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Crowdfundsw1 launch event 21.03.12


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CrowdfundSW1 launched a new initiative to help support local charities and community groups by providing them with a platform to promote their projects and increase awareness at Microsoft HQ in London Victoria on 21 March 2012. The aim is to enable funding to reach into the heart of the local community where it is most needed.

This is the first crowd funding platform in the world to focus on fundraising for grassroots charities in a specific locality. The event (organised by CrowdfundSW1, Microsoft and Time & Talents Westminster) will be hosted by Steven D'Souza, internationally renowned speaker and author of the bestselling book Brilliant Networking.

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Crowdfundsw1 launch event 21.03.12

  1. 1. CrowdfundSW1 Launch Event Featuring: • Pimlico Toy Library • Caxton • South West Fest • In-Deep • The Abbey CentreTwitter hashtag: #IloveSW1
  2. 2. #IloveSW1Welcome • To the first crowd funding platform in the world to focus on fundraising for grassroots charities in a specific locality. • An exciting evening in which to discover how technology can be used to deliver innovative and impactful campaigns
  3. 3. Agenda6:05 What is CrowdfundSW1 & Why it‟s important- Cliff & Jane6:15 Microsoft: Creative Storytelling - James Hayr6:25 Featured Charities- Introduction Tweets!6:35 Crowdsourcing- People Bingo, Food and Drinks7:30 Online Fundraising Campaign- Success story- Simon Gill7:45 Logo competition7:50 Action Cards- How you can join the campaign8:00 Informal networking
  4. 4. Power of „Together‟“Extraordinary things can happenwhen networks of local people cometogether and harness technology to helpthose most in need. CrowdfundSW1 isenabling that to happen”
  5. 5. “Life is tweet as readers rescue bookshop” Evening Standard- 8th March 2012
  6. 6. “A recipe for success- Food Cycle ”
  7. 7. “Power of connecting” • Think of blended campaigns. Eventually the best online relationships come off line. • You never know who may be able to assist you. Think broadly not only deeply. Reach out and connect. • Identify your champions and reward them! Event Tweet hashtag: #IloveSW1
  8. 8. Microsoft Advertising
  9. 9. Where are we heading?
  10. 10. The lines are blurring…if notdisappearing
  11. 11. Is there a new lineemerging? The Story Line
  12. 12. Harry Potter 7Deep Zoom – connecting fans online and offline
  13. 13. LINK
  14. 14. CrowdfundSW1 Provides charities and community groups a platform to promote their projects and ask for support from the wider community. Provides an easy way for people to make targeted donations to causes right on their doorstep.
  15. 15. South Westminster Action Network• Aims to improve services for residents living in SW1.• It brings together statutory, voluntary and business sectors to work together to provide more opportunities for residents most in need.
  16. 16. SW1: The Area Google Maps
  17. 17. Change to the landscape• Many small organisations, charities & community groups no longer get the support they need.• All competing for the same pots of funding• Told to look elsewhere – but how?• How can SWAN continue supporting the SW1 community?• Scoping exercise - Consulted with residents - Interviewed service providers, partners & key stakeholders.
  18. 18. Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding Crowdfunding is a method of raising a relatively small amount of money from a large number of people within a defined time scale. It is a casual, yet powerful, approach based on crowd participation.
  19. 19. The Crowdfund SW1 WebsiteCrowdfund SW1 helps you to support charities and communitygroups in south Westminster. It enables you to targetdonations and support to where it is most needed, in excitingcommunity focused projects that need your help.With only a couple of clicks you can help a grass roots localproject get off the ground and make a real difference tothose it
  20. 20. PartnersCrowdfund SW1 would like to thank the following partners for their support. special thank you to L&Q for providing the initialstart up Communication tools to the 3rd Social Enterprise specialising in EmployerChanging behaviour for good. Supported
  21. 21. Much more than a Crowdfunding Platform!• We are Local• We focus on a defined locality• We provide a full package of support• A relatively small percentage fee Charities• Support for charities throughout their campaign• Continued support after the campaign• Capacity building, Encouraging charities to use technology, sign posting to further support. Businesses - A simple CSR solution• We provide a range of options• Reporting to suit the needsStrengthening the SW1 Community
  22. 22. SW1 needs you! Whether you are an individual, an organisation, school or business, you can play a part. Does not need to be financial...
  23. 23. Featured Charities-Intro Tweets!- Each charity uses 150 characters tosummarise their work and give a quick intro
  24. 24. Crowdfund target: £6,980Pimlico Toy Library53% of children 10 minutes walk away areliving in poverty. Pimlico Toy Library makestheir life better with play opportunities & toyloan
  25. 25. In- Deep Community Task Force In-Deep is a charity run by 25 volunteers encouraging friendship for isolated older people via social breakfasts & dinners in South London Follow us: @InDeepLDNCrowdfund target: £4,200
  26. 26. Crowdfund target: £22,500 SouthWestFest@SWFest: celebrating and strengtheningcommunity life in SW1 through art,music, laughter and fun since 2004
  27. 27. Crowdfund target: £1,185Caxton Youth OrganisationCaxton Youth Organisationworks with disabled youngpeople aged 11-25 who areresident in the City ofWestminster.
  28. 28. Crowdfund target: £830 The Abbey Centre#theabbeycentre - together we are buildinga vibrant healthy active community in theheart of Westminster.
  29. 29. Duration: 40 minsCrowdsourcing ActivityPeople Bingo• Each person gets a bingo card (5 to choose from)• Cards have facts about groups• Aim is to be first person to complete card• All participants to hand cards in• Winner gets a small prize
  30. 30. Duration: 40 minsCrowdsourcing ActivityPeople Bingo• Each person gets a bingo card (5 to choose from)• Cards have facts about groups• Aim is to be first person to complete card• All participants to hand cards in• Winner gets a small prize
  31. 31. Simon GillSimon Gill,Executive Creative DirectorLBi‟s resident weirdy beardy, northern poster boy and meat-lover goes back to his roots with hisbeard up for the chop.Simon started his career in 1994, designing the UK‟s first fashion site. Since then he hastransformed three start-ups into well respected digital agencies, and won many industry awards.Educated in the UK and Germany, Simon has two degrees in Design and a PhD in Multimedia. Heloves mixing brilliant creativity with technical innovation, to create thought-provoking andbeautiful digital pieces.Follow Simon on this epic adventure and tweet your support @Beardy_walk
  32. 32. LBi campaign for Oxfam scoops Creative Showcase28/11/2011A campaign to raise money for Oxfam created by LBi Executive Creative Director Simon Gill hastaken top honours in Octobers IAB Creative Showcase award.As part of the campaign, visitors to the Man Walks into a Barber Shop website were prompted tovote for their favourite beard which Gill would then sport on a 100km non-stop walk across theYorkshire Dales. The Northern Monkey beard design was a clear winner ensuring Gill lookedsuitably silly in the Dales.The fundraising campaign captured people‟s imagination, whipped up interested and smashed theinitial fundraising target figure by a staggering 300% - and making a lot of people smile in theprocess.Praising the campaign, Sophia Amin Director of Marketing and Communications, said: "This highlypersonal campaign shows what can be done with a bit of imagination and a sense of humour. Thelearnings even from a small fundraising effort like this can be applied to bigger campaigns -creatives take note."
  33. 33. A global marketing andtechnology agency, blending insight, creativity and technology to create business value
  34. 34. A few charity campaigns
  35. 35. What did we (re)learn?• You have to do something different to get noticed• To get donations you’ve got to put something on the line• Social media gives you a big leg up• A distinct tone-of-voice adds personality• Being a bit cheeky gets you press• Charities want good stories• The press want good stories
  36. 36. And…Don’t take yourselftoo seriously
  37. 37. What can you do?• Concentrate on a good fundraising idea • Be more idea less execution• Make it social by design • So by using it people also advertise it• Use network effects • It’s about total reach• Learn and improve
  38. 38. Dawn Newton and Ella MutchCHARITY SUPPORT
  39. 39. EmployerSupportedVolunteeringCreating partnershipswith employers andcharities
  40. 40. + free supportprovided to over 60 community partnersIncluding:•Migrants resource centre•Meanwhile gardens•In-Deep•Cardinal Hume Centre•Marylebone Project•West London Day Centre•Westminster Befriend a Family•The Abbey Centre
  41. 41. MatchingNeed established for launch event support Designed opportunities & advertised to staff Time & Talents Broker supported Staff signed up to volunteer as a taskforce The project throughout the processEmployee VolunteerSupport included: event hosting, planning, agenda creation, bake sale, promotion
  42. 42. For more information Visit our stand & pickup brochure Our website: Email:
  43. 43. The Bake Off
  44. 44. Let the baking begin…
  45. 45. Several emails + 13 competitive interns + a lot of cakes= £198.84
  46. 46. Cards - help us plant seeds #IloveSW1
  47. 47. Cards - help us plant seeds
  48. 48. #IloveSW1Together we can improve our community