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Saccadic Eye Movement
Game-based Learning
Key Features
Collective Experience
Selection Task
Sequencing Task
User Interface
Ability Design
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SIP: Creating a Video Game for Oculomotor Training


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A commentary on my experiences thus far in developing a game that serves as oculomotor training for the development of saccadic movement, in the hopes of improving reading ability.

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SIP: Creating a Video Game for Oculomotor Training

  1. 1. Saccadic Eye Movement
  2. 2. Game-based Learning
  3. 3. Key Features
  4. 4. Pokemon
  5. 5. Elements
  6. 6. Evolution-focused
  7. 7. Collective Experience
  8. 8. Selection Task
  9. 9. Sequencing Task
  10. 10. User Interface
  11. 11. Ability Design