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Five Habits of Highly Successful SaaS/Cloud Businesses

  1. Tim Barker Chief Product Officer DataSift @timbarker 5 secrets for GUARANTEED* SaaS Success * conditions apply
  2. 10 years in Enterprise SaaS Founded 3 Companies CPO at DataSift: Big Data for Social data Last company acquired by 5 years in US HQ, UK Product Strategy for Content/Collab EMEA Marketing Engineer by Trade About me
  3. Social data is hard to analyze Big. Fast. Messy. Text. Relevant. Rich. Integrated. Data
  4. Big Data for streaming, social data Aggregate DeliverProcess >1Bn items daily Unique high-performance filtering engine and language for real-time and historical data processing Deliver enriched, refined data into your business for analysis
  5. Business Building Menu Du Jour Value Proposition Agile - MVP Product / Market Fit Build Awareness. PR & Content Lead Generation & Nurturing Data-driven product improvement Pipeline & MRR Building Iterate
  6. Everyone is doing PR
  7. Everyone is doing email marketing
  8. Everyone is doing content marketing
  9. Everyone is doing social marketing
  10. grew to $1Bn Revenue withLimited Marketing Automation NO Single View for Analytic NO “Growth Hackers”
  11. Top Down Market Making Positioning, Awareness, Sales Enablement, Momentum. Bottom Up Data-Driven Marketing Adoption, Conversion, A/B Testing, Funnel Choose your marketing
  12. Top Down
  13. Bottom Up
  14. You can’t optimize yourself to greatness
  15. 5 secrets for GUARANTEED* SaaS Success
  16. #1 Industry Transformation (name and claim the future)
  17. Internet Mobile Social changes everything
  18. Enterprise Cloud Computing 1960s Mainframe 1980s Client/Server Today Mission: Cloud Computing Driver, Catalyst, and Evangelist
  19. Market Relevance Emotional Hook
  20. Zuora
  21. Nothing creates angst better than a crack in the ground
  22. What about your company? Your customers and employees are social. The Social Divide: Customers and Companies
  23. Hubspot wrote the book
  24. SalesHood – write the book
  25. #2 Customers sell for you (“Always lead with customer success”)
  26. Video First – success stories, not case studies
  27. #3 Momentum (Drumbeat)
  28. PR Stack-Rank Controversy Acquisition Financing / Funding Original Research Customers / Partners Product Launch Hiring Metrics
  29. 40% Customers 60% Prospects proprietary events beat 3rd party events
  30. Can get expensive….
  31. Exclusive: CXO Council / Roundtable Community: Customers + Prospects + Beers
  32. Open Source your Event.
  33. – 17 Global Events. 1500+ Attendees.
  34. #4 Focus
  35. #4 Not Focus. Alignment.
  36. Vision Values Methods Obstacle s V2MOM =
  37. Vision Themes Objective sMetrics VTOM =
  38. Vision (for the year) Real-time customer data has the potential to transform companies and industries. Social, Mobile and Device data is just the start. In 2014, we are expanding beyond social. Build and launch our proposition and platform to process any human-created data. Themes 1. Human-data platform | 2. Dominate Social | 3. Scale for Growth
  39. Objectives Stack rank of 3-10 priorities for the company What will move the needle Metrics Each Objective has metrics
  40. Cascade through company Visible to all Basis for perf. reviews
  41. #5 Web Pipeline Machine
  42. 1. Generate Buzz 2. Drive to website 1. Follow up with humans
  43. Reached $1Bn Revenue with NO Marketing Automation NO Big Data Analytics Inside Sales (SRs) call everyon
  44. #1 Industry Transformation #2 Customers sell for you #3 Momentum #4 Alignment #5 Web Pipeline Machine Use these wisely. Questions?
  45. Questions? Contact me @timbarker