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Designing the mobile wallet - A case study

A case study for designing a mobile wallet. Presented at the IA Summit in New Orelans, March 2012
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Designing the mobile wallet - A case study

  1. 1. Designing the mobile wallet A case study @timcaynes #ias12This part of the screen intentionall left blank y
  2. 2. userinforma tionarchiexperiencetec toinnov tiondesi agnalignera tionenvisioningeerma tron icatoricorn
  3. 3. 254% of theworld has amobile phone
  4. 4. 117% of theworld has a wallet
  5. 5. 0.004% of theworld thinks...
  6. 6. OMG, thosethings shouldbe totall , y
  7. 7. like,
  8. 8. the samething
  9. 9. Whoare the 0.004%? tm
  10. 10. Whoare the 0.004%? tm
  12. 12. IMAGE: REFERENCE: SOURCE: O2. Probably.
  14. 14. Image: Capture:
  15. 15. Ooh. Can they literall ychange my life with this?
  16. 16. Image: Capture: Mastercard youtube channel
  17. 17. Image: Capture: Mastercard Youtube Channel
  18. 18. Image: Capture: Google Youtube Channel
  19. 19. Image: Capture: Google Youtube Channel
  20. 20. Image: Capture: Orange youtube channel
  21. 21. “And as if tha t wasnt enough, paying with your mobile lookspretty cool too”
  22. 22. and in this world?
  23. 23. Can the designchallenge be reduced to apithy couple of slides?
  24. 24. Two w ys to aapproach the design
  25. 25. Complica ted and simple
  26. 26. Simple andcomplicated
  27. 27. Complicated and simple – registration heavy andtransaction light
  28. 28. Simple and complicated –registration light and transaction heavy
  29. 29. Tha choice is t not yours
  30. 30. Tha choice thas alreadybeen made
  31. 31. Tha choice thas alreadybeen made
  32. 32. The design story
  33. 33. We’d like amobile w allet please
  34. 34. So you’d like...
  35. 35. Execution?
  36. 36. Still in the St awake roomDiagram: Useless Venn diagram
  37. 37. Image: Robert Gendler
  38. 38. Well, we’d justlike a mobilewallet please
  39. 39. Oh
  40. 40. sadface
  41. 41. Ok, so wha do tyou already have?
  42. 42. we’ve been doing a bit of w ork with this a gency tha did put some tthings t ogether but it w s a while a a go and until we knew the pla orm tfrequirements we weren’t reall sure wha the architecture needed t y t obe any since we’ve changed some of the delivery p tners and there is arnew legisla tion coming up in no vember which ba sicall sa we’ll ha y ys ve to update the transa ction engine which a ctuall we get from the y merchant who since they merged with the carrier pla orm hatf ve ano ther version of tha piece coming so we’re w t orking with our IT partners t fill tha gaps in implement tion which means tha we’ve o t a thad t revise some of the business re o quirements a gain and since that happened there ha been a new directive which means tha in the UK s t we’re no a t ctu all allowed t do the thing tha makes tha piece y o t t w ork so we’ve had somebod else in the w y ork on some high-level designs but a we’re going through a brand upda s te right now f or the whole commerce pla orm we’re no quite sure which a tf t ssets are usable but compliance are looking int tha so when we get those o t things ba ck from those guys who ha ve also changed their namerecentl and I can’t remember who they we’ll be able t see how some y oof tha fits t t ogether but we’re no entirel sure wha the middle tier t y t looks like yet beca use since the la tes deplo t yment of the fulfilment engine we’ve had issues resol ving some simple transa ction and we might a ctuall ha y ve t migra o te those services t ano o ther supplierand tha will probabl be in the third qu t y arter so realis ticall we’ve put ya hold on tha pending the out t come of the s akeholder review which t incidentall is becoming more difficul since we a y t ctu all changed who y we are and we all wear different f ces and can onl communica a y te through michael ja ckson thriller mo ves
  43. 43. Oh
  44. 44. sadderface
  45. 45. Still...
  46. 46. Jon
  47. 47. We didImmersion
  48. 48. Immersion
  49. 49. Immersion
  50. 50. then did WeIdeation
  51. 51. Tapphone shout a bit start DROP fight PHONE
  52. 52. Then We didEnvisioning
  53. 53. Android
  54. 54. BlackBerry
  55. 55. Touchscreen Touchscreen Trackpad Touchscreen and Trackpad
  56. 56. sadface
  57. 57. Mara
  58. 58. we didTesting
  59. 59. Scenario: Try and use this lovelyandroid phoneto set up anduse a mobile wallet
  60. 60. Scenario: Try and use this lovely Blackberryphone to setup and use amobile wallet
  61. 61. <meta name="viewport"content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no"/>
  62. 62. Did you do theExecution bit?
  63. 63. Wha , if tanything, Ilearned
  64. 64. concept
  65. 65. Context
  66. 66. confidence
  67. 67. Thanks@timcaynes #ias12