Part2. He That Dwells In The Secret Place Of The Most High!


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Passover Or Outer Court Experience! Pentecost Or Holy Place! The Secret Place Of The Most High! Who Told You That You Were Naked! The Salvation To Be Revealed In The Last Time! New Wineskin's! Leaving Home, Our Father & Mother! Arabia The Wilderness! To Unveil His Son In Me! The Truth Regarding The Cherubim! The Renewing Of The Mind! Three Steps Down And Three Steps To Return!

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Part2. He That Dwells In The Secret Place Of The Most High!

  1. 1. “Christ the Antidote regarding death.” CHRIST THE ANTIDOTE REGARDING DEATH Part 2 HE THAT DWELLS IN THE SECRET PLACE PS 91:1. There are three different levels of experience in Christ! There are three different levels of understanding to God’s Word! There are different levels in our consecration to God Himself. Why? For it has pleased God to many times pattern His plan by three’s. Please let me explain! There are three different sections, levels or phases to the Tabernacle plan OUTER COURT, HOLY PLACE, MOST HOLY PLACE. Which are represented by the feasts of, PASSOVER, PENTECOST, TABERNACLES. Which equate to our, BODY, SOUL, SPIRIT.In the year of 1958 I received an awareness that God was calling me to Himself so I joined the wellknown organisation known as the Salvation Army. I was with them for several years, joined the band& proceeded to learn about the Bible & how to live the Christian life & may I add, enjoy this new life.These people were very kind to me & helped me greatly. This I believe was my, PASSOVER OR OUTER COURT experience!During this time, one evening I was standing on the back lawn at my parents house & God spoke to me& told me very distinctly that I would be going north to live & that what He had called me to do wouldbe not in Melbourne, where I lived at that time. During this time God was speaking to me regardingcertain Bible issues that the people I was fellow-shipping did not believe, mainly the infilling of theHoly Spirit. Not long after I received a letter from a young lady who I had known a while before I hadbecome converted. She had been converted also, & was in the Baptist church in Melbourne, she hadtaken a trip to Sydney had received the fullness of the spirit [or what the Bible refers to as the baptismof the Spirit] at the same time God had healed her back. Which I knew had to be a miracle, havingknown about her back condition. Not long after I too went to Sydney & thank God I too received thesame Holy Spirit experience. Which was my experience of , PENTECOST or the HOLY PLACE The second experience in the above illustration,I settled down in a wonderful Pentecostal church in Sydney where I learned many things, met a lovelyyoung lady, married, settled down & finally went into the ministry. We went to a place called MtDruitt, God was pleased to add a number of people to us, we then built a Church & gradually rosethrough the ranks of ministry & then once again God began to speak to me. This time it was in regardto the “Manifestation of the Sons of God” as found in Rom 8:23. As I began to meditate & study thisChrist began to speak to me about many things including “The restitution of all things” or that all menwould eventually be drawn back to himself. Jn 12:32 Lk 3:6 Isa 45 :23. Phil2:11 etc. A Minister hadtold me previously, Ralph, if ever you find a seeming contradiction in the Bible, follow it through for 1
  2. 2. “Christ the Antidote regarding death.”you are on the verge of revelation. The Bible never contradicts itself, it may seem to do so but it neverdoes. At about this time a visiting Elder, Evangelist & Prophet visited our church & prophesied that Godwas going to uproot us & pluck us up & send us to a dry & arid place, where He would teach us Histruth’s in place of the Traditions of men. This came as an unwanted surprise to my wife & myself asthis was the last thing we had on our mind. It took several years for this to come to pass as Iconveniently chose to ignore the prophecy, but God would not let me forget. What an experience!Never try to ignore the Father!! Eventually of course we left. Prov 25:2 “IT IS THE GLORY OF GOD TO CONCEAL A THING: BUT THE HONOUR OF KINGS ISTO SEARCH OUT A MATTER”. Amos 3:7 “SURELY THE LORD WILL DO NOTHING WITHOUTREVEALING HIS SECRETS TO HIS PROPHETS”. I began to realise that I was learning some secrets.Rom 16:-25. I began inquiries as to who else believed what I knew God was showing us, very soon I was sentseveral writings from different Authors, who mostly were very good, then I received an article writtenby J. Preston Eby this really aroused my interest as he too believed not only the “Restitution of Allthings” Acts 3:-21 but also the “Manifestation of the Son’s of God”. This man had a knowledge of the“Scriptures” that I had not encountered in many before this. By this time my experience in God wasnearing 30 years. WHAT LIES BEHIND US & WHAT LIES BEFORE US, ARE TINY MATTERS COMPARED TO WHAT LIES WITHIN US “EMERSON” THE SECRET PLACE OF THE MOST HIGH.God is right now in the business of restoring all CREATION which of course includes [all mankind]back to Himself. Our MOST HOLY PLACE or TABERNACLE or Third Realm experience could be described asviewing things from God’s perspective, allow me to illustrate. My late Mother in Law was adept inmaking tapestries of all styles & sizes. When I would enter her flat she would be seated in the farcorner with the tapestry in front of her, all I would see at first was an un-coordinated mess. But if I was“interested enough to take the time & energy” I would go to where she was seated & stand behind her& Lo what a different sight. I would then see things from her perspective, I would see what she saw &Oh what beauty. To her it was perfectly natural, Why? Because from where she was sitting the sceneor perspective was altogether different. At present we are men looking at puzzling reflections in a mirror. The time will come when weshall see reality whole & face to face! At present all I know is a little fraction of the truth, but thetime will come when I shall know it as fully as God now knows me! I Cor 13:-12 Phillips. In verse8b thru to 11, we read. For if there are prophecies they will be fulfilled & done with, if there are “tongues” the needfor them will disappear, if there is knowledge it will be swallowed up in truth. For our knowledge isalways incomplete, & when the complete comes, that is the end of the incomplete. The K.J.V Says; NOW WE KNOW IN PART & WE PROPHESY IN PART V 9. But if we dare to change our position & move out of the in part realm into the Most Holy Place wewill begin to see things from God’s point of view, in other words He will begin to show us some of Hissecrets. But traditionalism dies hard my friend ask any true blue Jew, or any deep seateddenominational Christian. In most cases they will fight to the death any other way of thinking otherthan their own. How do I know? I have been there my friend, I have been there !! Is it time for you to 2
  3. 3. “Christ the Antidote regarding death.”move into a new perspective? Has God been dealing with you lately? Are you satisfied with yourpresent spiritual situation? Think about it ? The Holy of Holies not only represents the apex in God, but it also represents the apex of Man; Hewho was created in God’s own Image is spirit which is at one with the Father. The truth is our spiritnever was or ever will be separate from the Father. Most Christians have not realised this. Why?Because the same deception that came upon Adam & Eve is upon most of mankind, including most oftheir well meaning teachers. “I am naked” were the words & thoughts of Adam & still are the thoughtsof the corporate Adam. But what was & is still the reply of the Father. WHO TOLD YOU THAT YOU WERE NAKED?Why did Adam think that he was naked? Because He ate from the tree of deception the tree of twopowers or opposites, Good & Evil. Which was within himself. You are a watered garden. Youare a garden enclosed. Isa 58;11. S of Sol 6:3 HAVE YOU EATEN OF THE TREE THAT ICOMMANDED THAT YOU SHOULD NOT EAT. Gen 3:-11. Beloved for thousands of years tradition has taught us, our culture has taught us, religiosity hastaught us, Churchianity has taught us that our loving Father separated Himself from us. When all thetime it was us, in our deceived thinking we separated ourselves from God by believing a deception.The separation is only in man’s soul, or [his mind, will & emotion]. You & I are at one with God. TheKingdom of God is within you. Every man, woman & child. Out of your innermost being shall flowrivers of LIVING WATERS. Speak to Him now. He will not reward you according to your sins. Godhas a bad memory regarding Sin. For Jesus Christ tasted death for every man. As far as the East is from the West, so far has He removed our transgressions from us.Ps 103:-12. These thoughts are coming from the Secret Place of the Most High. I hear a question; What about the Cherubim & the flaming sword, to keep & GUARD the way to thetree of life ? Gen 3:-24. I wonder if the Cherubim were on the job “guarding” when Enoch reachedsuch a high place in God, or Elijah perhaps? Remember they were both Translated! Now my dear readers please keep in mind that what we are writing here today is not coming fromthe OUTER COURT [Passover] or from the HOLY PLACE [Pentecostal] realm. This is coming from theMost Holy Place – Tabernacle or Spirit realm as in our illustration at the beginning of this article. THE SALVATION TO BE REVEALED IN THE LAST TIME 1 Pet 1:-5.Behold, this Child is appointed & destined for the fall & rising of many in Israel, & for a sign thatis spoken against. Lk 2:-34b. In Isa 8:-18. We read regarding the sign. Behold I & the childrenwhom the Lord has given me are signs & wonders [that are to take place] in Israel from the Lord ofhosts, Who dwells on Mount Zion. The word rising in the Luke 2 verse, comes from the wordAnastasis & means the recovery of spiritual truth it also means to “drive out of home, disturb,trouble, turn upside down, make an uproar.” It is also related to the word “Anastatoo,” which meansraise from sleep, disease, death, obscurity, inactivity, a resurrection from death.” The body of Christ is now not one man called Jesus, He is the Head we are the body, we are God’sTemple! God is right now preparing Sons who are growing up into the Head! These children as in theabove verse in Isaiah are the signs that God is going to use for the recovery of spiritual truth, but indoing so it will mean many will be driven out of their spiritual home, they will be disturbed, troubled,turned upside down & a general uproar will be made. This will be done in love by our Saviour, thereason being to; Raise them from natural & spiritual sleep, disease, death, obscurity, inactivity, 3
  4. 4. “Christ the Antidote regarding death.”a resurrection from death. These Children, Sons of God – Man-child - Saviours rising on MtZion, will be the Signs & Wonders that Isaiah wrote about. These Sons will also be overcomers &will be sitting on the same Throne as their Elder Brother Jesus Christ! Rev3: 21, 2:26-27. NEW WINESKINSThe wineskins really represent the perimeter of our capacity of spiritual understanding. Our perimeterneeds to be changed or enlarged. When Jesus said; And no one pours new wine into old wine-skins;if he does, the fresh wine will burst the skins & it will be spilled & the skins will be ruined. But newwine must be put into fresh wine-skins, And no one after drinking old wine immediately desires newwine, for he says, The old is good or better. Lk 5:37-39. Amp. Tradition according to STRONGS; is The living faith of dead ones. Or the faith of those whohave gone before us. Traditionalism is; The dead faith of the living. Traditionalism or the old winethat Jesus was referring to will keep us from advancing in God. To understand the message that theSpirit is revealing today, there must be a radical CHANGE in our way of thinking The new wine is notenough. We must have NEW WINESKINS! Otherwise the new wine will burst or ruin the old skins.In other words a mixture of the two will cause you to be confused, discouraged & dissatisfied.Remember a Double minded man is unstable in all his ways, also A house divided against itselfwill not stand. And you & I are a dwelling place – house-temple - of God. Jn 14:2. I hear someonesay; I understand what you are saying But what is the solution? LEAVING HOME & FATHER & MOTHERIf anyone comes to Me & does not hate his father & mother [in the sense of indifference to orrelative disregard for them in comparison with his attitude toward God] &[ likewise] his wife &children & brothers & sisters—[yes] & even his own life also—he cannot be my disciple. Lk 14:26.Amp. When God first called Saul out of Judaism, it was a mighty upheaval in his life. As far as he wasconcerned he was totally convinced that there was nothing else. But as always God was on the move.He later wrote about it in the in the book of Galatians. For you hear of my behaviour once, in Judaism, that I inordinately persecuted the – ecclesia -of God & ravaged it. And I progressed in Judaism, above many contemporaries in my race, beinginherently exceedingly more zealous for the traditions of my fathers. Now when it delights God,Who severs me from my mothers womb & calls me through His grace, to unveil His Son in me that Imight be evangelising Him among the nations, I did not immediately submit to flesh & blood,neither came I up to Jerusalem to those who were apostles before me, but I came away to Arabia, &I return again to Damascus. Gal 1:13-17, CLV. We all have spiritual roots where people, peoples or some group, be it a denomination, organisationor sect where we have been nursed, cared for parented, or fathered & mothered. These groups aresometimes referred to as women or as in one case “silly women”. Pauls spiritual background,organisation or mother was Judaism. Suddenly God decides to separate him from this organisationwhere he has been nurtured all his life, severed from his Mothers womb. The diaglott puts it this way.that having set apart me from womb of mother of me, & having called through the favour ofhimself, to reveal the son of himself in me, so that I might announce him to the nations. In other words Paul was separated from his old religious order. God wanted Him out, never to goback in. Some would say but he preached in the synagogue, of course he did, but did he fellowshipwith them in the old way, NO, NO, NO, a thousand times NO. Read the book of Hebrews, read chapter6. God separated him to share a new message. To unveil His Son in me. So many could make it mucheasier on themselves if they would only COME OUT. In the past I have seen lovely people in Godreceive revelation, do well for a while & then because of association that they could have avoided, 4
  5. 5. “Christ the Antidote regarding death.”become very confused. At times what can be good for others, can become evil to us. Sometimes, “Evilcommunications can corrupt good spiritual manners”. “We need to leave our father & mother.” ARABIA THE WILDERNESSNotice that the first thing that Paul did after he was called, he retired to Arabia, Arabia meanswilderness. He was there for some time. After we hear from God on important issues, we need not toconfer with flesh & blood but retire as it were into a wilderness experience. Why is it sometimes betternot to confer with flesh blood, or in other words talk to our friends? We need to let God establish thetruth in us. Most of the time God’s will & opinion is quite different from well meaning friends,advisors & relatives. If anyone comes to me & does not hate his father & mother [in the sense of indifference to orrelative disregard for them in comparison with his attitude towards God] & [likewise] his wife &children & brothers & sisters ---[yes] & even his own life also --- he cannot be my disciple. Lk14:26. Amp. Why am I writing like this? Well God has spoken to me very, very clearly on this matter.May God bless you in your walk with Him. TO UNVEIL HIS SON IN METhe word UNVEIL is from the Greek word Apocalupto its meaning is to take off the cover –disclose - reveal. The reason the Spirit of God is calling us out today is to fully reveal His Son in us.Christ is coming to be “Glorified IN His Saints”. The full salvation that Peter & Paul spoke about isabout to come to pass & The whole creation is on tiptoe to see the wonderful sight of the sons ofGod coming into their own. The world of creation cannot as yet see reality, not because it chooses tobe blind, but because in God’s purpose it has been so limited--yet it has been given hope. And thehope is that in the end the whole of created life will be rescued from the tyranny of change & decay,& have its share in that magnificent liberty which can only belong to God! Rom 8:19-21. Phillips. God has all men penned together in the prison of disobedience, that He may have mercy uponthem all. Rom 11:32. Phillips. THE TRUTH IN REGARD TO THE GUARDING CHERUBIMLet me share with you what I feel has been one of Gods secrets that He is now revealing. For the seedof this thought we have Marj Stampa to thank, she shared part of it with me some time ago. But it wasnot until recently that the spirit quickened my attention to it & opened it up & enlarged it, to me. Ibelieve that what I am about to share will open the way into a great doorway into the heights of God.But let me warn you if you are going to insist on only a literal Garden of Eden with literal trees, &literal fruit, you will probably miss it altogether. I believe the first three chapters of Genesis, are in thesame category as the book of Revelation, they are both Metaphors. I learned recently that the originalKing James Bible written in the early 1600s stated clearly in a large footnote that the first threechapters in Genesis were not literal. Now please I am not laying claim to any new thing that othershave not received, but it is new to me & no doubt there will be more added to this in the future.STRONGS concordance states #3742 KeRUWB of uncertain der.; a cherub or IMAGINORY FIGURE. When Adam & Eve ate from the tree of deception it was in the Garden of Paradise withinthemselves. If we are looking for a paradise outside of ourselves we will never find it, The Kingdom ofGod is only within you, Jesus said! Furthermore He stated His Kingdom was not of this world, inother words we will not find it outside of God who dwells within. Anyone who is looking elsewhere ison a lost journey. My friend this Eden was not a literal garden, this may upset your religious theology,but these things must be said, we have been under a cloud too long. When Adam & Eve ate their eyeswere opened, & they knew they were naked, they became gods & they thought they were like God.Sadly the whole thing. was a deception, a lie, an illusion an imagination . This whole state was in theirown imagination. Why because they were functioning out of their own soul or their [mind will & 5
  6. 6. “Christ the Antidote regarding death.”emotion] which in the deception, was separated from their own spirit. The spirit of God which was stillin them was gradually forgotten, put aside as it were. They were now believing in two powers “good& evil”. They were looking outward instead of inward. Whilst they believed in two powers our lovingGod could not let them live in this state forever. Where the Father dwells there is only One power. Hehas no opposites no enemies. Where the majority of mankind live, that is outside of the Tabernacleplan, & where most Christians live which is in Outer Court or Holy Place, they still believe in twopowers or good & evil. Even the feast of Pentecost was as most of us are aware of, was eaten withleaven, which designates sin & false doctrine. The Most Holy Place feast was eaten with unleavenedbread. THE CHERUBIM OVER THE ARK AND OF GENESIS THREE ARE ONE AND THE SAMEInside the Most Holy Place was the ARK OF THE COVENANT guarding the ARK were TWOCherubim. My good brothers & sisters it is one thing to go into the Most Holy place, but it is anotherto lift the lid & look inside the Ark for there is something guarding it, & what is it ? Two Cherubimor Imaginations. These are the same Cherubims as in Genesis 3:24 & they represent the two i.e.“good & evil” which is in our thinking or soul. The only real tree within us is the tree of life, which isChrist. The other is a lie, a deception, an illusion or an imagination, two in fact good & evil. Fromthese two imaginations spring the whole of mankinds problems. Whilst we have these imaginationswe cannot open the ARK within ourselves, where the tree of life in its fullness dwells. Remember theRod that budded, typifying the Tree of Life is inside. Once this is understood & embraced in spirit,The Man-child, the manifested Sons of God, will as the Diaglott states, begin to live into the age,or for 1000 years.Casting down imaginations & every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of GodThis truth is a very major part of, 1Cor 15:54b-55. Death is swallowed up in & unto victory. Ohdeath where is your victory? O death where is your sting. It is the deceitful, delusive imaginations of two powers that is keeping us from opening the Ark.How do we begin to overcome this? Now the wonderful news in regards to this is, that we are nolonger in a good verses evil fight. That god of good & evil because of our knowing the truth isfinished. It is only an imagination anyway. THIS IS OVERCOMING beloved. Remember we are speaking from the “Third realm” position. Lord lift me up & let me stand, By faith, on Heavens table-land, A higher plane than I have found, Lord plant my feet on higher ground,The higher ground is in our thinking. Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed onThee [the one & only power without enemies] because he trusteth in Thee.Isa 26:3. KJV. Be still & know that the I (that is in you) is God Ps 46;10a KJV. The word am isin italics. Not original. For it is God which works in you both to will & to do of his good pleasure. Phillipians 2:13. THE RENEWING OF THE MINDThis is an excerpt from an article by Preston Eby. Quote, “The crowns of gold are upon their heads.Though this appears a very natural statement, yet it is freighted with deep significance! The Greek 6
  7. 7. “Christ the Antidote regarding death.”word for “head” is kephale which comes from the root kapto meaning “ to seize.” Is it not the head, themind, that the adversary most wants to captivate & take hold of? The mind is the gateway to the wholebeing! It is in the mind of man that he is alienated from the life that is in God (Eph 4:18), & it is by therenewing of the mind that we are transformed into the image of Christ! It is the head or mind that thespirit of God is today “seizing” or “laying hold” upon in every one who has received the call tosonship. That HE may be fully manifest therein.”……….Of course the crowns of fragrant brancheswon by the Greeks in their athletic contests were short lived, for they soon wilted & became dead &brittle. In contrast to this, our stephanos are incorruptible crowns which will never fade away ---- forthe Royal Priesthood is of the Melchizedekian order ---- after the power of an endless life! In theTheatre of Ephesus there was found an inscription which read: “He fought three bouts, & was crownedtwo times.” In like manner the sons of God will soon be rewarded for their bouts with the flesh, theworld. & the principalities & powers which have their rule in the darkness of the carnal mind. God iseven now bringing forth an incorruptible people, overcomers, who are overcoming all things. And ofthem, finally it shall be said : “They fought many, many bouts & were crowned every time.” No moreweakness & failure. No more flunking two tests & winning one. Overcoming all things! Oh, no, wehave not always overcome all things, but those who are called & chosen in this hour are beingstrengthened by experience & by the power of the spirit of life within & are becoming strong in theLord & in the power of His might. God is teaching us to reign in our lives & in every situation! Hismaking us a Royal Priesthood! Priests are reigning in the Father’s own nature, love, & power!Reconciling the world. Subduing all things. As kings these are seated in the throne; as priests theysit around the throne. Their rule is rooted in authority as kings, but as priests they become betweenthe God of the throne & the creation so desperately needing His life. Isn’t it wonderful! End quote. THREE STEPS DOWN, AND THREE STEPS TO RETURNWhat is man that You are mindful of him. & the son of man that You care for him? Yet You havemade him but a little lower than God & You have crowned him with glory & honour. You made himto have dominion over the works of Your hands. You have put all things under his feet. Ps 8:4-6Amp. In the Moffatt translation verse five we read; Yet thou hast made him a little lower than divine,thou hast crowned him with majesty & honour. The Youngs puts verse five this way; And causest him to lack a little of Godhead, And withhonour & majesty compassest him. I would like to remind us at this stage that our theme is; Christis the antidote regarding death. Not in the concept of the second realm, ie; Holy place orPentecost. But in the concept of living, Into the age. Which is The Most Holy Place, experience. When God made man in the first chapter of Genesis, he was made in the very image of Himself, aspirit being. Eph 2:10 K.J.V says we were Created in Christ Jesus. In the beginning we werereplica’s of God, divine spirit beings, & the truth is we still are! But our wonderful, loving creator hadplans for us. Nothing comes easy. Without trials & testing-s we cannot be perfected! Rom 8: 20-21,For the creation (nature) was subjected to frailty (to futility, condemned to frustration), notbecause of some intentional fault on its part, but by the will of Him Who so subjected it---(yet) withthe hope. That the nature (creation) itself will be set free from its bondage to decay and corruption[& gain an entrance] into the glorious freedom of God’s children. Amp. Then God caused us tolack a little of Godhead. This consisted of a stepping down from phase one to phase three. Thefirst phase being spirit, the next, man became a living soul, the third, man was given a body. If youare not sure of the third phase I invite you to do some deep research on Gen 3:21 regarding skins.Strongs # 5783, 4785, which means in both cases to make naked also the companion Bible, appendix34 has a very, very interesting excerpt regarding this subject. The third realm understanding isrevealing some very serious flaws in our past tradition of religiosity. Let us return to the Old Paths isthe cry of many, yes I agree the very, very old paths. Let us return to our roots, the Garden of Edenwhich is in us. I am sure that you will enjoy the words of this song. 7
  8. 8. “Christ the Antidote regarding death.” I’ll take you back to where you were in me, Before the fall of man, I’ll restore your soul I’ll reconcile your heart, I’ll give you back, your true identity. I’m removing the veil from your eyes, That you may truly see, You will be with me in paradise, On this earth you’ll walk with me.In doing this it we start from the, Flesh Realm then to the Soul Realm then into the Spirit Realm Passover then to Pentecost then into Tabernacles Outer Court then to the Holy Place then into the Most Holy Place Beloved in Christ we are returning to the Father, the former things are soon to be forgotten. It willnot be long when God’s sons will not lack in Godhead any-more this time we will be Life Givingspirits with a glorified BODY. The in part realm is soon to disappear. There are some things that afew would sooner forget. But for the sake of expediency for the body they are still spoken of. We willsoon come into a fuller understanding of the Tabernacle of David I know that some have seen a littledeeper than others on this subject. I happen to know one or two of them. This is a wonderful timewe’re living in, a time when death will soon be overcome by Victory!I truly hope this article has helped you! Yours in His service.Written by Ralph Knowles. March 2009. For those who have enjoyed this article & are hungry for the deeper truths of “ Third day revelation” Please contact Ralph Knowles. Phone 07 38187875, Mobile 0448126882. The mailing address is, 47/13 Thomas st Goodna Qld 4300 Australia. < Web < >If we have been prone to human error in this article it is not purposely, & I trust that a little kindness would allow for any fault, & that we will consider &imbibe the better or spiritual part of that which is presented & intended. RWK. 8