Buying Bradford Connexions - Feedback from Part #1


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Bradford is commissioning a new Connexions service. Practical Participation have been running the online engagement to help it happen. Here's the results of Part #1 of the consultation.

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Buying Bradford Connexions - Feedback from Part #1

  1. 1. September 2009 - Buying Bradford Connexions Feedback from Part 1 Bradford Council are making decisions about how the Connexion service should be provided from 2010 to 2013 We asked for young peopleʼs views on what makes for a Great, Good or Bad Connexions Service We had over 70 responses through the website at Most of the responses were telling us what you thought a Great, Good Weʼre making sure that the team who or Awful Connexions centre would will choose who and how Connexions is be like. run from next year onwards know about the things that you told us are important The Top 10 Issues in a Connexions service. There were a lot of issues that cropped up again and again. Here are the Top A 10 things that we heard were great Connexions service important. would be: "a friendly environment where young people will feel comfortable, where staff are willing to help and youngsters • A helpful & friendly service - with feel comfortable in walking in and asking for staff who listen & respect you. help without hesitation." (F, 18, Bradford • A speedy service - no long waiting West) times or hanging around. • A welcoming space - with colourful In an awful service decor, comfortable chairs. Less like there would be "no help or advice an office & more like somewhere for what-so-ever; and the people that young people. work there have no understanding about • Lots of job and course options - you or what you want in life. It wouldnʼt and advice on the right things for be confidential. " you. Not just any old job or course. (F, 17, Keighley) • Good quality information - presented in leaflets, books, posters, Where next? on computers and face-to-face Weʼve suggested changes to the ʻSpecificationʼ • Help looking for jobs that will be used by the Council to buy the • Plenty of staff Connexions service for you from next year • Open when you want to visit onwards. But we still need your views. From 1st October we want to know what questions we • Respecting privacy should ask possible providers of Connexions • Good publicity material service when we interview them. Register now at to be ready to give your views on Part 2 - the interview questions we should be asking. For more information about the Commissioning of the Connexions Service for 2010 - 2013 contact James Purdie (