Part1 Christ The Antidote.


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Part1 Christ The Antidote.

  1. 1. “Christ the Antidote regarding death.” “CHRIST THE ANTIDITOTE REGARDING DEATH” Part 1 “DESTROYING THE VEIL OF WRETCHEDNESS.” God’s wonderful plan which has been “kept secret since the beginning of time” is now opening out to further revelation. Many Christians have long realised that the eternality of the soul is a fact in Christ Jesus alone. Today I would like to share a further awareness, which of course others have no doubt had insight into, but rarely write about it. 1Cor 15: 26 Tells us that the last enemy to be destroyed is death. Notice that Paul the apostle identifies death as an enemy. Our enemy. Paul also tells us in Rom 8:6 that the carnal mind is death & in verse 7 is also hostile, at Enmity with God. So the carnal mind or a mind that believes in two powers, as Adam & Eve adopted when they ate from the tree of (good & evil).Prior to this they only knew of one power which of course was God, the One. After this Eve was not only deceived but convinced that this fruit was good & would make one wise, she then of course gave to her husband who was not deceived for at no time did he ever have discourse with the serpent; which is representative of the carnal mind & is more subtle than any beast of the field & also carries in it’s bite poison or the “sting of death” which is sin or “missing the mark” or “mistaking our identity.” Even though Adam was not in the transgression 1Tim 2:14 nevertheless the Lord had warned him that the day he ate of that tree he would surely die Gen 2:17, but he had weighed the pro’s & cons beforehand (which is a story I would like to share with you at a later date) & because of his love for the creation he was fathering, he ate the fruit. To the religious & secular world Adam is the most misunderstood man ever to live. This carnal mind or the belief in two powers is the law under which most Christians are walking, the god they are following is a god of opposites for instance: good verses evil, God verses the devil, success verses failure, health verses sickness, prosperity verses lack, etc & so on. The one power “God” has been replaced by the power given to Adam & Eve, which was acquired when they ate from the forbidden tree, which held within its fruit the belief in two powers. UNTIL WE STOP BELIEVING THIS, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO “DWELL IN THE SECRET PLACE OF THE MOST HIGH & ABIDE UNDER THE SHADOW OF THE ALMIGHTY.” This also equates to living in the “MOST HOLY PLACE.” wherein is the Shekinah Glory. Let us keep in mind that our subject is “God’s antidote for overcoming death” which is found only in Jesus the Christ & His teachings. Until we have a mind change & forsake the god of Gen 3:5-7 that is a (good & evil god) there is no way we can we constantly reside in the secret place of God. What I am saying may seem harsh, the grace of God will never change, it will draw every man & woman until we reach the place of spiritual clarity. But brother & sister what caused every man & woman to inherit death was what happened in the garden & what it caused them to believe. We must have a mind change. This article is written because of the love, concern & interest I have for God’s people which of course includes myself. Page 1 of 8
  2. 2. “Christ the Antidote regarding death.” “LUCIFER THE LIGHT BEARER”. Contrary to popular religious teaching, GOD HAS NO OPPOSITE if He did it would be Himself, there is only ONE POWER & that is GOD THE ONE, Mark 12:29 “Hear oh Israel the Lord our God is One Lord”. This is a quotation from an article I read recently, is put so ably & in so few words. Quote, “ Religion has understood the impact the serpent had on Eve’s mind, but then confused the whole issue by calling the “serpent” Satan or the Devil, giving it a creature status. Beloved God never created a Devil or Satan, therefore they do not exist as some spiritual creature form. There is no “Fallen Angel” that became the Devil, but that is what is taught in Theological Colleges from Isaiah 14 & Ezek 28, both chapters speak of ADAM the MAN in type form under two titles. One as the title LUCIFER who is the LIGHT BEARER, referring to the MAN Adam who was in the Garden of Eden & “Walked in the LIGHT even as HE, God is the LIGHT”, walking in pure fellowship with God. In verse 16 of Isa 14.the Prophet says, “IS THIS THE MAN.” In Ezek 28 & verse 2 the prophet says “ YET THOU ART A MAN” again referring to ADAM.” Unquote. “THE SERPENT REPRESENTS THE CARNAL OR NATURAL MIND.” This two power struggle comes from the delusion that is within us, when we partake of the soul disregarding the spirit, this is a delusion & whilst we do this we will miss the mark & fall into a greater error, but if we listen to Christ the spirit, we are hearing from our true self or our true identity. A great awakening will take place & God’s word will cease to be just ink on the paper but will be a revelation of REALITY. The Apostle Paul tells us, “I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live, yet not I but Christ lives in me & the life that I now live in the flesh (which is my true identity) I live by the faith of the Son of God”. If we are hearing from spirit the word will back it up & beloved if we have heard from God the word will sanction it by two or three witnesses if this does not happen it is a delusion, from the wrong power within you & I would urge you to drop whatever it is like a hot potato. The Kingdom of God is within us. This flesh & blood we are wearing & what we see with our eyes is not eternal & will die, but the Kingdom of God which is eternal & has nothing to do with the (worldly perception of things) will lead us into a deathless existence. 2 Cor 4:18. The Son’s of God, who God is now raising up & forming into an army as mentioned in Rev 19: 12-16 will be living & abiding in this place. Amen. “THE MOUNTAIN OF RAISED CONSCIOUSNESS”. Isaiah 25: 6-9 Amp, “And on this Mount Zion (the highest place for God’s people, this is where the Tabernacle of David was erected) shall the Lord of Page 2 of 8
  3. 3. “Christ the Antidote regarding death.” Hosts make for all peoples a feast of rich things (symbolic of His coronation festival inaugurating the reign of the Lord on earth, in the wake of a background of gloom, judgement, & terror, a feast of wines on the lees-of fat things full of marrow, of wines on the lees refined”. The background of gloom, judgement, & terror is exactly what we have been experiencing, & the world is still in the midst of it which is the result of believing in two powers. Now let us look at the next verse which is 7. “And He will destroy on this Mountain the covering of the face that is cast over the heads of all peoples (in mourning), & the veil (of profound wretchedness) that is WOVEN & is spread over all the nations”. This mountain is the (mountain of our raised consciousness, as to our true identity & the reality as to who we really are “sons of God” made in His Image) Ps 82:6-7 I said you are gods; indeed ALL of you are the children of the Most High. But you shall die as men & fall as one of the princes.” This word gods is translated from the Hebrew word ELOHIYM & is both a plural & a singular word, ie; The word sheep & fish are both plural & singular words. This I believe fits in beautifully when Paul mentions the manifestation of the SONS OF GOD, Then the Apostle John refers to the same company as the MANCHILD, both are referring to the corporate body of Christ. The reason that the bodies of the above company of gods & children of the Most High die is that they have been mislead because of the veil of ignorance that has been woven & spread over all nations. And brothers & sisters this last paragraph is referring to you & I & every last one of us & it will be up to us as SONS OF GOD to take this message of full salvation to those who are blind. Peter puts it this way “ the salvation to be revealed in the last time.” 1 Pet 1: 5. This covering & the veil is the (veil of our flesh) (the carnal mind) etc. Jesus said “My Kingdom is NOT of THIS world”. Not of this worldly or even the religious way of thinking. Beloved this is a new day a new way of thinking. Lets throw the old wine bottles they are ready crack & leak anyway. This is the third day that Hosea mentions in Chapter 6:1-3 Lets obtain new bottles & fill them with the new wine this time from the Holy of Holies & enter the new order Heb 9:10-11.Amp, Speaks of a complete new order & “BETTER THINGS WHICH HAVE COME & ARE TO COME” Heb 9:11. “The Diaglott” plainly says “OF THE FUTURE GOOD THINGS” Let us leave the (in part realm) 1Cor 13;9-12. And let us go on to perfection. Remember the Holy Spirit is the (hope) of Glory, not the Glory, Col 1:27. It is the foretaste or down payment of better things to come. Or the first installement, Eph 1:14. Rom 8:23. 1Pet 1:5. “THE WRETCHED WOVEN VEIL”. Page 3 of 8
  4. 4. “Christ the Antidote regarding death.” This veil of wretchedness is WOVEN & spread over all the nations. The word woven touches me, the whole world is affected by the belief in two powers. They have yet to realize that they are made in God’s very own Image not their flesh of course. But this WOVEN veil is in every warp & woof of the thinking & UNDERSTANDING of every culture & religion of mankind, it is over his mind, oh brother & sister how sad & yet what a wonderful task awaits those who will dare to be a Joshua or a John the Baptist, but listen to the words of OBADIAH verse 21”And saviours (deliverers) shall arise on Mount Zion to rule & judge Mount Esau & the kingdom shall be the Lords”. God is calling out forerunners He is calling them out quietly & in secret. Then out of darkness God's light did shine Dispelling the gloom with glory divine; Brooding over the face of the deep, God in love did His covenant keep; Slowly enlightening the darkened mind, Removing the veil cast over mankind. “Dora Van Assen.” “HE WILL SWALLOW UP DEATH IN VICTORY.” Let us now return to ISAIAH 25:8. Amp. “He will abolish death forever).And the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces: & the reproach of His people He will take away from all the earth; for the Lord has spoken it”. 1Cor15:26,54: 2 Tim.1:10. When the scripture tells us that death will be swallowed up, the greater part of the meaning is that God will so open our spiritual understanding & we will be so sensitive & imbued with the reality of who we really are that the old or former understanding of our mistaken identity or the old perception of things will be swallowed up as light swallows up darkness, Why? Because darkness does not really exist it is simply the absence of light, we will come into the full reality that Jesus had when he told us that “I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE” This too will be our full reality after all He is our Elder brother. To take it further. Where is Christ now? In us of course! Where is his body? We are his body! The Christ in us has in no way changed His mind & He would say as our true self or identity “I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE” I can without fear of contradiction say exactly that & so can you “ I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE” “ YE ARE GODS & CHILDREN OF THE MOST HIGH” If Jesus said it to the Jews in John 10:34 Then I believe it & agree with Him. This understanding or knowing as a reality is what will swallow up death in victory; this understanding is in the spirit only. “YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH & THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE” “ONWARD & UPWARD, FORWARD & BACKWARD”. Isaiah 25:9 Tells us, “It shall said in that day. Behold our God upon Whom we have waited & hoped, that He might save us! This is the Lord, we have waited for Him; we will be glad & rejoice in His salvation. Page 4 of 8
  5. 5. “Christ the Antidote regarding death.” As with Moses & Israel they had waited for 450 years & then God moved & oh how He moved, “they said, this is the Lord, for whom we have we have waited.” & they rejoiced in the salvation God had provided at that time, God’s truth for that time set them free. God has been moving us on over many generations & dispensations onward & upward, closer to Him to be God-like, the truth is that we are being taken backward & forward at the same time, into “GODHOOD.” Eph 1:18-23, 2:5-7. Col:26-27,2:9-10. 1. In one way we are returning to the first chapter of Genesis to the realization of who we were at the creation, spirit beings, made in His Image. Created in Christ Jesus & chosen, foreordained, predestined in Him “before the foundation of the world”. Eph 1:4,5,11. 2:10 A closer translation to the last 6 words in the above line would be i.e. “Before the disruption of the cosmos”. or “ Before the fall”. 2. Also he is taking us forward unto perfection, to full salvation. As far as time is concerned Our Creator thinks a little different to what we do as He does not dwell in time but in infinity, for instance we are told in, Isaiah 46:10 “Declaring the END from the beginning, & from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, & I will do all my pleasure:” Notice the END is declared before the start. “THE THIRD DAY” When it came time to march across the Red sea Moses called upon God & He said to Moses, “Why do you cry to Me? Tell the people of Israel tgo forward. Lift up your rod & stretch out your hand over the sea & divide it”. In other words Moses YOU DO IT you have the rod I have given you the power, did I not make you in my own Image, did I not give you the revelation of the “I AM” now act accordingly. MY TRANSLATION. This is found in Exodus 14:15-16. Let us remember that according to 2 COR 3:7-11, This experience at that time, great as it was virtually had “NO SPLENDOR AT ALL, BECAUSE OF THE OVERWHELMING GLORY THAT EXCEEDS & EXCELLS IT. FOR IF THAT WHICH WAS BUT PASSING & FADING AWAY, CAME WITH SPLENDOR HOW MUCH MORE MUST THAT WHICH REMAINS & IS PERMANENT ABIDE IN GLORY & SPLENDOR!” Paul was comparing the experience of Moses day with that of the early Christians. The comparison was mind boggling, now here we are in the third day, in the time of “THE SALVATION TO BE REVEALED IN THE LAST TIME” when He is “BRINGING TO FULL SALVATION THOSE WHO ARE WAITING FOR & EXPECTING HIM.” Heb 9:28b where can we find this FULL SALVATION described? Lets turn to Luke 13:32b, “BEHOLD, I DRIVE OUT DEMONS & PERFORM HEALINGS TODAY & TOMORROW, & ON THE THIRD DAY I FINISH (complete) MY COURSE [Amp] To those who know their Bible the THIRD day carries with it a twofold meaning, one referring to Jesus for that time & the other for today, keeping in mind that; Page 5 of 8
  6. 6. “Christ the Antidote regarding death.” “A THOUSAND YEARS ARE AS ONE DAY, & ONE DAY IS AS ATHOUSAND YEARS” Without getting side tracked we are now in the third day. Where the Amp says “I FINISH MY COURSE,” The K.J.V. Says, “I SHALL BE PERFECTED” The N.I.V. Renders it, “I REACH MY GOAL” How were these statements fulfilled in the day of Jesus? He ROSE FROM THE DEAD of course. How will they be fulfilled in us? He will be perfected in us! “WHAT ABOUT THE RAPTURE?” There is coming a change beloved & it aint gonna be the rapture, sure it will be rapturous, but not the so called rapture as many know it & I will tell you why! There are certainly some things I don’t know a lot about, but this is one thing I do know something about. I will not labour the point as I prefer not to be too negative. In my searching I have not been able to find one reference before 1580 A.D to the present day theory that the Churches espouse & teach. None of the early Church writers wrote about it. The general consensus was that “THE MEEK WOULD INHERIT THE EARTH” In other words Christ would establish His Kingdom here on earth. But in 1580 a Spanish Jesuit Priest by the name of Ribera published a theory on the Antichrist with very vague references to a type of escapism, then in 1747 a Chilean of Spanish descent whose name was Emanual Lacunza, became a Jesuit Priest & he also compiled a theory on the antichrist with other references on his particular view to an escapism of sorts. He wrote under a pseudo name of “Rabbi Ben Ezra” posing as a very learned & converted Jew. He died in 1801, In 1826 a Dr Maitland, librarian to the Archbishop of Canterbury, startled the protestant world with a book in which a mixture of both Ribera & Lacunza’s theories were compiled taken from the book by “ Rabbi Ben Ezra.” To cut a long story short another Jesuit priest by the name of Loyola was involved in the compilation of the doctrine, then a man by the name of Darby became involved, he eventually became a leader in the Brethren movement espousing & developing the rapture theory & convincing many with great zeal. Eventually it infiltrated into other movements, then it was taken to the U.S.A. where it was adopted by the Baptist Church & then in turn by the Assemblies Of God, now it is right through all of Churchianity all because of three Jesuit Priests, the main proponent was Lacunza, A number of men became involved & did not know the true identity of “Rabbi Ben Ezra” until quite some time later, by that time they were really hooked & were at the point of no return without some very red faces. What does all this prove it is only background as to the why & how of the theory! We will now look into the word regarding the subject. Two of the mainstays regarding this belief, having once taught it myself, are found in the following verses. “We will deal with these only today.” I feel that it is pertinent for those who are having a problem with this theory as it can be a barrier to those who wish to move on. “IS IT SCRIPTURALLY CORRECT?’ Lk 17:26-28. Amp. “And just as it was in the days of Noah. So will it be in the time of the Son of Man. People ate, they drank, they married, they were given in marriage, right up to the day when Noah went into the ark, & the flood came & destroyed them all. So also [it was the same] as it was in the days of Lot. [People] ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built; but on Page 6 of 8
  7. 7. “Christ the Antidote regarding death.” the [very day] that Lot went out of Sodom, it rained fire & brimstone from heaven & destroyed [them] all.” Let us consider Lot first. The Rapture theory contends that Lot was taken [which is supposed to identify with us being taken into the sky for three & one half years, then those who were destroyed, are supposed to represent those who were left on the earth. As stated in verse 34 &35 “one was taken the other left.” But the reality of the analogy is exactly the opposite. Lot was actually left alive & those who opposed Him, [the residents of Sodom & Gomorrah] were destroyed. The reason that Lot was left alive was to help repopulate the earth or father a Nation. The spiritual connotation to us is that as Lot had a task on THIS EARTH [not somewhere up in the sky] so have we here RIGHT NOW. “AMEN & AMEN”. The same thing applies with Noah, He was preserved by the Ark in the rising waters, & the others were destroyed by the same water. Noah was not taken anywhere God had a work for him on this earth. If ever this world needed people with an end time message of Faith it is right now. “WHO KNOWS WHETHER GOD HAS SELECTED YOU TO COME INTO THE KINGDOM AT THIS PARTICULAR TIME?” ESTHER:4:14. “BACKWARD” TO WHAT I ONCE HAD”. So there is a change taking place in us, first in our thinking, which brings a realisation of our true reality. As we begin to ignore our carnal beginnings, teachings & so called realities. We will dare to think higher than ever, especially in our prayer & meditation. Then we will begin to regain an understanding of our true spiritual status. Of course I realize that many of you are already well along the path, but we are also concerned with those who are not so far ahead as some. Jesus said,” And now, Father, glorify Me along with Your self & restore me to such majesty & honour in Your presence as I had with You before the world existed.” Amp. The glory He had with the Father was before this Cosmos or present fallen World existed. In Gen 1: 26 He was nameless, who was He? He was Christ the only Son both corporate & singular out of whom we were created before He became the Man of dust or of the earth earthy, the first Adam. “Who stripped Himself of all privileges & rightful dignity so as to assume the guise of a servant that He became like men & was born a human being”. Phil 2:7. “He became so very poor, in order that by His poverty you might become enriched [abundantly supplied].” Coming down from highest glory All humanity to save; Bringing life, each soul renewing, Delivering from death and grave, In His likeness all partaking Of His immortality; This is the purpose of His dying On the cross of Calvary. “Dora Van Assen.” “The Christ in Adam willed that he would be lowered so to perform His wonderful plan.” Ps 8:5. Rom 8:20. Amp. Page 7 of 8
  8. 8. “Christ the Antidote regarding death.” He who was made in God’s own Image “The Christ” a Spiritual being before He was made a living soul was told to “be fruitful & multiply” or to procreate which He did as he was both male & female & this is where we came into the picture as He was the one in whom we were created as mentioned in Eph 1:4-5.& 2:10. Now keep in mind that God only created one son, be it singular or corporate in Lk 3:38 the first Adam is also called the “Son of God” “Did God create two sons? Of course not they are one & the same. This son was created not born. Turn to Isaiah 9:6 “To us a Child is born, to us a son is given.” Notice that the Child Jesus, is born but the Son or Christ is given, no Son of God was ever born of a woman, Jesus the man was born, but the Christ who was already in existence was given by God or supernaturally placed into the Babe or embryo by God. “A Son of God is a spiritual being the same as his Father.” “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but contrariwise, we are spiritual beings enjoying a human experience.” Now let me repeat part of the above verse, “FATHER GLORIFY THOU ME WITH THINE OWN SELF, WITH THE GLORY WHICH I HAD WITH THEE BEFORE THE WORLD WAS”. K.J.V. In other words give me the Glory that I had with thee in the garden before the “DISRUPTION OF THE KOSMOS.” Did Christ receive that Glory? He surely did for He is now seated at the “Right Hand” of the Father & what’s more He has now given that Glory to us the Church. Eph 2:6 Amp, “And He has raised us up together with Him & made us sit down together [giving us joint seating with Him] in the heavenly sphere [by virtue of our being] in Christ Jesus the Messiah, the Anointed One]” We are also Joint Heirs together with Him. .So my worthy brothers & sisters this “death overcoming Christ” is in us. Rom 8:11 K.J.V. “BUT IF THE SPIRIT OF HIM THAT RAISED UP JESUS FROM THE DEAD DWELL IN YOU, HE THAT RAISED UP CHRIST FROM THE DEAD SHALL ALSO QUICKEN YOUR MORTAL BODIES BY HIS SPIRIT THAT DWELLETH IN YOU”. Rom 8: 23 “AND NOT ONLY THEY, BUT OURSELVES ALSO, WHICH HAVE THE FIRSTFRUITS OF THE SPIRIT, EVEN WE OURSELVES GROAN WITHIN OURSELVES, WAITING FOR THE ADOPTION, TO WIT, THE REDEMPTION OF THE BODY”. To be continued. Written by Ralph Knowles.. Feb 2009. For those who have enjoyed this article & are hungry for the deeper truths of “Third day revelation” Please contact Ralph Knowles. Phone 07 38187875. Mobile 0448126882. The mailing address is 47/13 Thomas St Goodna Qld 4300 Australia. Page 8 of 8