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What does open development mean to you?

Slides for a panel at the Open Knowledge Festival.

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What does open development mean to you?

  1. 1. What does Open Development Mean to You?Join us to explore different perspectives on open development at the Open Knowledge Festival. Wednesday 19th September 11:30 - 13:00 Inspire Auditorium (and on #opendev hashtag) (Or share your answer in advance at:
  2. 2. What does Open Development Mean to You?Here are some of the visions of open development that have been shared so far...
  3. 3. “Open Development is a Freedom SongOpen Development is about people co-creating according to their owndesign, the spaces, ways and means that will evolve humanity intoexperiencing more life, liberty and happiness through the connecting ”power of ICT. Ineke Buskens, GRACE Project
  4. 4. “To me open development means harnessing thepower of sharing and cooperation over hoardingand competition to create a better future. Matthew L. Smith, IDRC ”
  5. 5. “To me open development means means enabling the intendedbeneficiaries of development (rather than technocrats) to be theauthors, architects and artisans of any development activity. It is not an API.  It is much more than a top-down technical fix of being technically open, andtechnically transparent.It requires commitment to a human process that is genuinely inclusive and ”collaborative and which leaves people better able than before, to independentlyidentify and realise any development that they have reason to value.  Tony Roberts
  6. 6. “If we see development as the capability to sustain and improvea life in dignity in a changing socio-economic context, then opendevelopment means to develop these capabilities in atransparent and collaborative process of mutual learning.Steps towards open development that can be taken by organizations working in developmentcooperation include: publishing of project evaluations of all successful and failed projects inopen formats, open publication of budgets and donors, and publication of all gathered andgenerated data that might benefit others in open formats (except private data of individuals). René Herlitz, Digital Unite ”
  7. 7. “To me, open development is about informing themasses openly about the efforts of the developmentcommunity to eradicate world poverty, and thusincreasing donations and support for development aid.  Anna Härri Intern at Pro Ethical Trade Finland  ”
  8. 8. “To me Open Development means being honest when showingthe whole picture.Being able to show all development projects and admit that development projects can fail,even when that is not the desired outcome. Being able to see who is working in a specific zone, no matter which organization belongs to.Being able as a citizen of the world to get an understanding of how aid and international ”development is affecting a particular zone. Ruth del Campo Director of Open Aid Register
  9. 9. “Open development is a process Open development is about providing access to information, and permission to participateOpen development is about challenging closed and distant decision making on developmentissuesOpen development should sit alongside inclusive development, providing foundations forgreater inclusionOpen development is more than just using open data for development, or taking open source ”to developing countries Open development is still open to debate Tim Davies
  10. 10. “Open development means different things to different people.Getting access to information in provincial Africa is vastly different than in the global northwhere we are talking about IATI and aid data sets.Information is more than data, it emerges from social process; relevant and useful informationoften comes as metaphor and story. Stories that can be shared and debated.More stories told by more people, more debate and more involvement ina discussion about what development IS, this is open development. Janet Gunter Consultant, blogger, activist ”
  11. 11. “There are different aspects of openness in development:1. Increasing transparency and reducing friction – making use of technology tomake it easier to share development related information and knowledge in a standard way soit can be easily assessed, compared, mashed up, acted upon by anyone.2. Participation – using technology (and building upon transparency) to give people avoice and to change existing power structures, and decision-making processes.Openness in development is more of a journey than a destination i.e. new technologies andshifts in power structures will I hope make development more and more open - but there will ”probably never be a time when we can say that it is totally open and that there is no morework to be done. Ian UN aid worker, knowledge manager and blogger
  12. 12. “For me, open development means thinking aboutthe word development differently.  It meansthat development happens everywhere, all thetime, in many different ways, and that we areALL complicit in the ongoing unfolding ofdevelopment.  Katherine Reilly ”Assistant Professor,  School of Communication, Simon Fraser University
  13. 13. “ Over the last 10 years, the legitimacy and effectiveness of one-size-fits-all models of development and top-down models of governance has been challenged.This has been seen most recently in the demands of citizens on the streets of North Africa, the Middle East and beyond – and through social media – for more open, transparent and accountable governance. “Open Development” represents a new vision of what development means, how it comes about and the role that external partners can play. Open Development, ultimately, is about people in developing countries having the information ” and resources that they need to hold their governments accountable and to make well-informed decisions to improve their lives. ONE From
  14. 14. “The Open Development approach is about supporting andcreating an environment of sustainable information andknowledge sharing. Having a cultural environment that issupportive of open approaches leads to  improved access toquality information and knowledge, and to more  effective andcoordinated development efforts. BELLANET, 2005 Open Development programme Shared by Michael Roberts, ”
  15. 15. “Open development is the opening of development processes (ofplanning, implementation and monitoring) to all partiesconcerned (partners, beneficiaries, donors etc.) in a way thatguarantees transparency, open participation andcommunication, integrity in the process of decision-making etc. It is about inviting the multiple knowledges concerned by micro or macro developmentinitiatives to be aware of and have their say. It is thus strongly focused on empowermentalong the participation scale (from open observation to open iterative decision-making - the ”latter being obviously a much better guarantee for sustainable open development).  Ewen Le Borgne Knowledge sharing & communication specialist, International Livestock Research Institute, Ethiopia
  16. 16. “For me, Open is an attitude; a fundamental wayof being.Individuals can be open starting with their body language, acceptance of others,collaboration, willingness to really hear ideas, ability to share and modify what they aredoing and thinking, admitting mistakes and really feeling and demonstrating respect forothers, no matter where they come from.These same attitudes can be applied toinstitutions and processes.Technology is sometimes an enabler of openness, but not always. Development workers/organizations can learn from horizontal and networked structures and other attitudes and ”practices from the open movement, and use tech and non-tech tools to help developmentbecome more open, horizontal, transparent and respectful of a broad range of persons,ideas and cultures. Linda Raftree
  17. 17. What does Open Development Mean to You?Join us to explore different perspectives on open development at the Open Knowledge Festival. Wednesday 19th September 11:30 - 13:00 Inspire Auditorium (and on #opendev hashtag) (Or share your answer in advance at: