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Naxo 3ºb


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Naxo 3ºb

  1. 1. My Best Summer
  2. 2. My best summer was 2010. First,it the World Cup winer Spain. The summer was fun becauseall my friends come. My friend is Dani, he is seventeen years old. We were also often atGrandada, me went to buy munch. I June the World Cup stared in South Africa, I saw all the matches of the national team. On July 11 we won the World Cup and I went to celebrate to the pool.At night he went out and we laid on the road to see stars.In the summer I was six or seven times at the beach, I did not get very funny
  3. 3. On Agoust 19 it was my birthday, I was with my cousins and brothers. I got a few things: clothers and Games. The summer went very well and it Was very boring when I studied to Recover in Septembermaths and lenguage.I studied in the morning, I then had the afternoon free for everything I wanted.This has been one of the best sumers of my life.