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San diego crm intro and capabilities april 2012


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San Diego CRM Consul

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San diego crm intro and capabilities april 2012

  1. 1. San Diego CRM Consulting Introduction, Capabilities and Sample Client Studies April 2012
  2. 2. Company Data• Company founded in 2006• 3 FTE’s and 18 Retained Consultants “Constellation of Consultants” - The best and brightest in their fields (data normalization - migration, web, API, PHP, custom applications)• David Inniss, MBA/Greg Colandrea, MBA principle Architects/Implementation consultants• 740 Complete implementations across numerous vertical markets - including media marketing, sales, affiliates• 245 Integration or custom API,, APEX engagements
  3. 3. Capabilities Leads are more relationshal Campaign Insertion Object (IO) Process and Custom Objects Agency Account Quickbooks Online When lead is created - Time based workflow for Pervasive follow-up Agency Opportunity/Sale IO Proposal to Client Verbally to client Last contacted data - Formalized Proposal not sorted by date necc. at this time Process Mapping Workflow to notify IO (Proposal) fields in AD-Ops about Negotiation - Revised Opp? with Master Detail Proposal status to Opp Required: Status of IO (Proposal, Ad-Ops Setup, Client Signs Off - Ad-Ops then take over•All Engagements begin with P.M. Campaign Tools Setup Proposal attached to and creates rules about Unique ID SFDC IO Soma Is DB of record for Daily Budget Cap operations tied to IOs Specific End Date•Maps generated for all in-scope areas Billing Contact for IO Credit Limit from IO/Campaign Goes Lives Account? (Trigger) Rollup Summary against IO•Interactive generation - Live creation Performance to show at IO Level Stat Data imported into SFDC?•Guarantees 100% process IO Performance Object Agencies Imported data Daily? Data Loader with templates for loading Any person at point-of-transparency contact responsible IO is Custom Object Adsmobi prepares IO in ID their own DB Invoice/Payment Status Agency (Master Detail) to Account One to Many for potential multiple IOs per Agency Daily Budget Cap? IO has unique ID as a Specific End Date? specific advertiser - External Key - Field with Auto-Generated ID
  4. 4. Capabilities High Level Overview of Design for Design Account Record Types Investment Organizations Land Owner Crushing Companies Other Corporate/Misc Off Takers - Refiner•Critical to successful project Plantation Management•Blueprints for system design Government Agencies Crushing Companies Local Ag Partner Off Takers - Chemical Companies•Iterative/Interactive process Plantation Sponsor Regulatory Agency Companies•Interactive generation - Live creation Custom Many to Many Object. Join Accounts to Plantation/Project Object Opportunity / Record types Contact Record Types•Creates ‘End state’ target Investor Contacts Investment•Provides project milestones Land Bank Contacts Custom Object: Plantation/ Project. Plantation - Just buy seeds/products•Provides inherent training Contacts are Children Opportunities are of Accounts, but will be Children of Accounts, connected to their but will be connected to Plantation Crushing Contacts appropriate their appropriateopportunities Plantations/Project. Plantations/Project. We can also do a many We can also do a many to many connector so to many connector so Pilot/Project Other Contacts that one contact can be that one opp can be for individually connected multiple Plantations to multiple projects Custom Object: Cultivars VIP - Service Only Off Taker Contacts Government / Country Contacts Crushing Contacts Management Contacts
  5. 5. Capabilities• Custom programming • Complete Applications - Smart Payment Plan (https:// • APEX Triggers ( • S-Controls ( • Web Controls (Calendar integration)
  6. 6. Capabilities• Consulting • SDCRM principals each have over 15 years full-time business/CRM consulting experience • Best Practices • Vendor Selection and management • Contract COO/CTO/CIO
  7. 7. Capabilities• Application Integration • Single - Multi application integration with • Integration Engine (Cloudpanel) • Direct API • Batch Import Data
  8. 8. Capabilities• App Exchange Partner Applications • SDCRM Implementation Partners with 34 App Exchange companies • Hundreds of partner application implementations • Collaborative process with SDCRM as Project Manager. Ensures continuity
  9. 9. Capabilities Training / Adoption•Live On-Site Training•Live Gotomeeting Training - Recordedand stored in p-word protected site•Recorded Pre-requisite Training(•One on One C-Level training•Follow-up ‘Sharktank” Q&A Sessions
  10. 10. Case Study - Tony CC Application Paypal Gateway Authorization MAS goes for Capture from Paypal Capture info passed Product Ship Robbins (RRI) to MAS500 from Authorization Paypal Data processed by MAS500 Opportunity ready to Opportunity Closed/Won Y Close MAS500 validates data N against existing data in Error Message sent to Success? Controller regarding trans MAS - Is data correct and UPSERT Integration Points Controller Sees Closed/Won and Pulls that data into Controller Table - ONLY IF PRODUCT OPP Now Controller Pings MAS500 Process to pull all data MAS500 Staging Table/ Controller - Data in and says "I have new from Controller to Staging Component of Contract MAS500 - Accounting Tables Transaction" Table Mgmt Transaction still just Transaction still just Authorized, not captured Authorized, not captured Website Credit Card Processing Event Registration Point of Sale Purchasing Technologies Custom Controller (Interface Engine)Registration/Barcode/POS application (Adobe Flex) Web Interface (API) Custom Automations (APEX Triggers)
  11. 11. Case Study - McKinley Partners/LDK Capital Integration Points MLS Data from Web ForeclosureRadar Data from Web - Aggregated Trustee Website DataMLS Data (Multiple Counties/Databases) from Web data from Trustee Sites XML Feed Data APIGeopointe Mapping (Property Geocoding) 1000 per user per 24 Database on Rackspace server - search criteria set for both hours 2 15 users = companies. Locations upsert records inside SF 15,000 API calls Technologies Blob every 24 hours - all records at once, 2000 records per api call McKinley into Comp Object as well as Properties Other Custom Controller (Interface Engine) XML Feeds from MLS/F.R. Websites Geocoding ‘Blob’ API Updates
  12. 12. Case Study - Smaato Tradeshows Publisher Marketing and Lead Qual Google PPC Email blasts to existing customers for Cross sales Integration Points Lead created through import or manually added Driven to Landing page for SDK download - PSSP (Pub self signup portal) A Form Data (Web to Lead) A Ad Space N Drip Marketing W/Fs SOMA - Proprietary DB Creates Account on dependent on Lead Created? End point PSSP and SFDC Lead Status Lead Status: 1. Open Website 2. Ad Space Created Y 3. Live Specific Integration Drip SOMA Status Field: End point - 9 Marketing Campaign months unless ad 1. Integration Complete space created 2. Content Approval 3. Status 30 N Technologies Steps of Integration: iPhone or N Status Multi-picklist Android Integration Complete 30? SDK Only?Custom Controller (Interface Engine) No Integration required, Y Y provided through SDK Publisher put into "SharkPool" and can Web Interface (API) Shark Pool is 1st receive ads - Happens Content Approval Process Koi Pool is 2nd - Monitored by Ad concurrent with Ops Conversion Qualify Lead/Convert SFDC Lead into Account/Custom Automations (APEX Triggers) Insert Lookup field on Publisher Y Contact - Once they Pass? Account to tie back to "Super reach Status 30 (Content Publisher" Record Type Account Screening) to show relationship? N B Y RedAdd data on IO Processes Any Traffic Monitor SOMA Traffic Manual Process for qual separate DB and Generated? system N Future: Self Service Upon approval, into Monitor RedAdd Data Current: Manual Process RedAdd Silo from separate database through Web Update Account with new Y Threshold N Status - Workflow Email B Met? to Sales Rep Automated setup of IO Specific Non Traffic Drip from web form? Marketing Campaign Clicktools? Opportunity Created Manual setup of IO - Ad Ops Functions - Rules, etc End point Kick to Sales Process Import of Stats over time Interfaced stats
  13. 13. Pricing Models• Project Pricing - “In for a Penny, In for a Pound”• Hourly Pricing• Monthly Retainers• Pre-Paid Block of Hours
  14. 14. Contact Data• Office (619)866-4276• Email: