Empowering Fact-Based Decisions Across Your Supply Chain

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Who is Chainalytics?
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Some of Our Clients
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Supply Chain Strategy Practice
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Supply Chain Design
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Supply Chain Design
Supply Chain Segmentation –
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Chainalytics’ Transportation Planning Practice
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Chainalytics Overview


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Chainalytics Overview

  1. 1. Empowering Fact-Based Decisions Across Your Supply Chain Company Overview 1 © Copyright 2009 Chainalytics, LLC
  2. 2. Who is Chainalytics? Empowering Fact-Based Decisions Across Your Supply Chain • Chainalytics formed in 2001 – HQ in Atlanta, GA, with second office in Bangalore, India Realize – 50 FTEs in US and India • Two Practice Areas: Continuous – Supply Chain Strategy Analysis – Transportation Planning • Recent Accolades – “Great Supply Chain Partner” Global Logistics and Supply Chain Strategies – Named for five years running: 2004-2008 – “10 Coolest Supply Chain Boutiques” ARC Advisory Group in July, 2007 – “Top 100 Innovations” Supply and Demand Chain Executive – 2006 Award for Model-Based Benchmarking – “Pros to Know” Supply and Demand Chain Executive – Tim Brown (2009), Gary Girotti (2007), Jeff Metersky (2006), Michael Kilgore (2005) 2 © Copyright 2009 Chainalytics, LLC
  3. 3. Some of Our Clients Food and Beverage Paper and Forest Products Empowering Fact-Based Decisions Across Your Distribution High Tech/Electronics Supply Chain Healthcare Retail Home, Office & Consumer Other Manufacturing - 62 of the Fortune 500 - 10 of the World’s 25 Largest Food & Beverage Mfgs - 11 of AMR’s Top 25 Supply Chains - 9 of SCDigest’s Top 10 Consumer Goods Supply Chains - 3 of the 4 Largest Paper Companies 3 - 11 of the 30 Largest US Retailers © Copyright 2009 Chainalytics, LLC .
  4. 4. Extensive Experience With Technology Enablers Empowering Fact-Based Decisions Across Your Supply Chain Supply Chain Transportation Transportation Inventory Strategy Planning Management Planning • i2 Supply Chain • i2 Transportation • i2 Transportation • i2 Inventory Strategist™ (SCS) ™ Modeler™ & ™ Planning and Optimizer™™ Transportation Bid Management • Infor SCM Strategic • LogicTools Collaboration Network Design & • Oracle Transportation Inventory Analyst™ ™ Tactical Planner • Infor Transportation Management • Optiant Power Planning & Route • LogicTools LogicNet™ ™ • SAP Transportation Chain Inventory™ ™ Planning & LogicChain Management • ToolsGroup • UPS Logistics • Insight SAILS™ ™ • Infor SCM Service Optimizer RoadNet® ,Territory Transportation 99+™ ™ • Llamasoft Supply Planner® Management Chain Guru™™ • Solvoyo planLM • Descartes Sales & • RedPrairie Service Level • Optiant PowerChain Territory Planner Transportation Optimizer ™ Network Design • JDA Transport RFQ Management • Acorn Enterprise • Manhattan Associates • Manhattan Associates Performance Suite Transportation Transportation Planning • Axxom ORion-PI® Procurement & Execution • Solvoyo planLM • JDA Transportation & Supply-Demand Logistics Management Optimizer™ ™ • Equazion® • Oco Chainalytics has very good working relationships with all of the technology providers above, allowing Chainalytics the ability to lease their technology in order to complete our analyses 4 © Copyright 2009 Chainalytics, LLC
  5. 5. Supply Chain Strategy Practice Empowering Fact-Based Decisions Across Your Supply Chain Realize • Supply Chain Design • Supply Chain Segmentation • Inventory Strategy & Planning Continuous Analysis Customer satisfaction Inventory costs Superior Sales growth Facility costs Customer $ Transportation costs Increased market share Service Operating costs Levels of service Asset costs Response times Need analytical framework and decision support tools capable of modeling the complex tradeoffs that exist across the supply chain 5 © Copyright 2009 Chainalytics, LLC
  6. 6. Supply Chain Design Empowering Fact-Based Decisions Across Your Supply Chain Identify the enterprise-level challenges and opportunities the Supply Chain must support. Overhead What is the Enterprise Risk Adjusted Strategy? Network Cost Drivers Optimal Transportation Costs • Inbound How should the Supply Chain Costs ($) • Outbound be organized, designed, and Range of Indifference Inventory Costs Facility Costs operated to enable the Total Costs Enterprise Strategy to be achieved & sustained? Number of Warehouses Engagements address one or more of the following categories: Supply Chain Design and Infrastructure Planning Strategic Market Planning Strategic Master Planning Strategic Procurement Planning 6 © Copyright 2009 Chainalytics, LLC
  7. 7. Supply Chain Design Greenhouse Gas Implications Empowering Fact-Based Decisions Across Your Supply Chain • Environmental issues, particularly global warming, has been attracting considerable attention over the past few years. Combined with unpredictable oil and energy prices many companies have been looking to reduce their energy consumption to reduce operating costs as well as their impact on the environment. • Chainalytics has the ability to perform GHG modeling as part of a network design engagement supported by the market leading technology solutions. This analysis includes the ability to: – Calculate a network’s carbon footprint (calculation of GHG) as it currently exists – Determine where GHG reduction efforts can be effected by setting a constraint (limit) on maximum carbon emissions, then using the model to determine the most cost-effective Emissions vs. Cost $120 network that will meet the carbon footprint constraint 10 – Incorporate Carbon Offsets into cost and footprint calculations $115 to optimize where Carbon Offsets should be purchased Total Cost ($ Million) *Number of distribution 9 $110 centers above each observation in blue 8 $105 7 • Typically within our engagements the GHG impact of 1 6 different scenarios is used to help our clients make $100 5 4 decisions between different network alternatives when the $95 2 3 cost and/or service differences are negligible. $90 44 42 40 38 36 34 32 30 28 Emissions (Thousand mt CO2) 7 © Copyright 2009 Chainalytics, LLC
  8. 8. Supply Chain Segmentation – Portfolio and Policies Empowering Fact-Based Decisions Across Your Supply Chain Supply Chain Portfolio Analysis Trade Marketing Product profitability Operations Customer profitability Sales/Marketing Procurement Strategy Cost-to-Serve analysis Channel strategy Logistics Strategy Pricing strategy Manufacturing Strategy Product/Brand strategy Revised: Product portfolio Customer portfolio Service offering Supply Chain Trade Marketing Policies & Guidelines Policies & Guidelines Inventory policies Sales Force strategy Distribution network Service strategy Roadmap for SC Excellence Phase out policies 8 © Copyright 2009 Chainalytics, LLC
  9. 9. Inventory Strategy & Planning Practice Service Offerings Empowering Fact-Based Decisions Across Your Supply Chain Business Supply and Inventory Policy Vendor Tool Assessment Demand Analytics Development Selection What are the How aligned are our org,. characteristics of our What level of inventory Which technology solution IT and processes for best- demand and supply? What should we hold? is best for us? in-class performance? method should we use to How should we replenish? forecast? Performance Inventory Service Level Value Assurance Tracking Deployment Strategy Strategy What measurements How can we get the most What service levels should should we use to evaluate How and where should we from our IT solutions and we target for our stocked performance? deploy our inventory? business processes? products? How are we doing? Technology Analytics 9 © Copyright 2009 Chainalytics, LLC
  10. 10. Transportation Planning Practice Empowering Fact-Based Decisions Across Your Supply Chain Chainalytics’ domain expertise helps companies simultaneously streamline operations and reduce transportation costs • Rigorous Fact Based Analysis • Superior Optimization Competency Realize • Industry Leading Benchmarking Continuous Analysis 10 © Copyright 2009 Chainalytics, LLC
  11. 11. Chainalytics’ Transportation Planning Practice - Services Overview Empowering Fact-Based Decisions Across Your Supply Chain Master Planning Question: How do we significantly improve our transportation performance? Description: A portfolio of offerings customized to a clients’ specific requirements Deliverable: A game plan of initiatives to elevate and sustain improved performance Diagnostic and Analysis Optimization Modeling Implementation Assistance Model-Based Practice & Systems Transportation Transportation TMS Value Best Practices Benchmarking Assessment Procurement Modeling Assurance Implementation What are today’s What is the optimal What is the optimal How do we ensure How do our practices How do our rates optimal market rates, deployment of fleet TMS choice? savings are captured and systems compare compare to market? balancing cost and and consolidation How do we ensure and best practices stay with best in class? service? strategies? value is realized? implemented? Regardless of the offering, our objective is to significantly reduce transportation expense while… • Achieving targeted customer service levels • Improving business processes 11 © Copyright 2009 Chainalytics, LLC
  12. 12. Transportation Benchmarking Consortium Membership Empowering Fact-Based Decisions Across Your Supply Chain • Model Statistics – Over $11 billion in transportation spend – Over 11.5 million loads – 62 model participants varying in TL spend from $12M to $500M+ – Covers USA, Canada and in and out of Mexico – Equivalent to ~ 2.5% of the total North American intercity truckload market Primary Business Sector Membership by Freight Spend (percent of membership) 4 2 Over $500M Foods Consumer 8 10 19% Products $250M-$500M 14% Durable $100M-$250M Goods Beverages 14% 8 $50M-$100M 16% Other 13 $25M-50M 6% Industrial Whlsl/ Retail $10M-$25M 11% Distrib 8% 12% 17 Under $10M 12 © Copyright 2009 Chainalytics, LLC
  13. 13. Differentiators - People, Technology & Experience Empowering Fact-Based Decisions Across Your Supply Chain • Our staff of experienced supply chain analysis specialists – Our 35+ consultants have worked on 400+ supply chain projects with 200+ clients – 70% of the team possess advanced degrees in a mix of supply chain/logistics, business, industrial engineering, economics, and operations research • Proven methodologies – Honed over the last 18 years and successfully applied with hundreds of clients • Independence & objectivity – We do not own any distribution operations or enabling technology and therefore do not use our consulting expertise to sell software or logistics services • Extensive experience with multi-channel manufacturing, distribution, and retail – Lenovo, Apple, Philips, Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Corning, Invista, Clorox, Wyeth, Tempur-Pedic, Formica, MeadWestvaco, Avery Dennison, Nestle, Kraft, Unified Grocers, Macy’s, Sears, JC Penney, and Big Lots • Use of the right tool for the specific client situation – We maintain relationships with all of the leading optimization vendors and do not align ourselves with any one tool, which allows us to pick the best solution for each engagement, rather than structure the engagement around the tools we own • Our infrastructure optimizes our effectiveness in these engagements – We maintain ~20 secure web-accessible servers, pre-configured with optimization software and other enabling tools – In conducting hundreds of supply chain analysis engagements, we have developed a number of data analysis, transportation rating, facility costing, and mapping tools and techniques that our team members utilize to the benefit of our clients 13 © Copyright 2009 Chainalytics, LLC