutscher Sparkassenverband „XCC is a congenial extension of IBM Connections, which increases user acceptance substantially.“ Wolfgang Ponesch, Raiffeisenbank Bregenz „Employees do not have to go anywhere else. Everything is in one place.“ US Government Customer
  91. 91. 91 What our Customers Say… „We have never been able to evaluate any product as fast as XCC.“ Georg Probst, Lantal Textiles AG „There is a huge gap from the traditional Intranet to a modern social Intranet. XCC is the bridge between them: It makes the shift more comfortable for the employees.“ Sven Bradtke & Henning Müller, Sparkasse Rostock „XCC gives more structure to IBM Connection as it prominently places relevant information on the communities home page. Therefore, XCC leads to more transparency and decreases frictionloss.“ Soner Boga HANSA-FLEX AG
  92. 92. 92 What our Customers Say… “XCC is the perfect compliment for IBM Connections, this solution made the project possible and we are really happy with the results so far. It is really easy to customize with almost no technical skills required.” Santiago Suarez Mesa GRUPO FAMILIA “We are very happy with XCC. It has become a total game changer for our use of Connections.” Sigthor Hilmisson Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iceland
  93. 93. 93 What our Customers Say… See the URL below for: • An overview of our customer statements • Customer case studies • Video Interviews with XCC users Do you want to know more? Most of our customers are willing to talk to potential customers. Just ask us and we set you up for private conversation.
  94. 94. 94 Technical Information Appendix
  95. 95. 95 Frank Adams I am… (passive personalization, targeting profile attribute inherited from LDAP) • German Employee • Business Unit 1 • Location A I prefer… (active personalization, profile attribute set by personal preferences) • Subject ABC • Subject GHJ My Connections… • My Communities • My Files Personalization & Targeting Navigation (German) Links (personalized & aggregated) Business Unit 1 News Location A News My Files My Events (personalized, aggregated) Static Content (e.g. Hotline) Clipping Widget (e.g. Stock Quote) Corporate Top News (in German) (personalized, aggregated) My Special Interest Subject ABC Subject GHJ My Communities ACME Germany Homepage
  96. 96. 96 Use IBM Connections with the XCC Web Content Management Extension as the only platform for personalized corporate Intranet homepage with landing pages for business units, service units, and large communities. Using IBM Connections and XCC as Corporate Intranet XCC Personalized Corporate Intranet Homepage SU1 BU1 BU2 SU2
  97. 97. 97 Very large companies with large internal communication departments or specific integration requirements might keep their intranet homepage on a dedicated Web CMS or Portal XCC is used for landing pages for Business Units, Service Units or IBM Connections Communities Landing pages are available thru conventional Intranet and IBM Connections top navigation Integrating XCC with a Conventional Intranet Portal or Web CMS based Intranet Homepage SU1 SU 2 SU 3 SU 4 BU1 BU 2 BU 3 BU 4
  98. 98. 98 Page Templating / Inheritance All elements (widgets, grids and styles) defined in a page template will be inherited to the dependent pages. Editors of dependent pages cannot alter inherited items. Sample Use Cases: Regional landing inherit corporate content (e.g. Top News, Corporate Events etc.) Branch landing pages inherit grids and layout from landing page template
  99. 99. 99 1. Download XCC 2. Install XCC Less then 60 minutes 3. Test & Customize XCC XCC now runs in Stealth Mode, i.e. is not visible to users. XCC can therefore be installed, tested and customized in the production environment without any interference with users. Create and customize your first XCC pages Customize Layout Make XCC visible to all users, add new home button to CNX, set XCC as CNX homepage Get Started – XCC for Connections On-Prem
  100. 100. 100 Intranet as a Service XCC is available as a true Multi Tenant SaaS Offering. Easy setup with a guided Self Service Available on a per user / per month basis Single Sign On with IBM Connections Cloud Extends IBM Connections Cloud to a complete and deeply integrated Intranet XCC Cloud is hosted on IBM Bluemix US and UK Get Started – XCC for Connections Cloud
  101. 101. 101 Develop or Relaunch your Intranet without a development system In Place Development New Intranet Development Intranet Relaunch Development Create XCC pages, create and assign Content, CSS and JS Modify CNX Navigation to launch Intranet Create XCC pages, create and assign Content, CSS and JS Replace current XCC landing page with new landing page
  102. 102. 102 Feature XCC for IBM Connections on premises XCC for IBM Connections Cloud Header-Customization Full Header-Customization: Home Icon, Flyout Page Full Header-Customization for XCC Pages Limited Header-Customization for Connections (Home Icon / Text / Submenu Entries) Personalization Full Personalization: - active personalization based on custom profile fields incl. dropdown, radio buttons etc. - passive personalization / targeting based on profile fields inherited from LDAP Limited Personalization: - active personalization based on up to 10 custom profile fields (text fields only) - passive personalization / targeting not yet tested Birthday-Widget Available with Profile Extension Not available, no IBM SBT API to search profiles by custom fields Suggestion Widget available IBM Social Business Toolkit API currently missing Profile-Edit /Profile Completion Widget available Possible as custom widget (field names / types are not known) CNX My Page-Widgets / CNX My Page Right Column available Not available Activity Stream available Will be available as an XCC Widget Language Files Based on IBM Connections preference Based on Browsers preferred Language setting Forms Experience Builder available Planned, currently missing single sign on External Users Access available Not Available for OAuth2 Security Restrictions XCC Cloud Feature Restrictions III Appendix: Comparison OnPrem vs Cloud
  103. 103. 103 1. ActivityStream 1. ATOM / RSS Feed 2. Clipping 3. Community Description 4. Community Overview 5. Event 6. Files 7. Files Explorer 8. Forum 9. HTML 10. Ideation-Blog 11. IFrame 12. Important Links 13. Links 14. Media Gallery 15. My Links 16. My Notes 17. My Quicklinks 18. Navigation 19. News 20. News Channel 21. News List 22. News Overview 23. News Slider 24. People Birthday * 25. People Finder 26. People Selector 27. Pinned Files 28. Popular Content 29. Preferences 30. Profile Completion 31. Profile Picture 32. Profile Tagging 33. Saved Search 34. Static Content - Blog 35. Static Content - Wiki 36. Suggestions * (People & Communities) 37. Tag Cloud 38. Teaser 39. Top News 40. FEB Data Widget * 41. FEB Form Widget * 42. Website Navigation & Breadcrumb Path 43. 22 x IBM Connections MyPage Widgets 64. IBM Connections * Activity Stream & Right Column 65. Custom Widgets API * Not available in IBM Connections Cloud XCC Widgets & Page Elements
  104. 104. 104 08.2012 Release 1.0 for Connections 3.0 05.2013 Release 2.0 Beta (Limited Availability) Connections 4.0 Activity Stream on Homepage 10.-12.2013 Release 2.0 - 2.03 (General Availability) Connections 4.0 & 4.5 Personalization Improvements & Bug fixes Performance Increases Personalization 01.-02.2014 Release 3.0 - 3.02 Improvements & Bug fixes New Widgets Mobile Grid Layout 03.2014 Release 4.0 Extended Page Management Capabilities UI & Performance Improvements 04.2014 Release 4.1 Atom & RSS Feed Widgets List and Overview News Widgets People Finder Widget Breadcrumb Path & Navigation Multilingualism 08.2014 Release 5.0 IBM Connections 5 Support Ideation-Blog Widget Picture Widget Import and Export of XCC page XCC uses database to store your settings 10.2014 Release 6.0 Forum Widget People Birthday Widget People Selector Widget Personalized Home Page Custom JavaScript Picture Slider in Embedded Experience Item Count Editor / Paging 12.2014 Release 7.0 Suggestions Widget Profile Completion Widget Intranet Preferences Widget Popular Content Widget Many more… 03.2015 Release 8.0 XCC for IBM Connections Cloud XCC for Communities XCC for Anonymous Users News Aggregation Saved Search XCC 1.0 – 8.0 Release History (2012 – 2015)
  105. 105. 105 07.2015 Release 9.0 XCC FlyOut Page XCC for IBM Connections Cloud Gallery Widget Community Overview Widget Custom Widget API Client-Side-Caching 12.2015 Release 10 Custom Grids Access Restrictions for XCC Pages Business Cards in XCC Pages Integrated Code Editor Clipping Widget Community Description Widget Pinned Files Widget My Links Widget Tag Cloud Widget IBM Connections 5.5 Compability 03.2016 Release 11 Advanced Personalization with Boolean Operators Forms Widget Release 1.0 Media Gallery Widget with Video Support Atom / RSS Widget with Rich Content and Personalization XCC Admin Dashboard Events Widget 2.0 15 Improvements… 10.2016 Release 12 Page Templating / Inheritance Lock Functionality for Widgets Set XCC Page Access to Community Access New Capabilities for IBM Connections Cloud (Iframe Widget, XCC4Communities, …) Widget Title with Graphic & Text and Localizable XCC4Communities with Navigation Embedded Experience Printing ActivityStream Widget (coming) Files Explorer Widget with Folder Support My Quicklinks Widget My Notes Widget Teaser Widget Navigation Widget for XCC4Mobile XCC 9.0 - 12. Release History (2015 – 2016) Fast Weeks Release Cycle Independent from IBM Connections Release Cycle
  106. 106. 106106 Application On-Premises Architecture Connections Services Blogs Comunities Files Wikis Profiles Bookmarks Activities Forums Search Activity Stream Boards ... XCC Pages Personalization File Upload Layout Grids Access Rights Widgets XCC4Comm Anonymous Localization Flyout Mobile ClientJ2EE ContainerStorage CNX DB XCC DB REST API Browser 106
  107. 107. 107107 XCC Cloud for IBM Connections Cloud Application Architecture Connections Services Blogs Comunities Files Wikis Profiles Bookmarks Activities Forums Search Activity Stream Boards ... XCC Cloud Personalization File Upload Layout Grids Access Rights Widgets Mobile Localization ClientIBM Cloud XCC DB REST API J2EE Container IBM SBT Storage Storage CNX DB Browser 107
  108. 108. 108 Our Development Landscape IBM Connections: 4.5 IBM Connections: 5.0 Local Clone of Repository IBM Connections: 5.5 Eclipse IDE Jazz SCM Jazz CI Server IBM Bluemix Maven (incl. Grunt) Manage Test Pull Checkout Commit Push Clone Fetch Build and TestManage HostsDevelop
  109. 109. 109 IBM Digital Workplace Hub Services & Partners
  110. 110. 110 Demo Showcase Technical Implementation Budget Intranet Performance Intranet Strategic Digital Workplace Hub 1 Day 1 Day 4-6 Days 8-12 Days > 15 Days UI Customization, Demo Content ✔ XCC Installation ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Webmaster Enablement ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Design Concept, UI Customization ✔ ✔ ✔ Information Architecture Consulting ✔ ✔ Internal Communications & LOB Coaching ✔ ✔ Governance, Guidelines, Templates ✔ Profile Customization & Personalization ✔ Multisite Concept Implementation ✔ Legacy App Integration ✔ Content Migration ✔ TIMETOACT Professional Services for XCC
  111. 111. 111 Sample Implementation Roadmap Enablement & Training Internal Marketing LOB Apps & Use Cases Custom Apps Development Conception & UX Design Requirement Analysis IBM Connections Implementation Prototyping & Validation 3rd Party Apps Governance & Guidelines 5 6 7 Kickoff & Strategy 1 4 IBM Connections Platform Family 2 3 8 IBM CNX & XCC Customization Updates & Support Managed Services BusinessTechnical
  112. 112. 112 42 IDWH / XCC Business Partners
  113. 113. 113 Collaboration Let Us Talk About… Share Collaboration Enterprise Social Network
  114. 114. 114 Social ColLABORation Let Us Talk About…
  115. 115. 115 “Firms come into being in order to enable human beings to achieve collaboratively what they could not achieve alone. If one accepts this as the true purpose of any organi- zation, then the main focus of executives’ attention should be on how to foster collaboration within their companies.” (Hansen and Nohria, 2004) Collaboration is the Core of Every Organization
  116. 116. 116 Bridging of Locations
  117. 117. 117 Bridging of Departments
  118. 118. 118 Bridging of Projects
  119. 119. 119 Bridging of Generations
  120. 120. 120 Workplace Engagement Around the World Increasing Employee Engagement by a few percentage points will create a huge impact. rkplace-engagement-around-the-world
  121. 121. 121 Accelerate Innovations Bridge Business Units Bridge Locations Bridge Generations Create Synergies Cross-Link Knowledge Facilitate Collaboration Foster our Corporate Culture Identify Experts Increase Efficiency Promote Transparency Reduce Mail Load Enterprise 2.0 Benefits
  122. 122. 122 The Connected Companies Will Prevail
  123. 123. 123 Intranet Challenge
  124. 124. 124 Home page
 See what is happening across your social network and access the social data that is important to you. Profiles 
 Find and discover the expertise you need. Communities
 Work together with people who have common interests, roles and expertise. Also includes ideation, media gallery, and bridging capabilities. Blogs
 Present your ideas, receive feedback and make the most of the experience and opinions of others. Micro-blogs
 Reach out for help or share news with your network Bookmarks
 Find, save and share useful web-based content. Mail
 Bring information and experts immediately into view by easily sharing conversations that would have otherwise been hidden in email, for faster and more informed decision-making. Activities
 View, manage and organize tasks and quickly complete them. Tap into your professional network. Wikis
 Create and share content together with your teams and professional network. Files Share and discover documents, presentations, images with your colleagues. Eliminate system duplicates and reduce the amount of mail in your inbox. Provide rich social content & document management experience with add-on capabilities provided by IBM Connections Content Manager Forums
 Exchange ideas with others and benefit from their expertise. Social Analytics
 Discover who and what you need to know through recommendations. Polls and Surveys
 Quickly and easily gather feedback from clients, partners and customers. Docs
 Add IBM Docs online office productivity suite for more efficient document collaboration. Mobile
 Add IBM Docs online office productivity suite for more efficient document collaboration. Docs
 Add IBM Docs online office productivity suite for more efficient document collaboration. Enterprise Collaboration / IBM Connections
  125. 125. 125 Application Integration Let Us Talk About… Do Applications Application Integration
  126. 126. 126 Application Integration today is mostly “on the glass”, i.e. in the frontend making use of JavaScript Event Handler Frameworks and without backend requirements Single Sign On is mostly done independent of the portal framework / server Integration Options iFrame REST Service Consumption Clipping Widget Custom Widget JavaScript Event Handler Framework Forms Experience Builder See Use Cases 15 – 19 for more information Integration
  127. 127. 127 Intranet Strategies
  128. 128. 128 Intranet Strategies for Communication & Collaboration 1. Focus on Communication 2. Focus on Collaboration 3. Side-By-Side Communication and Collaboration 4. Enhancing Communication with Collaboration 5. Integrate Communication into Collaboration We Evaluated 5 Intranet Strategies Beware of Challenges & Pitfalls
  129. 129. 129129 Inefficient collaboration with mail and file servers All knowledge locked up in mail- and file-servers No expert identification No employee participation No informal learning Not appealing to young employees accustomed to social media Focus on Communication Internal Communi- cations 129
  130. 130. 130130 Using an Internet CMS for Intranet Web Content Management Systems are made for the Internet. That’s where the money is. Typical focus: Pixel Perfect Layout, Asset Management, Approval Workflows… Multisite Management, Commerce Support / Conversion Optimization (Analytics, Campaign & Lead Management, Targeting) These features are mostly irrelevant in the Intranet and just increase cost and complexity. 130 The Sad Story of the Intranet A modern tragedy experienced by companies around the world
  131. 131. 131131 Using an Internet CMS for Intranet Web Content Management Systems are too complicated for occasional users from LOB Poor LOB Adoption Outdated Content Web CMS market size for Intranet shrinks, grows rapidly for the Internet. In 3-5 Web CMS Intranet will be a separate market or vanish. 131 The Sad Story of the Intranet A modern tragedy experienced by companies around the world
  132. 132. 132 2. Focus on Collaboration Intranet Strategies
  133. 133. 133133 Difficult to communicate the organization’s priorities, strategy, values. Difficulty to distinguish opinions and ideas from binding / formal information and directives. Difficulty to identify important information. No structure, everything sorted by last update / popularity. Focus on Collaboration Peer-To-Peer Collaboration 133
  134. 134. 134134 Knowledge Workers are only a small minority in most companies Introverted People are not comfortable exposing themselves Without a broad lobby Social Intranet projects are often delayed Social Intranet can not be sustained by Knowledge Workers alone Focus on Collaboration 134
  135. 135. 135 3. Side-By-Side Communication and Collaboration Intranet Strategies
  136. 136. 136 How should managers communicate, as themselves (“Mike the Manager”) or through Internal Communications (“the Manager Mike”)? Where should employees look for content? On the Web CMS based Intranet or in IBM Connections? Side-By-Side Communication and Collaboration
  137. 137. 137137 Content Fragmentation Some managers choose to communicate as themselves using the collaboration platform (“Mike the Manager”) Some managers choose to communicate thru internal communications using the Web CMS (”The Manager Mike”) Side-By-Side Communication and Collaboration Attention Fragmentation Some users refrain from the internal communications / web CMS based Intranet (“I do not need propaganda”) Some users refrain from the collaborative platform (“If it is important it will be published by Internal Communications”) 137
  138. 138. 138138 User Challenges Employees have to search the Web CMS based Intranet and the Collaborative / Enterprise Social Software platform Employees need to distinguish between Official / Unofficial Content Content from Business Unit run by “Mike the Manager” and Content from Business Unit run by “The Manager Mike” Side-By-Side Communication and Collaboration Content Overlap, Redundancy and Inconsistency Ideas are developed in collaborative platform, need to be republished on communication platform Some content is inevitably going to be stored in different versions in both platforms 138
  139. 139. 139139 Government Challenges Internal Communications defines “their” Web CMS based as the mandatory default homepage Content Policy: All binding and relevant content from ESS in Web CMS Side-By-Side Communication and Collaboration 139
  140. 140. 140 With more than one platform there CAN NOT be a Single Point of Truth Side-By-Side Communication and Collaboration
  141. 141. 141 4. Enhancing Communication with Collaboration Intranet Strategies
  142. 142. 142142 For enhanced Web CMS: Insufficient capabilities Activity Stream / Social capabilities / Enterprise collaboration missing. For integrated platforms: Inconsistent UI Users must leave communication homepage for collaboration. Content fragmentation, overlap, redundancy and inconsistency, governance problems. Enhancing Communication with Collaboration Insufficient collaboration Collaboration integrated into communication will never reach critical mass to become self sustaining. Intranet 2.0 based on user generated content / Enterprise 2.0 will not be achieved. 142
  143. 143. 143 5. Integrate Communication into Collaboration Intranet Strategies
  144. 144. 144144 No content overlap, redundancy, inconsistency Social software is more popular with employees User generated content grows much faster than centrally managed content Integrate Communication into Collaboration 144
  145. 145. 145 Integrate Communication into Collaboration Enhance Communication with Collaboration Focus on Collaboration Share Focus on Internal Communications Know Intranet Strategies Side-By-Side Communication and Collaboration Share Know
  146. 146. 146 Summary Appendix
  147. 147. 147 XCC is an extension for IBM Connections On-Premises and Cloud. XCC enhances IBM Connections with classic Web Content Management and Application Integration capabilities. XCC leverages and utilizes IBM Connections for authentication, authorization, content storage, content approval, search, notification etc. With XCC it is much easier to compete against Microsoft SharePoint and Jive With XCC and FEB you have a rapid application development for Line of Business Applications Summary
  148. 148. 148 With XCC it is easy to create use cases for all employees, not just for knowledge workers. XCC brings structure to IBM Connections. XCC dramatically increases IBM Connections utilization and ROI. Summary
  149. 149. 149 About TIMETOACT GROUP
  150. 150. 150 Felix Binsack, Jason Gary, Susanne Maier, Michael Gollmick, Christian Luxem and Tim Peteler meet in Cologne. The IBM Connections roadmap will dramatically increase the IDWH / XCC capabilities - we love it ! IBM Connections & XCC Teams Meet
  151. 151. 151151 Since 1994 Felix and his team developed numerous custom Line of Business Applications on the basis of IBM Notes & Domino On January 19th 1997 Felix developed the first Web Content Management System on Domino 4.6 In 1998 Felix founded TIMETOACT. The company specializes on creating Intranet, Extranet and Internet projects with Lotus Domino. TIMETOACT Intranet Experience 151
  152. 152. 152152 In early 1999 TIMETOACT launched Bayer News Channel, the Intranet of the Bayer AG (120.000 employees). TIMETOACT has worked closely with Internal Communications (and Marketing) departments ever since. TIMETOACT Intranet Experience 152
  153. 153. 153153 In 2000 TIMETOACT developed the first release of product TIMETOWEB, a Web Content Management System. Over the years we enhanced TIMETOWEB with more and more collaborative functionalities and added interfaces for custom applications. Hundreds of Intranet websites were created with TIMETOWEB throughout the Bayer cooperation and many other companies. Hundreds of custom Line of Business Applications were developed using the TIMETOWEB APIs. TIMETOACT Intranet Experience 153
  154. 154. 154154 In 2007 IBM Connections emerged as a leading Enterprise Social Software Platform. TIMETOACT embraced the software and developed many best practices. In 2012 TIMETOACT invented the “Custom Homepage” for IBM Connections. In 2013 the product was renamed to "XCC - Web Content Management Extension for IBM Connections". In 2015 applications were added and name changed to "XCC - Web Content & Custom Apps Extension for IBM Connections". In 2016 TIMETOACT started marketing IBM Connections and XCC as the "Universal Intranet". IBM started in 2016 to market IBM Connections and XCC as the “IBM Digital Workplace Hub” XCC Product Chronology 154 IBM Digital Workplace Hub
  155. 155. 155155 Simplify and Improve IBM Connections Administration, Content Management and User Management Self Services and User Management, Password and Security Management for External (Guest) Users Integrate Internal Communications and Custom Applications into IBM Connections TIMETOACT Products for IBM Connections 155
  156. 156. 156 TIMETOACT is a CNX Full Spectrum Provider Implementation Rollout Adoption ITLOB Deployment Information Architecture Consulting Web Content Management Extension (XCC) Quick Start Kit Help CenterTraining Coaching CI Adoption Widget Development / Legacy Data Integration Connections Administration Toolkit (CAT) Consulting Hosting Gamification MarketingBranding Governance Support Admin TrainingsUser Access Manager (UAM)Sign In Mgn. Asset / Best Practice ServiceProduct Profile Extension
  157. 157. The ROOTS and FRUITS of a Successful Social Intranet Implementation Our Social Business Implementation Checklist
  158. 158. We enable the Connected Company Intranet Portal & Digital Workplace Mail & Mobile Collaboration & Social Networks Change Management Commerce & Marketing Digital Advisory Full Service E-Commerce Online Performance Process Integration & Automation Business Process Management Enterprise Integration Decision Optimization Business Intelligence Financial Dashboards Descriptive Analytics Data Warehouse & Logistics Architecture & Consulting Application & Mobile Development Interface Design & User Experience Cloud Strategy & Migration Managed Services, Support & Training Software Licensing IT Services Digital Transformation
  159. 159. Driving The Connected Enterprise – Employees, Partners and Customers Maximizing the Return of Investments in Software Platforms Over 270 Employees, Cologne, Munster, Hamburg, Munich, Augsburg, Stuttgart, Mannheim, Lelystad, Vienna, Zuerich Services Software Architecture & Consulting, Interface Design, Application Development, Integration, Deployment, Managed Services, Support, Change Management, Training, License Management IBM & Open Source SaaS Vendors Microsoft Expertise Commerce & Marketing Process Integration & Automation Digital Workplace, Intranet, LOB Apps, Mobile Conversion Optimization, Web Analysis BPM, EAI, math. Optimization, Hybrid Cloud Business Intelligence, ISV for IBM Connections, Mail, Portals, Social, UX, WebCM BPM, Mail, Migration, Mobile BI, ISV for Office365 & SharePoint Products Commerce, Coremetrics, Pixelboxx, Tealeaf, Xtify BPM, BlueWorks, ILOG, WebSphere Process Server, MQ, IIB, Sterling Cognos BI & TM1, Connections, Chat, Docs, Domino, Meetings, Portal, Watson, Worklight Google Apps, Office 365, IBM Cloud Azure, BizTalk, Excel Services, Performance Point, SharePoint, SQL
  160. 160. 160 Infos & Sales +49 221 97343 0 Felix Binsack XCC Product Idea & Sponsor +49 221 97343-10 Philipp van den Boom XCC Inside Sales + 49 221 97343-66 Babett Schäfer Consultant + 49 221 97343-38 Call or Mail us for Questions! Tech Support + 49 221 97343-53 Björn Greulich XCC Inside Sales + 49 221 97343-244 Jan Hendrik Groene Consultant +49 89 3840850 Otto Foerg Consultant +49 89 38408529
  161. 161. 161 Thank you for your interest +49 221 97343 0
  162. 162. 162 IBM Digital Workplace HubPowered by IBM Connections and XCC – Web Content & Custom Apps Extension Do ShareKnow
  163. 163. 163 Employees want One Intranet Reliable Comprehensive Integrated Pervasive What do employees get? Silos for Communication, Collaboration and Applications A Web CMS based Intranet managed by Internal Communication An enterprise social platform, barely integrated into the Intranet A set of applications, barley integrated Content Fragmentation, Overlap, Redundancy and Inconsistency User and Government Challenges Intranet’s are for Employees 163