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MozCamp Asia 2011
Nov 20, 2011

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Tim Chien [:timdream]Mozilla Taiwan Community (MozTW) MozCamp Asia 2011
  2. 2. •  Graphics•  Get Firefox! The Firefox Promotion Campaign
  3. 3. “If Firefox is fast and customizable, why shouldn’t something that promotes it aren’t?” Answer: “a collections of user- generated ‘product pages’ customized to promote on how people use their own Firefox.”
  4. 4.
  5. 5. •  Login with OpenID, no sign up required•  Personalize the page with profile picture, names, intros, etc.•  Pick 3 favorites out of 15 pre- defined features•  List favorite add-ons•  Vanity URL and badges:•  Download Firefox or add-ons directly from page
  6. 6. •  2801 sign-in users•  181,865 copies of Firefox downloaded•  610 add-ons Indexed•  5129 pageview on the launch day (Aug 2009)•  Average pageview last week: ~200/day•  56% of people use Google as their online identity
  7. 7. 123336% 1568 45% Page incomplete Complete with profile pic 2244 Complete w/o pic 64% 676 19%
  8. 8. Customizable Free and Open Safe and SecureLeading in Technology Javascript Speed Up Web Standards Privacy Protection Awesome Bar Search Bar Prviate Browsing Page Zoom Multiple Selection Multiple Profile Info Hub Color Profile 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200
  9. 9. Google Yahoo! PIXNET 0 500 1000 1500 2000
  10. 10. User Experience is extreme important in a web project,conversion rate of each step highly depend on it
  11. 11. •  Side Mission: let people aware of the benefit of OpenID, the de- centralized authorization system.•  Facebook Connect
  12. 12. URL Input FormText description about OpenID Service Provider Dropdown
  13. 13. from Steve Krug, Don’t make me think
  14. 14.
  15. 15. •  Side mission: Find the top 15 add-ons in Taiwan that could reflect people’s taste from time to time o  Replaces manually maintained top 15 list at•  Failed: people selects suggested add-on that is already on top. o  IE Tab listed as #1 add-on for all categories•  Failed: Low returning rate; failed to design a mechanism for people to keep updating their page.
  16. 16. IE Tab New Tong Wen Tang Download Statusbar Adblock Plus Xmarks Sync GreasemonkeyVideo DownloadHelper FireGestures Easy DragToGo Google Toolbar DownThemAll! ScrapBook Firebug Tab Mix Plus Stop Autoplay 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200
  17. 17. •  Users are mostly power users and developers o  Google > Yahoo! o  People who customized their Firefox o  Heavy add-on users
  18. 18. •  Update the OpenID sign in dialog•  Merging pre-defined add-on catalogues into one.•  New free text area
  19. 19. “Firefox as a web editor.” —
  20. 20. GFirefox ( ) —
  21. 21. You could let the G-brand browserdefines your online experience; or,you could define your own withFirefox. (flame war!) —
  22. 22. •  Mozilla Add-ons “Bandwagon” o  Syncing add-on list directly from Firefox with Add-on Collector o  Ability to give comment to each of the add-on listed in the collection•  Mozilla Add-ons “Fashion your Firefox”•  Webify me o  Customization recommendations based on questionnaire, personal promotion•  Firefox workshop (World Ready mailing list)•  Mozilla Affiliates•  Mozillians
  23. 23. •  We can be self-taught web developer, how can we self-taught ourselves to be UX designer?•  What is the balance between designing a good process (with good conversion rate) and gathering an un-biased statistics?
  24. 24. •  No streamline process to localize add-on description on Mozilla Add- on•  Before investing into such endeavor, how do we prevent re- invent the wheel?•  What’s the communication channel to have Mozilla websites work with ours better? (e.g. bug 398366)
  25. 25. •  What do we do from here to tell Firefox power users that Mozilla is more than just a browser?•  How do we translate these online attention into community participation?
  26. 26. •  BobChao for planning•  Irvinfly for art design refine•  Others in MozTW for suggestions and wording o  Alicekey o  Littlebtc o  etc.
  27. 27. ••  @timdream on Twitter
  28. 28. •  Build mascot with community power•  3:15pm “Orchid & Dahlia” Room
  29. 29. Thanks you for your participation