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Workshop an introduction to open data


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Published in: Technology
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Workshop an introduction to open data

  1. 1. Workshop
  2. 2. 5 perspectives on open data
  3. 3. Open data is a set of policiesand practices
  4. 4. AccessibleStandardisedRe-usablePlace data onlineUse common formatsUse open licenses.csv, .xml, .txtOpen data should be...
  5. 5. Open data is a response to changingtechnologies, and societies
  6. 6. Diagramfrom‘OpenData,DemocracyandPublicSectorReform’,TimDavies,2010-
  7. 7. Open data is what open data does
  8. 8. Open data is a philosophy& a movement
  9. 9. Open data is a foundationfor a collaborative web
  10. 10. What is open data to you?
  11. 11. What can you do with...
  12. 12. What can you do with...The open data game
  13. 13. Identifying issues- The issue- The actors-Your aims
  14. 14. Kinds of data‘Open’approachesOpen datauseThe open data game
  15. 15. Reflection