2010 Living Green Expo Slidshow


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This is the slideshow we were running at our booth at the 2010 Living Green Expo at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

The slideshow contains a lot of full-screen images but no subtitles, therefore omitting some of the information which would have been given verbally during the presentation.

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2010 Living Green Expo Slidshow

  1. 1. PassiveHouseInTheWoods.com
  2. 2. designed by TE STUDIO
  3. 3. passive house experts testudio.com
  4. 4. PASSIVE HOUSE The world’s leading building energy standard 2010 PASSIVE HOUSE MINNESOTA Tim Delhey Eian Dipl.-Ing., Assoc. AIA, PBD AIBD, sh op rk m wo 3p ge at. l s
  5. 5. “passivhaus” TM CERTIFIED PASSIVE HOUSE ™ A rigorous, voluntary building energy standard focusing on highest energy efficiency and quality of life at low operating cost.
  6. 6. global standard Think globally, build locally.
  7. 7. environment
  8. 8. indoor air quality
  9. 9. comfort
  10. 10. durability
  11. 11. zero & beyond HERS INDEX Z LEED Passive House Net Energy Positive Carbon Neutral (operation) Carbon Neutral (everything)
  12. 12. active vs. passive 25-125 4.756 kBtu/(sf a) kBtu/(sf a) Average existing building Passive House 85 - 450 kWh/(m2 a) 15kWh/(m2 a) Source: Krapmeier & Drössler 2001
  13. 13. CONCEPT
  14. 14. CONCEPT Conservation first Minimize losses Maximize gains
  15. 15. paradigm shifts
  16. 16. paradigm shifts 1. Leapfrog vs. incrementalism 2. System vs. component approach 3. Predicted performance
  17. 17. passive house experts testudio.com
  18. 18. “turn down the thermostat” Jimmy Carter, 1977
  19. 19. TM
  20. 20. “turn up the quality of life” TM TE Studio, today
  21. 21. one deep retrofit please
  22. 22. is it rocket science?
  23. 23. is it rocket science? Not really. • We know how far to take it • We know it’s the right thing to do • We know how to do it right
  24. 24. passive house experts testudio.com
  25. 25. economy Reduce your monthly utility bills to a minimum, or add renewable energy systems to create a home that pays you every month.
  26. 26. footprint Minimize your footprint while maximizing your quality of life.
  27. 27. performance TE Studio designs deliver unparalleled cutting edge performance today.
  28. 28. energy independence Leapfrog incremental energy improvements and move up to the world’s leading building energy standard, performance, and comfort.
  29. 29. comfort Warm. Quiet. Fresh. Healthy.
  30. 30. indoor air quality It’s like opening all the windows in your home over three hours a day. Every day of the year.
  31. 31. durability Detailed planning. Quality construction. Predicted outcome.
  32. 32. survivability Enough insulation to keep you warm even when the power goes out.
  33. 33. value Build an asset, not a liability.
  34. 34. quality of life Enrich your life with a beautiful, resource-efficient building designed by TE Studio.
  35. 35. passive house experts testudio.com
  36. 36. your dream home here!
  37. 37. your dream home here! TE Studio offers custom designs for your Passive House or Deep Energy Reduction Retrofit project. We’ll work with you to make your dreams come true.
  38. 38. affordable passive house Appleseed House project for North Minneapolis &
  39. 39. remodel & retrofit
  40. 40. custom design
  41. 41. we focus on your goals
  42. 42. passive house experts testudio.com