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Article marketing robot_presentation


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Article marketing robot_presentation

  1. 1. Article Marketing Robot Features
  2. 2. Advanced features that no other article marketing solution can even come close to. Scheduled Article Submission Dripfeed your articles so it looks natural. Whitehat SEO takes time and so should your article submissions. Set and forget, and enjoy the results
  3. 3. Every Submission is Unique Spin enough articles and no two will ever be the same. Article Marketing Robot cycles through a folder of relevant spun articles submitting nothing but unique content.
  4. 4. Context Sensitive Thesaurus Don't swim in a sea of synonyms that are out of context and are senseless. Instead, use the Contextual Thesaurus to sort your synonyms for fast article rewriting.
  5. 5. Mass Replacer Article Marketing Robot learns and groups your selected synonyms. Use the Mass Replacer to rewrite your article in minutes. Work smart, not hard.
  6. 6. Automated Author Sign Up With over 1200 article directories in the list, there is no way you could ever sign up to the directories manually. Article Marketing Robot does that for you.
  7. 7. Automated Email Confirmation After signing up to the article directories, there will be a ton of confirmation emails flooding your inbox. Article Marketing Robot confirms those emails. This truly is a push-button solution.
  8. 8. Article Directory Health Meter Websites come and go. It's a fact of life. So do article directories. The health meter monitors what directories are still alive and well, and more importantly, publishing articles.
  9. 9. Author Account Management Ever create an author account and forget about it? That is in the past with Article Marketing Robot. Manage all your author accounts in one easy list and submit to your hearts content.
  10. 10. Instant Approval Directories Your articles will show up in Google in minutes, not days. We have done the research and it works. Don't wait around for directory admins to approve your articles. Get on page 1 now!
  11. 11. Automatic CAPTCHA Solving Many article directories force you to verify that you are human. Use our built in CAPTCHA solving service to sign up and submit your articles completely on complete autopilot.
  12. 12. Multi-Threaded Everything Blast your article submissions at a rate never thought possible. Multi-Threading allows you to get all your work done in minutes so you can do the finer things in life. It's like having 50 of you.
  13. 13. Hundreds of Article Directories And we're always looking for more! Your subscription to Article Marketing Robot will ensure that you always have fresh, working article directories that will skyrocket the link juice to your website.
  14. 14. Advanced Directory Filtering Sort by PageRank, directory health, what article has been submitted and what has not. Filter by directory types, such as Article Dashboard or Article Friendly . So many ways to submit to your perfect directory.
  15. 15. Easy Article Import/Export One click and your article is written to your hard drive. Email it to a friend or a client and all they have to do is import it. Article Marketing Robot is the perfect tool for contract article writers.