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Snowciety Product presentation


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Snowciety Product presentation

  1. 1. The first social skiing app
  2. 2. With Snowciety’s mobile applicationyou can share your day on the slopesand keep track of friends and family
  3. 3. Tracking is our coreShowing only a few stats to keepthe interface simple and cleanduring a recording.
  4. 4. Social is who we areLike your friends’ tracks andleave comments to encouragethem, or celebrate their progress.
  5. 5. Real-time sharingShowing where your friends areand what they are doing in real-time on our beautiful maps.
  6. 6. 45 million Skiers in EU & North America active in winter 2012 50% of them owns a smartphone was 37% in 2010Source: NSAA, Canada Ski Counsel, European Union, Nielsen - Some number are interpolated from previous years.
  7. 7. Roaming costs?No problem for consumer skiing in their own country (France, Austria, Switzerland, US, Canada, etc.) EU Legislation forces roaming costs down dramatically (€ 0,20 / MB in 2014) Wifi on the slopes
  8. 8. We found that Consumer wants tosocially engage around winter sports Sharing experiences online with friends through mobile phone
  9. 9. We found that Consumer has difficultystaying in touch on the slopes Calls are often not answered, sms is too asynchronous.walkie-talkies have limited range and are relatively expensive
  10. 10. We found that Consumer feels a need tohave insight into their performance What did I do today? How many kilometers, what speed? Quantified self: self knowledge through numbers. (6 million consumers use Runkeeper for tracking runs)
  11. 11. Our biggest competitors Runkeeper Runkeeper focusses on running. No lift detection.No real social layer in the app. Only used for recording. Ski Tracks Focusses on as much stats as possible. No social features.
  12. 12. Our USP’s Social Real-time sharing Beautiful maps Great UXUse of swipe gestures and big buttons for better handling in cold environment.
  13. 13. Business model Free app Premium features via in-app purchases Partnerships Looking into possible partnerships withtravel agencies, resorts and hardware manufacturers
  14. 14. How about summer?Multiple resorts open 365/7 50.000 visits in US on 4th of July last year alone Southern Hemisphere! is a real upcoming market
  15. 15. Contact us @snowciety / snowciety