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MetroLyrics Photo Contest

  1. 1. Turn-key Photo Competition for
  2. 2. About Evolved Media proposes a photo contest utilizing a 3rd party application with fully integrated on-demand product merchandising & printing. All hosted directly within
  3. 3. Goals We Will Achieve 1. Increased advertising revenue 2. Increase time on site 3. Increase audience engagement & interactivity 4. Attract new advertisers in form of Sponsorship 5. Differentiate MetroLyrics “The Active Network was able to generate an additional $40,000 in revenue for their site in their first quarter with our application.”
  4. 4. Campaign Idea The campaign is turn-key. Created, built and managed for (with your feedback) from start to finish. The proposed campaign idea would be a Lady Gaga photo contest with possible sponsorship from Virgin Mobile (Title Sponsors of Lady Gaga’s current world tour) Including on-demand merchandising print partners (shirts, mugs, posters, hats, shoes, skateboards…) and (cell phone, iPod, laptop protective skins)
  5. 5. How It Works (assume Lady Gaga look-a-like contest) Photo & Design Competition Technology The application components are customized to fit Metrolyrics website and then branded to match the website’s look and feel. Users upload their best Lady Gaga impression or look-a-like outfit, users vote, prizes awarded weekly.
  6. 6. Submission Control Control & Manage All User Submissions Administrator login to manage submissions for the campaign. Approve only the ones that fit your brand and edit or deny those that don’t.
  7. 7. Campaign Merchandise Tie-in Hundreds of On-demand Product Combinations User submitted designs or photos (UGC content) can also be purchased on supporting on-demand merchandise providers ( & through the platforms direct tie-in.
  8. 8. Campaign Distribution Social Media Integration The flash panel easily promotes distribution through your website and users social media accounts when on-demand product features are enabled. (Flash Panel Design)
  9. 9. Campaign Sharing Image Profile Sharing The application has full social media integration so fans can share the contest on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Digg, via email, and several other popular social media networks promoting the contest and your brand.
  10. 10. Possible Add-on Solution T-Shirt Design contest (SI Kids example)
  11. 11. Campaign Management Tracking analytics Analytics are tracked through an admin console. You can view revenue, traffic, popular campaign product sales and generate reports to help track ROI against a campaign. Automation Automated processes like custom emails that are automatically sent to participants letting them know their submission was received, accepted, and the contest results.
  12. 12. Proposed Pricing & Pilot Campaign flight Pilot Campaign Flight For the purpose of this initial pilot I propose a 1.5 month campaign flight starting January 15, 2010 and ending March 1, 2010 to parallel the Virgin Mobile Monster Ball Lady Gaga Tour through the US. Upfront Pricing $4,000 initial set up, design, ad sales efforts, business development with additional partners & on-going total management Revenue Share / Platform License Fee All advertising revenue from contest created pages including sponsorship and/or merchandise sales will be split on a 50/50 basis between MetroLeap and Evolved Media. Evolved Media’s share will be split with the technology partner and stakeholders.
  13. 13. Case Studies Sports Illustrated Kids
  14. 14. Case Studies Eteamz August 2009 Walgreens Campaign ( Snapshotz Average Time Spent = 8:09 minutes 2,445 submissions & 932,530 votes (36k votes/day)
  15. 15. Tim Bieber 604.603.6111