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Digital Engagement Manifesto (first draft)


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Delegates at the National Digital Inclusion Conference 2009 have collectively put together the first draft of a Digital Engagement manifesto. Take a look at for a record of the conference, and for the ongoing process - turning these bullet points into a full Digital Engagement Manifesto for the UK by Summer 2009.

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Digital Engagement Manifesto (first draft)

  1. 1. 21 st Century Learning Workstream: 5 Big Ideas BIG IDEA 1. Social marketing campaign alongside “big conversations” to motivate people to learn about computers and the internet, tapping into their interests 2. Entitlement to basic digital skills for all, supported by local authority and national indicator 3. Nationally coordinated volunteer network to share digital skills including supporting disabled people in their homes 4. Supporting and inspiring learning leaders and practitioners to work together to be aware of content and tools already available and to share ideas and resources 5. Open debate with DIUS about bringing innovation (technology, inclusion and social media), helping to transform the way in which Government supports and organises the learning system
  2. 2. Communities Workstream: 5 Big Ideas BIG IDEA 1 Use existing trusted intermediaries and community organisations to engage the people they are already working with 2 Use broadcasting to demonstrate impact of digital inclusion – e.g. soaps 3 Promote awareness training for council officers, audit commissioners, civil servants and elected members 4 Promote multichannel access to include digital TV, consoles and mobiles 5 Stop duplicating existing research and projects and start replicating and scaling innovative and creative solutions
  3. 3. Health and Wellbeing Workstream: 5 Big Ideas BIG IDEA 1 Sousveillance – rapid real time public feedback 2 Telehealth – digital care and treatment not just information 3 Social Capital – silver trainers, frontline workers as intermediaries 4 Public Resource – data and experiences to be open sourced and freely shared 5 Appropriate technology – simple universal access
  4. 4. E- Engagement Workstream: 5 Big Ideas BIG IDEA 1 Local Authorities: To raise awareness amongst decision makers and to look at existing budgets anew, with a programme of regional digital engagement roadshows 2 Technology: Freeing up information so that systems can be built that people want to go and use 3 Disability and Ageing Population: Create a national digital advice service for ageing and disabled users accommodating all ages, settings, needs and platforms – as a first port of call for advice 4 Ethnicity: Develop local community forums on e-engagement which are representative. Solutions cannot be developed without contact with real people 5 Disadvantaged Communities: Focus on supporting people to produce content to engage people on issues which affect them and create a digital toolkit to locally help and support their ideas