Part 60 The Purpose Of Our Life!


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Spiritual Supply! That Nothing May Be Lost Or Wasted! An Extract From The Dead Sea Scrolls! A New True Prophet Has Arisen! Tradition! The New Man-Prophet In A Renewed World! Bringing Perfection Out Of The Seeming Adverse! If Any Man Be In Christ!

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Part 60 The Purpose Of Our Life!

  1. 1. Christ The Antidote Regarding Death CHRIST THE ANTIDOTE REGARDING DEATH Part 60. The Purpose Of Our Life! The developing of the realisation of the God-self in man is a slow process but it is the purpose & the reason for the existence of every one of us. ''I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.'' Jn 10:10b. KJV. I have come to you & even into you that you may use this creative force, this Christ life that you may also become as I am even a being of light. Spiritual Supply! In reading from John 6:1-12, we see that a great crowd was following Jesus because of the signs which continually followed Him. In reading these verses I see three levels which can be applied, there is of course the physical level then there is the mental or soul level - mind, will & emotions - then of course most importantly the spiritual, the most holy place, our true identity or Christ level. I see in these verses the truth of our spiritual supply which is most intriguing. We notice on close inspection that the more that Jesus gave out to the five thousand, the more that was incoming & received. Whilst there was a need the supply was limitless & inexhaustible. Notice in verse twelve that there were fragments which the multitude were unable to assimilate. I want us to realise that the same applies to spiritual power, when man begins to shake himself as it were & we begin to fully realise within ourselves just what this means, there will begin to exude from within that which has actually been with & in us from the very beginning. And there will be no end to the supply of power that is needed, miraculous will be the inexhaustible supply that will be at our disposal to meet the need of the hour. Jesus Christ will once again walk this earth but this time in His fullness. When we truly begin to ignore the veil of our parentage or mother & father - our five sensed perception - which includes the Adamic dream, then that identity which is our original true eternal Christ self, will - in a real way - begin to appear. Now at this point I want us to clearly understand that this is a two way process & we cannot & must not think that we can raise ourselves up by our own boot straps, as some would seem to infer; No ''You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You because he trusts in You.'' It is only as our spirit & mind are upon Him that is within that we have the peace & power of God at work in our lives. One thing that I must add here is that our wonderful Father is not one who is on the outside of us but is an intrinsic part of each of us. This is the true eventual purpose of our lives. That Nothing May Be Lost Or Wasted! In verse twelve we find the above statement of Jesus. I glean from this that not one circumstance in our lives will be wasted, whether we deem it to be good, bad or otherwise. ''All things work together for good to them who are called & chosen'' Please keep in mind that there is not one person alive or departed from this world that God does not have his hand on & was not created by Him & yes; Chosen! We speak from the most holy place understanding. As we begin to ignore the veil, the Adamic dream & believe the statement of Christ ''It is finished'' the thought that comes with it is that it is now ours, it belongs to us. Please do not be disappointed if you think that you are a little behind, for we are all growing in our realisation of this, but I do declare that there are many at least somewhat further ahead than when we first started & for further encouragement to some, I would suggest that we question within ourselves the meaning of the statement, ''The last shall be first ?'' The two fish & the barley loaves symbolised once again Christ Himself, we have much evidence with 1
  2. 2. Christ The Antidote Regarding Death the signs left in the Catacomb's of the early East, regarding the sign of the fish, & this era is referred to by many as the Piscean age or the age of the fish. The barley loaves also depict Jesus Christ once again, as barley was a staple food to those who lived in that area at that time & our Christ is most certainly a very staple spiritual food, as it were. The full significance of this is that Jesus was giving to the people of Himself completely; How wonderful this is! Notice that in verse three they went up into the mountain! This is depicting to me that He was raising the consciousness of not only Himself but also taking the people with Him into a higher conscious awareness, whenever we go into the mountain of the Lord it usually means that our consciousness is raised to a higher plain. Is it time for us to go into a higher mountain plain & if in doing so would we affect others by sharing this wherever possible & taking them with us also? I think so! We too can do this in either a greater or lesser degree depending on where we are. Now know this that our loving Father is in no way going to leave us where we are, & if we are of a humble attitude no words will be able to fit our now & future experience!! In looking at verse five Jesus beheld a ''great multitude or company was coming toward Him.'' I am of the opinion that there is more to this verse than what the ink on the paper would suggest; we are going to take the liberty to read into this a little more than what is generally perceived. Jesus who walked in a high spiritual plain & was very perceptive & would no doubt in His high sensitivity understand things that others did not. I suggest that in this spiritual multitude that there well could have been present other unseen entities such as the watchers in Dan 4:13 & 17, or maybe a ''great cloud of witnesses'' as in Heb 12:1, may I also suggest that ''the spirits of just men made perfect'' or even the countless multitude of angels as found in Heb 12:22-23. that they also could well be among this multitude! You may ask what interest would they need to have in this one called Jesus? A good question always deserves a good answer & here is our answer. ''And God purposed that through (by the service, the intervention of) Him [the Son] ALL things should be completely RECONCILED back to Himself, whether ON EARTH 0R IN HEAVEN, as through Him, [the Father] made peace by means of the blood of His cross.'' Col 1:20. Amp. Please notice that we are not only told all things but with this are are the words on earth & in heaven. ''And God was pleased for him to make peace by sacrificing his blood on the cross, so that all beings in heaven and on earth would be brought back to God.'' Col 1: 20. CEV. Can we now see why we would suggest the constant interest there would have would have been by the above entities; as all things both in heaven & in earth have been redeemed by this wonderful manifestation of God. ''God my salvation!.... He has become my salvation'' Isa 12:2. The word salvation in this case is from the word Yeshuwah Strongs #3444 & this word is the Aramaic word for Jesus. He, God, has become my Jesus. Is it any wonder that the entities we have mentioned above were so vitally interested in the activities of their reconciler & redeemer Christ Jesus! I would add that if you would want to look at this thought in a more comprehensive & in depth way, our esteemed brother J Preston Eby, wrote a booklet some years back on this very subject entitled ''Reconciliation In The Heavens'' which can be googled on the net. I suggest to all that it is well worth the read! My next thought is if Jesus was perceiving all of this then, at that time, then would not now be the time for us, the sons of God to be made aware of the same? Now I am not suggesting that many of us have not yet realised this, but we are writing to some that are not as far ahead as others. What I would also emphasise is that it would be good with what we are sharing today not to let it become only head knowledge rather than a spiritual heart experience. It is not so much the mental food that we need today but that which would slake our spiritual thirst. Do not look at your faults, we can find plenty of those if we look through our flesh mind or listen to 2
  3. 3. Christ The Antidote Regarding Death others; look at & concentrate on your perfection, Christ in you, the perfect one who is your true eternal self. If our wonderful Father has provided a way for our perfection & is not judging or rewarding any of us according to our iniquities; Who are we to not look at ourselves the way He does? I very much like the song that Stacey Musgrove sings, ''I like to be around mirrors.'' I repeat it is finished, as far as the East is from the West so far has He removed our imperfections. Dare we believe it? Let us view ourselves the way God does. Do we not have His righteousness? Plus as far as our Father is concerned the end of sin was an event that occurred at the cross & the resurrection. Soon the fulfilment of what the body have been sharing will become a full reality, we will not only sense it in spirit, but soon the manifested sons will actually be in both worlds in reality at the same time. Does this not bring from within a praise for the purpose of our life that God has for each of us. You see beloved in the mountain experience Jesus loves to raise our vibrations so we can sense more keenly that which has been hidden to men for generations. Also know that this above unseen group would be yearning for & gleaning from every word & vibration that was issuing from the Christ the one who was in fact the manifestation of that LIGHT as He was ''that Light who came into the world that illumines EVERY person'' Jn 1:9. We would also add that those who still have a problem with the law of Moses relating to where we are today, in verse 32 of the same chapter we read ''Then Jesus said to them, Truly, truly, I say to you, Moses did not give you that bread from Heaven, but My Father gives you the true bread from Heaven.'' Jn 6:32. MKJV. This which Moses offered was food for the mind or soul, rather than what Jesus is presenting to us today in the secret place or the most holy place experience, which incidentally is eventually for all. Personally we also see quite clearly the ten commandments being replaced & overruled by the wonderful - new covenant - message that Jesus preached in the Sermon on the Mount. It is interesting to notice that Jesus was always coming up with new thoughts & a new ways of looking at things to the people of that time, here is a quote from the New KJV taken from Mark 6:2 ''Where did this man get these things'' this will give us some idea as to how revolutionary that Jesus was in His thinking & way of presenting things. Keep in mind that this is a new day we are entering & I am sure that our leader Christ has in no way altered His disposition in surprising us & wanting us to move ahead in leaps & bounds. The thought that has recently crossed my mind is that when we walk into a darkened room we need to find the switch & operate it before we can avail ourselves of illumination. In a darkened room that we are not accustomed to it is not always easy to find the switch let alone operate it. In our spiritual experiences of increasing illumination, in rooms or experiences to which we are not yet fully familiar we need to search for, find the switch within & operate it before clarity of light is fully appreciated. An Extract From The Dead Sea Scrolls! ''And thus it shall come to pass in the generation of two times a thousand years, that these things shall come into fulfilment.'' ''The new prophet of that far away future time........revelations about my real teaching will shake up the structure of the whole Earth, because at this time the world will be inundated by my teachings which have been distorted and falsified by the scribes, and the earth will live in a false cult which will bring it death. Before the two times a thousand years are past, the new prophet will reveal my unfalsified teaching in small groups, as I teach in small groups my trusted friends and disciples, the wisdom and knowledge of the Laws of The Creation. And it shall not be given to know until that time whether it shall be that the prophet is of male or female.'' '' And it will become true in two times a thousand years, when man has become aware and thinking, that my real unfalsified teaching will be revealed anew.'' 3
  4. 4. Christ The Antidote Regarding Death A New True Prophet Has Arisen! ''So says the Lord Jehovah, Woe to the foolish prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing!'' Eze 13:3. MKJV. This is describing those who are still in their Adamic religious dream & are operating in delusion. ''And My hand shall be against the prophets who see empty, false, and delusive visions and who give lying prophecies. They shall not be in the secret council of My people,'' Eze 13:9a. Amp. There is a very high place in God & it is found within ourselves & it is called the ''secret place of the most high'' or the Most Holy Place. This is partly what Ezekiel was referring to in mentioning the secret council of My people! ''So will I break down the wall that you have daubed with whitewash and bring it down to the ground, so that its foundations will be exposed; when it falls, you will perish and be consumed in the midst of it. And you will know (understand and realize) that I am the Lord.'' Eze 13:14. Amp. ''Thus will I accomplish My wrath upon the wall and upon those who have daubed it with whitewash, and I will say to you, The wall is no more, neither are they who daubed it,'' Eze 13:15. Amp. Whitewash has never been an endurable paint, it has always been used as a cheap temporary cover up, this is how God feels about the religious facades that many are today trying to replace the truth of the most holy place found within us. Those powers who in the past have hidden these things from us because of religiosity are now being exposed. Please notice the finality of the verse ''no more is the wall, neither those who daubed it.'' To myself it seems that God's wrath is more upon the wall - system - this is referring more to the role that these have played rather than their annihilation. What wonderful hope we have in our Father who has prophesied victory for all eventually! ''Death shall be swallowed up by life.'' ''And say, Thus says the Lord God: Woe to the women who sew pillows to all armholes - elbows - and fasten magic, protective charms to all wrists, and deceptive veils upon the heads of those of every stature to hunt and capture human lives! Will you snare the lives of My people to keep your own selves alive?'' Eze 13:18. Amp. All what we are reading here are depicting false substitutes false resting places, religious pillows, deceptive veils & magic protective charms to capture human lives. The message that I am receiving is will you now dare to try & snare the spiritual lives of my people that are now in the in secret place truths, even those of my people that have been starved for so long & are beginning to see the third day light that you may keep your own errors & deceptions alive? Woe to the women, - the soulish entities & assemblies - that are purposely so deceptive in wanting to keep their illusions alive. ''Therefore thus says the Lord God: Behold, I am against your pillows and charms and veils with which you snare human lives like birds, and I will tear them from your arms and will let the lives you hunt go free, the lives you are snaring like birds. Your [deceptive] veils also will I tear and deliver My people out of your hand, and they shall be no more in your hand to be hunted and snared. Then you shall know (understand and realize) that I am the Lord. Because with lies you have made the righteous sad and disheartened, whom I have not made sad or disheartened, and because you have encouraged and strengthened the hands of the wicked, that he should not return from his wicked way and be saved [in that you falsely promised him life], Therefore you will no more see false visions or practice divinations, and I will deliver My people out of your hand. Then you will know (understand and realize) that I am the Lord.'' Eze 13:20-23. Amp. I will tear them from your arms & they shall no more be snared like birds you will no longer make the righteous sad or disheartened, because you have encouraged & strengthened the hand of the wicked that he should not return from his wicked way & be saved from evil but have promised him life while still 4
  5. 5. Christ The Antidote Regarding Death deliberately encouraging the evil that once was once shunned. These are very strong words that have been quickened to me. And so shall come to pass the saying, ''Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!'' Isa 5:20-21. ASV. No wonder that spiritual minded people are leaving these groups - silly women - by the droves those which once had some respect in the community but who have now gone the way of not only flesh but depraved flesh. But good news there has arisen a NEW PROPHET & these are not remotely connected to the foolish prophets. These foolish prophets are those who are now more than ever giving forth a message which are a part of the false cult that can only promise death. Our Father through His new prophet promises to all that death shall be abolished & ''swallowed up of life.'' The new prophet even the sons of God in their soon visible manifestation which is proceeding forth from the woman Rev 12:1-5, promises a new, eternal message to all men these are exposing the whitewashed walls & the facade's of religiosity. The new prophet is all about life, true life, overcoming life, death defeating life & not debilitating delusions. At this point we must now look on the other side of this coin which would seemingly condemn many that have been referred to. In looking closely the above judgement of our loving Father is not so much against individuals but against a spiritual system & assemblies that have gone far astray, yes leaders can be included they are actually part of the two thirds that God is removing, as per Part 56. Once And For All! Tradition! We are quoting once again from our very well known forerunner George Hawtin. ''All this was but the beginning. It is not the end. We do not need another Pentecost, which was the Earnest of our inheritance. We must NOW possess the inheritance itself --- our spiritual Canaan, our heavenly citizenship. The excellence of the realm of which we speak may seem to cast a shadow of doubt over our minds, for tradition has not taught us to expect these glories here & now as part of our inheritance, but has taught us rather to expect them after death in some far distant day.'' Unquote. I would ask the question. If our beloved brother George Hawtin did not feel, that what we are now in the throes of fully possessing was not available or not possible & within us now, why would he make the statement; We must now possess the inheritance itself? He goes on to say TRADITION has not taught us to expect these glories now. In my opinion I would say that until we accept the finished work of Calvary in it's full understanding, tradition will hold some of us back! We are at the moment on the subject of the New Prophet that is now in the throes of possessing that which is really already theirs. Now I am well aware that objections can be raised here, one being that our dear Bro Hawtin has passed on. Be that as it may was he inspired when he wrote it? Can we take away from the inspired words of some of the old prophets & does it make their words any less potent because they have passed on? I happen to know for a fact that one excellent writer of today's end-time truths was in question on his stand on what was at the time quite radical by one of his very good friends who was also a wonderful exponent of the word. What we are saying one had moved on a little further than the other & might I say that the radical truth that was in question is now accepted by most who are followers & exponents of the most holy place understanding. Know this that our wonderful Father is moving us on. One runs his race & next one picks up the baton with a little more speed & revelation than the last one. Some of you who are reading this may identify who we are referring to. Incidentally may I add that many very spiritual entities who had seen a great part of son-ship have since passed on without ever agreeing to what many – including you & I - are seeing today & what most of us know as wonderful truth. I would also add to this what one has well written. ''History has proven that new truth in any sphere, has always been regarded as heresy before becoming the accepted.'' 5
  6. 6. Christ The Antidote Regarding Death As the above has been well proven. It would seem to us that time is a most important deciding factor in deciding which & what is true. In finalising this thought; in any relay race the most important & fastest runner is usually left till last. Is there any question in your hearts as to who that might be? The New Man-Prophet In A Renewed World! One of man's tendencies which at times if not wisely used can be used as an enemy to truth. This quote may explain our thought. ''Light, especially further celestial light must not be presented in its full radiance lest we in our eagerness blind and even harden fearful traditional hearts. A beginning must be made with the things that are already known and understood & be built on, so as to slowly lead others to what they have not yet realised.'' Having said that, even when it is time for the further enlightenment to be considered & accepted we will sadly have some who are not ready, & bias & fear coupled by a mindset will unfortunately cloud the issue & for a while may affect others, but know this, truth which is Christ Himself, will & always be the eternal victor. The thought that crosses my mind is that Joshua & Caleb's enemies were most of Israel who were in fact their own tribal brothers. Why? Their excuse were the giants of course. The amazing thing concerning the giants is that there is nothing mentioned that any of the spies ever laid eyes on one giant, they were convinced & scared stiff by the so called evidence they saw on the trees, they were not interested in any battle or discomfort that they might have to endure in change such as using faith in the battle that was to ensue later, in actual fact they were hiding behind the excuse they used, which were the giants. Who whilst they walked by faith were a defeated foe. To quote now from J Preston Eby. ''Now let us consider further the attitude of the dragon towards the woman and his intention to devour her child as soon as it is born. The woman stands in her glory, but also in her helplessness, and the dragon stands before her. The dragon doesn’t just appear on the scene — he is already there standing in his place. “And the dragon stood before the woman…” He is watching her and barring her way of escape. Intently the dragon observes the woman and studies her every movement. It is not really the woman he is after, but the child she is about to bring forth. If only that woman did not expect to bring forth that man-child, he would pay little attention to her and her glory! Well he knows that in two thousand years the church has never overcome him or broken his power in the earth! The church of our day is little threat to him, including the little virgin church which is pregnant with the man-child, so for the most part he leaves them alone. Oh, yes, they do blame a lot of things on him, they are always railing against him and fighting him and suppose that he is always “on their case.” But the truth is that he is actually in charge of most of the organisations and activities which they suppose he is opposing! It is my conviction that our thoughts and comments about Satan should always be tempered with the wonderful truth that he has absolutely no power over a saint of God who dwells in the heaven-lies in Christ Jesus! Therefore, as we discuss Satan, we recognize this truth above any other regarding Satan. Furthermore, although we use the pronouns “him” or “he” when referring to Satan, we know “he” is not a singular person running around the universe, but is the evil spirit that works in and through the carnal minds of the children of Adam. It is not our purpose to magnify Satan or to give him undue recognition. Yet, we who are pregnant with the man-child are not unaware of that monster standing before the woman with the intent to devour her child as soon as it is born! And we who are in Christ should know that we are engaged in spiritual warfare! The birth of the man-child does not bring a Sunday School picnic—it brings war in heaven! It is our Fathers purpose, through the mighty, conquering power of Christ in His body, to defeat every enemy, entity, and power in all realms of man, the earth, and the unbounded heavens. Christ is bruising Satan under our feet! Rom 16:20. Satan is one of the enemies, along with sin and death, that is being defeated, first in the lives of God's elect, and ultimately in all of creation.'' End quote. 6
  7. 7. Christ The Antidote Regarding Death Bringing Perfection Out Of The Seeming Adverse! I never cease to be astounded at the foresighted wisdom of our wonderful Father! Our reading is from Gen 38: 1-30. In this story which concerns mainly Judah & his daughter in law Tamar. Our great God is always one for the underdog or they that are misused wherever it concerns His spiritual will. The end result is always eventually one of profit to the persecuted, Jesus Christ being our greatest example. If we were to name this story I would probably give it the title of ''Playing the game'' which is a way we have of saying in Aussie land, doing the right thing. This story which was quickened to me three times before I started to read it & then put it to paper. It begins with Judah having three sons. The first being Er, then Onan & lastly Shelah, in time as was the custom Judah chose a wife for Er, whose name was Tamar. Unfortunately Er did not play fair with with his wife & withheld his seed from his wife by spilling it on the ground – what disrespect - we are told in verse four that this was wicked in the sight of the Lord & the Lord slew him. I would insert here that all of these accounts have spiritual allegories & wonderful spiritual lessons are to be learned by them. We then find that Judah told his next son Onan to marry his brothers widow, the reason being to raise offspring for his brother but Onan knew that the family would not be his, so being a selfish man he repeated the transgression of his elder brother & also prevented - in the same way - Tamar from conceiving. God once again took a very dim view of this & slew Onan also. The spiritual lesson to be learned here is even more important than the natural. We need to take a personal warning that we are not wilfully or for selfish reasons - and this goes for every one of us - allowing ourselves to be used to withhold end-time spiritual seed from those who are in a very impressionable & receptive stage. If our Father in this instance gave so much importance to the natural seed. I ask, what importance must He place on the true word that that is close to His heart that He is now bringing to the fore? We next read that Judah then made a promise to his daughter in law Tamar, saying remain a widow at your fathers house & in time when my youngest son Shelah is fully grown, for he Judah un-trustingly thought if he married her too soon that he may die also! A few years later after Judah had lost his wife, He went on a trip. It was then told Tamar, your father in law is going to Timnath to shear his sheep, so Tamar put off her widows clothes & covered herself with a veil & disguised herself & sat on the road at the entrance. For she saw that Shelah was fully grown & she was not given to him to be his wife as promised . ''When Judah saw her, he thought she was a harlot or devoted prostitute [under a vow to her goddess], for she had covered her face [as such women did]. He turned to her by the road and said, Come, let me have intercourse with you; for he did not know that she was his daughter-in-law. And she said, What will you give me that you may have intercourse with me? He answered, I will send you a kid from the flock. And she said, Will you give me a pledge (deposit) until you send it? And he said, What pledge shall I give you? She said, Your signet [seal], your [signet] cord, and your staff that is in your hand. And he gave them to her and came in to her, and she became pregnant by him. And she arose and went away and laid aside her veil and put on the garments of her widowhood. And Judah sent the kid by the hand of his friend the Adullamite, to receive his pledge from the woman's hand; but he was unable to find her. He asked the men of that place, Where is the harlot or cult prostitute who was openly by the roadside? They said, There was no harlot or temple prostitute here.'' Gen 38:15-21. Amp So he returned to Judah & said let her keep the articles I gave her otherwise if it - the truth – is revealed I will be made ashamed. In reading this story we wonder if we are reading right, what inconsistencies run right through this whole family! Following the way of the flesh will bring reproach to any family. Then to make matters worse when Judah was told that his daughter-in-law Tamar had played the harlot, he then wanted to publicly excommunicate her & burn her alive. Thank God that we have as our example one who stopped a very similar incident by saying ''You who is without sin let him cast the 7
  8. 8. Christ The Antidote Regarding Death first stone'' Just the opposite to the facts in our story. In today's scene it would be very similar to putting it on the internet for all to see. I am so glad that the true organism that we are in today that Jesus is drawing men to Himself & not excommunicating them. Those who are followers of the man-child message have only one head namely Christ within, & not man without. When Tamar appeared on the scene, she presented the articles of Judah with the true story & exposed him. We are so glad to report that this brought Judah to a place of repentance & in verse 26 we read, ''And Judah acknowledged them and said, She has been more righteous and just than I, because I did not give her to Shelah my son. And he did not cohabit with her again.'' Gen 38:26. Amp. So the interference of man to try to disrupt that which was the will of God was completely reversed; & every single intervention to prevent Tamar - THE WOMAN IN TYPE - from receiving seed was eventually annulled. The outcome with Tamar was that she brought to the birth twins which is related to us in verse 27- 30. The first was called Perez = breach or breaking forth. The other was named Zerah = scarlet. They were both used as progenitors in the nation of Israel, their names are found in the genealogies throughout the Old Testament. In summarising; the main theme for this exercise is that a woman needed vital seed for reproduction & because of selfishness & self interests, all of the major parties in this anecdote, yet very true story refused to see or acknowledge the need. But we must remember that our Father is interested in a woman, He cares for a woman, He loves passionately a woman who is the mother to be of His prophet son, this woman as any natural woman is in need of seed, & when the woman the bride has a need; look out for the Father-Husband-Protector who will be on the scene quick smart. In this case the woman who is so close to the Fathers heart was not being given the respect or credit due her - we are speaking in allegories here – know this if we are disrespecting, fighting truth - withholding seed - important truth then like the sons of Judah there will be a price to pay & even Judah had to acknowledge his mistake & his deceitfulness before all, but repent he did & God heard & acknowledged it. Oh the wonderful ways of God are beyond understanding! If Any Man Be In Christ! It is my conviction that the full significance of the words ''If any man be in Christ he is a new creation'' have never yet been fully realised. If only we would realise it, the true meaning has never been altered & never will be even when realised. When we are told that Jesus tasted death for every man, it simply meant that every person was included in the sacrifice. First of all if Christ tasted death for every man then it is obvious to me that every man must be included if we are to believe Jn 12:32 ''As He is lifted up, considered, realised, thought about & understood – which has not been realised in depth, en masse to the extent it is today for many generations – He has promised to draw ALL men to Himself.'' To return to the thought that all that are in Christ is, or are a new creation, nothing further in over two thousand years has changed in any way to the original intention of the meaning that not only what the Apostle Paul was intending, but especially the inspirer of those words being Christ Himself. Nothing more needed to be added to, performed, no extra special further activity other than what transpired both at the cross, the tomb & the resurrection. It was finished! If this is so why are we not now seeing fully manifested sons walking our earth today? Two words; THE VEIL. But we ask has not the veil already been rent? Yes but the most dire veil in my opinion is that we are not fully accepting that we are now a new creation. Man, every man has been a new creation for over two millenniums, but have we yet truly 8
  9. 9. Christ The Antidote Regarding Death accepted it? Now if you think that I am making myself to be something more than anyone else forget it! But I do see that as we dwell on the finished work, our God consciousness, our God awareness is to myself & others of course becoming more of a reality. If any think that because we are calling attention to the finished work that we are saying that we are now manifested sons whilst in this flesh & blood body, you have completely misunderstood what we are saying. Hear this; EVERY MAN WHO CHRIST DIED FOR, WHICH IS ALL MEN, IS NOW A NEW CREATION IN CHRIST JESUS! Whether he yet realises it or not. How far does the phrase ''a new creation reach''? What are the depths & heights that it reaches? I believe that it spans the all in what we have been promised! The highest of heights. The ultimate. Do not even remotely try to comprehend this in the old two thirds way of thinking. We are sharing only from the secret place of the Most High which is within each of us. If we are God housed in flesh, then now is the time that we need to be encouraged to allow that creative God force that is already ours to come forth in reality & not in theory. Let us all take advantage of these very fitting words from the inspired song by by Linda Musgrove. ''Let the hidden man within us, come forth and say arise.'' Ralph Knowles, September 2013. For those who have enjoyed this article & are hungry for the deeper truths of “ Third day revelation” Please contact Ralph Knowles. Phone 07 38187875, Mobile 0448126882. The mailing address is, 47/13 Thomas St Goodna Qld 4300 Australia. <> Web < > If we have been prone to human error in this article it is not purposely, & I trust that a little kindness would allow for any fault, & that we will consider & imbibe the better or spiritual part of that which is presented & intended. RWK. 9