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The summer of my life


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The sumer of my life!!

Published in: Travel, Education
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The summer of my life

  1. 1. The summer of my life!!!
  2. 2. I travelled around Spain. I visited many of their province and I learn some customs of these. I watched a lot of monuments and beaches. Specially I visited the islands, Ibiza and Tenerife; And the provinces called Barcelona , Cádiz , Madrid and Valencia . I thought that these provinces are the most exciting and interesting places.
  3. 3. In the islands I visited their famous beaches and some famous and amazing discos over there. For example:” The Pacha Ibiza , Amnesia ,Bora Bora or Privilege “. Ibiza it’s a fantastic island for going party .
  4. 4. In each province I saw a lot of things. At Barcelona , I visited the “ Nao de Santa María del Mar, “ It’s a little ship helped to find out América , and “ La Catedral Gótica. “ At Cádiz, I got to see “ El Faro de Trafalgar “. At Madrid I watched “ El paseo de La Fama”.
  5. 5. I also visited the museums called “ Reina Sofía “ , “ Museo Nacional de ciencia y tecnología” and the famous “ Museo del Prado.” At Valencia I watched the Oceanográfic and the “ Palacio de las artes Reina Sofía.
  6. 6. And finally I went to ocean cruise and I dived under the sea, to see the seaworld. Althought this is imposible because I haven’t got much time to enjoy watching each of the provinces and also see the sea world…
  7. 7. … But it’s the summer of my life!!